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YouTube Video Marketing Changes

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It HAD to happen, because smart phones and tablet devices are smaller than computer screens, leading to YouTube video marketing changes to accommodate them. It’s all about having your own YouTube channel now. That in itself is not new, but the way you go about it as an information marketer may need to change.

It’s called YouTube One Channel and it’s a whole new design that’s flexible in the way it shows up on various digital devices. It is forcing us to think and act like real TV channels.  It’s the FRED GLEECK CHANNEL!  And now, as such, I need to get up to speed with a channel logo and a video trailer to let viewers get an idea what to expect when they “tune in.”

information marketing in youtube

YouTube Video Marketing Changes

In other words, information marketers have more opportunity to get and keep people watching their videos, but it’s going to take a little more time to make sure our channels are set up in a professional manner to compete with other channels now.

Google owns YouTube and it runs ads on videos now. Yes, we can post videos free, for the most part, but we are, essentially, providing advertising opportunities for Google, too. Does that make sense? The better our channels appear, the more likely that people will watch them, and then click on ads that earn money for Google.

Make no mistake about it, information marketers CAN BENEFIT from the changes at YouTube, but the changes were not designed primarily for the benefit of the people who post videos.

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