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The Benefits of Low Fixed Overhead

If you want my one secret to speaking success that has nothing to do with speaking itself, here it is. Keep your overhead low.  If you can easily pay all of your bills each month without having to do a lot of work, here is what will happen.  People will call you to do a speaking engagement. When you talk to them over the phone you will not sound desperate.  The... Read more »

Insider Secrets to Consulting Success

In addition to the keys discussed in the previous section, you’ll need to understand some other techniques to be successful at generating consulting business from your seminars. Follow Up on Leads When someone expresses interest in your consulting services, follow up quickly. This is definitely a case of striking while the iron is hot. Send them whatever... Read more »

Using the Seminar to Sell Your Consulting Services

Seminars are a great way to trade your customers up to consulting. For some people, your seminar will be the first product they have bought from you. Others will have purchased other products before attending your event. In either case, the seminar gives you a chance to showcase both your speaking skills and your content knowledge. There are other models for... Read more »

Getting Them to Buy Your Consulting Services

If you provide consulting services to your clients, this is probably your highest-ticket item. It may also be high-margin, though it is also labor-intensive and may not fit your lifestyle. If you do want to convert some of your information product buyers into consulting clients, this section provides an overview of how to do that. Obviously, we can only do so... Read more »

Web Site Strategies

You must have a web site. I design all of mine as one-page sales letters. The reason I do this is that others who are highly successful do things this way. Using “monkey-see-monkey-do” marketing, I just followed their lead and it has worked quite well. (My partner Dan Shafer over at has some ideas about adding features to this... Read more »