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YouTube vs Vimeo For Information Marketing

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Users of the two primary platforms for posting videos online like to comment on YouTube vs Vimeo for information marketing. I prefer YouTube, but marketers building a community on Facebook have good reasons for selecting Vimeo instead.

Gary Hennerberg and Gary Alexander recently shared some results of their Facebook video campaigns on Target Marketing.  This gets a little bit deep, but provides important contrasts that may improve your social media marketing efforts:

information marketing and vimeo

information marketing in youtube and vimeo

YouTube vs Vimeo For Information Marketing

“With YouTube hosting the video, you have little flexibility over the thumbnail image you want. The ability to choose an image is important if you want to use paid promoted posts on Facebook. If you want to promote a post, Facebook requires 80 percent or more of the image to be a photograph or other graphic treatment, and only 20 percent text.”

Wow, that’s specific, isn’t it? But good to know. Hennerberg and Alexander decided to explore the use of Vimeo for posting videos on Facebook for one primary reason – Facebook would not share their YouTube videos with friends of friends. In other words, there was no chance their video could “go viral” because of the text issue on the thumbnail image.

They report, “Vimeo allows the user to choose the exact frame from the video you want to appear when the video isn’t playing. So for our second video, a frame was created where the text was less than 20 percent of the image.”

I like to hear the results of other marketers’ experiments in order to advise my clients and put their tips to good use on my own social media posting.

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