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Your Outline for ANY Information Product YOU Create

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I always speak about the concept of needing a great
outline to produce a great product, but here is an
example of how that idea can be multiplied.

I am in the process of writing an auto-responder
series for a FREE course on information marketing.

It will be based on my Seven Steps concept.

Step 1: Identifying your NICHE
Step 2: Write the Copy for Your Information Product
Step 3: Create Your Information Product
Step 4: Create/Design a Website to Sell Your Information Product
Step 5: Drive Traffic to Your Site
Step 6: Convert Your Visitors to Buyers
Step 7: Get those who Buy to Buy MORE and MORE OFTEN

These same steps will be the basic chapters of my book.

Just add an introduction and a conclusion and a couple
of other things and it’s the book, almost exactly.

To make it simple to creat any product, including your
book, break it down into smaller, bite-sized pieces.
In this case, I have 7 chapters. I intend to have about
4 or 5 subchapters under each one. Let’s assume 4.

Multiply 7×4 and you get 28. The average busines book
runs around 200 pages. Divide 200 by 28 and you get
a little over 7 pages per subsection. If you go through and
write 7 pages a day for the next month or so, your book

The key is the outline. That same outilne will help you
to create an auto-responder series or an ecourse to
GIVE away on your site. Will it be your book? Nope, it
will be a much shorter version of what you cover in
DETAIL in your book.

I hope this helps!!

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