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Recession? Not in the Info Product Field!

I’ve been watching TV, reading newspapers and listening to the radio and I honestly feel like I’m on another planet.

As it relates to the current recession that is.

It’s not that everything is peachy keane, but for as bad as everyone says it is my numbers have not dropped at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful, but that’s the truth.

If you’re an information marketer of any sort this is the time you need to be doing a few things.

First, look for small pockets of money to be had.

Rather than looking to make a million by tomorrow, find a way to pay some of those annoying utility bills.

Once you figure out how to make a little, then you can just repeat your efforts.

I’ll give you one way I’m doing this myself. I looked at all the domains that I own. Purchased (of course) at – shameless plug!

I looked at all of the domains that I have that I don’t have a website up for and started thinking about how each of them could generate me some revenue.

Let me show you how I did things and you can take what you want and do it yourself.

Since one of my niche markets is Self Storage, years ago I purchased a bunch of self storage related names.

I’m now creating some sites that will be advertising driven to generate some cash from each one of them.

After they are up and running, I’ll give you the exact numbers, but here is the basic concept. Since the domains were bought a while back, that is one of the things that is great for SEO.

Take a look at a cool site to find out some more interesting info about S.E.O.

You’ll find some really interesting tips that I’ll be using and you should as well.

As an information/internet marketing person, I want to find LOTS of different ways to make money. Some from product creation and sales and some from completely other ways. This gives me a mutual fund of revenue sources.

So here’s the plan. Develop the sites. I’ve just found a great tool given to me by one of my recent bootcamp attendees. His name is Jose Riesco and he owns a site called:

I’ve completely overworked my webmaster Stanley and wanted to find a very simple tool that I could put up my own sites. Jose suggested something called RapidWeaver.

I immediately purchased the program and a few of the plug-ins.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, go to: (In this case I THINK they do have a PC version – kind of odd to say it that way, usually it’s the reverse). If you do buy the software, which only goes for $79 (and no they do not have an affiliate program or I would have created a clever link), also make sure and get the following plug-ins:


Those are the three I can see being of great use. I also then went and found a site: You’ll find some really great tutorials on how to use the program most effectively. Even I could understand them and I’m not MR. TECHNICAL.

The guy who owns the site is Ryan Smith, but please don’t eat up too much of his consulting time because I need it. He’s a great guy and if you do use him for some help on RapidWeaver you’ll be impressed. Very reasonably priced as well for his services.

So, I’m designing the self storage sites myself while Stanley is slaving to finish up the software for the membership site that I’m doing. Lots of work there.

So for all the people who say “Why are you doing this yourself?” Shouldn’t you be handing this off to someone else. Well, I sort of am. I have an assistant working on the site, but I want to know how to use it. Why?

So I can make changes in the middleof the night if I want. That’s why. For all those people who think everyone else should do everything for them, I’m not one of those people in some areas. Sometimes I LIKE to do it myself. That’s me.

See you next time!


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