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YouTube And Google+ For Info Marketers

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Google is rolling out new features for YouTube creators soon, so you might want to get more information on them.  One feature connects YouTube and Google+ for info marketers and everybody who wants to use both channels to boost their web presence.

Here’s some news directly from the YouTubeCreator blog:

“Throughout the coming weeks, YouTube creators will begin to see the option to connect their channel with a Google+ page.  Connecting with Google+ will unlock great new features for your channel, so we want you to understand all of your options.  When you connect a channel with Google+, the channel will have a shared name and avatar with Google+, so making the right choice is important.  A couple quick notes before starting:

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YouTube And Google+ For Info Marketers

If you already have a corresponding Google+ page that you’d like to connect with your channel, make sure you’ve added your channel’s Google account as a manager of that page.

If you don’t already have a Google+ page that you’d like to connect with, that’s fine. The linking process will allow you to easily create a new one.”

I suspect that getting all the pieces of your Google puzzle linked together gives you an advantage in page ranking, although it’s probably too early to know for certain.

Riding the wave of social media connections is no longer an option, really, but if you are operating a solo information marketing business you’ll have to make careful choices about where to spend your time. In my experience, YouTube is a good choice.

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