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Your Information Product Mobile Users

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Mobile phones continue to change the way we think about marketing. Have you got a handle on your information product mobile users now?  I’m still working on it, to tell you the truth. Technology is changing so fast that it can be a challenge to keep up with the changes.

Greg Hickman, the mobile specialist on Target Marketing, had this to say in an article lately:

“With more and more consumers adopting smartphones or tablets and relying on them in everyday shopping decisions, it’s put them in the driver’s seat. As a business owner, it’s your job to keep up.

info marketing mobile users

Your Information Product Mobile Users

The best way to keep up with mobile consumers is to understand their needs…

Whether you’re developing a mobile website or looking for guides as you develop a winning mobile strategy, moving forward with the hierarchy of mobile needs in mind puts you in the best position to succeed.”

Hickman gets more specific when he uses these words to describe the unique needs of mobile users – access, interaction, performance and enhancement. That list reflects one thing in particular, which is FLEXIBILITY. The whole world of flexible options has opened up to mobile phone users, and as information marketers we have to become very flexible, too.

Our digital products should all be designed to be accessed and easily read on any device, if at all possible. Another point here, audio products are taking the lead because they can be accessed literally anywhere on mobile phones. You might want to consider turning all your info products into digital products now.

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