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YouTube Tips For Best Info Product Traffic

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YouTube is a great place to showcase your information marketing. My joint venture partners use it to great advantage and so do I. Today I’m sharing YouTube tips for best info product traffic , gleaned from Matt LeBeau’s recent post on E-Marketing and Commerce:

“If you’re still skeptical about video as a major part of your marketing mix, consider this: videos are 50 times more likely to hit the first page of Google…  When it comes to YouTube, best practices can be loosely grouped into two categories: discovery and engagement.”

information marketing in youtube

YouTube Tips For Best Info Product Traffic

This is so important because our YouTube videos are not just for page ranking. No way. We want real people to watch them, and that’s what LeBeau is talking about when he uses the word, “engagement.”

Here’s one of his most important tips, primarily because it represents a big change:

“The biggest thing to remember is that as of late 2012, YouTube search is now optimized for watch time, so you’re rewarded more for the time your viewers spend watching your videos rather than for views alone.” That’s a big deal. Now we have to keep the attention and focus of our video viewers, not just get them to our page.

Google KNOWS how long they stay and how many minutes of the video they actually watch. Naturally, we don’t really just want them to watch the whole video. We want them to take action. Google is ranking on the basis of time spent on the page, but our info product ranking should be to count the sales we make from our videos.

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