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YouTube Shopping is a Reality Now

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As you know, Google owns YouTube, and Google recently announced that some advertisers can begin to implement a “channel gadget” that makes YouTube shopping a reality now.  Naturally, the first advertisers with access to the new technology have much deeper pockets than most information marketers, but we will all probably have access eventually.

Here’s how it works, you can click on an item in a video, a pair of shoes or a shirt or a hairstyle, and that click takes you to retailers, so you can compare prices and purchase the item, including the hair care products responsible for the style you noticed.  Maybe it’s a long shot right now, but probably not for long. I can imagine a day when we just click on what we like and order it online for home delivery in two days.

info marketing youtube shopping

YouTube Shopping is a Reality Now

Lauren Indvik posted on the new technology on Mashable, and she showed hair care products as her examples, so my comment is not far-fetched at all. You can already go to YouTube and click on products as the first step to purchasing them online.

Indvik reports, “Google says that the new gadget will be made available as a “premium offering” for its consumer good clients, and is asking advertisers to seek out their respective Google representatives to explore the option. Google does not take a cut of sales made through the gadget, a spokesperson for the company said.”

Now it’s your turn to use your imagination… Can you think about making a video that could use this kind of gadget to get clicks directly from YouTube?  It may be a little pre-mature, but that’s likely to be the future of video marketing for information products, too.

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