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I just read a story about a guy who invested with Madoff who killed himself. You probably read the story.

I don’t get it. Money is nice to have. You can do fun things and go to great places. BUT, I always thank my lucky stars I’m just here “visiting the planet.” To me, all the rest is GRAVY.

When I used to play pinball as a kid, I remember trying to play well in hopes of getting into BONUS time. To me, BEING HERE is bonus time. No one promised me I’d be here or how long I had to stay.

I THINK that part of my thinking stems from how I was raised and part of it comes from my internal wiring – whatever the heck that is or means!

Growing up in the Philippines I lived in a couple of different places. One of my places was in a very modest neighborhood. We lived right over the wall from some VERY poor folks.

When I would walk out the gate, I would see kids who could barely afford to clothe themselves. Some of them had a shirt on and nothing else.

Many Americans who go over to the Philippines say it makes them sad to see this level of poverty. Not me. I used to go hang out with the kids. They found it pretty unusual for this “rich” person to play with them. I loved it. I learned a LOT from them.

I also had an aunt who lived on 5th Avenue in NYC at the same time. VERY rich. She was a royal pain in the butt and I eventually severed all ties with her because of her neurotic behavior.

She was MISERABLE compared to the kids next door to me. Since they didn’t have any money the young kids used to get a tin can, attach some wheels to it and pull it along on a string. That was THEIR idea of a cool toy.

No fancy electronics for them!

Growing up in this environment contributed in very significant ways to who I am. I LOVE to make money. I HATE to spend it. I don’t live a lavish lifestyle and always live BELOW my means.

I just DON’T care about a whole lot of material stuff.

I guess I’m lucky that way.

Costco is where I buy my $12.95 “fancy” Kirkland jeans. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are better fare for me than Filet Mignon. I drive a Honda. No Lexus for me. I do NOT care about this kind of stuff.

What do I care about? A few things.

First, I really value my friends. Good friends. AND Family. I also love to learn. I’ll spend money on virtually anything that will help me learn something I want to know. Books, audio programs, attending seminar/events.

Another thing I REALLY like is when I help other people to achieve THEIR dreams/goals. I completely understand what motivates great coaches like Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan. Football and basketball coaches at the University of Florida.

Although I run my OWN info products business and sell my OWN stuff. I get as much or more joy/satisfaction from helping clients get what they want. Sounds pretty “high and mighty” but it’s true.

When I can help a client succeed it confirms the fact that my business model for selling into products works. Not just for me but for others as well.

Along with that I don’t mind spending money on travel. BUT, I don’t stay at “fancy” places. I just DON’T care about that stuff!

What about the money I accumulate? I like the Bill Gates model. Make a bunch of it for a long while and then find ways to give it away. Works for me. I’ll bet he feels better now than he did making it!

This time between Christmas and New Year is when I look back on the current year and plan for the next one.

I look at what I LIKED doing and try and find a way to do MORE of that stuff. I then look at what didn’t feel right and do LESS of that.

I’ve got some big plans for the next 5 years, but have to prioritize them. I’ve got a list of things to get done and I’m putting them in order over the next few days.

I wish YOU the best for the New Year. That’s what’s going on with me and what I’m thinking about.



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Consult With Fred Gleeck

Want to get some advice DIRECTLY from me? Find out how I can help you (one-on-one) with YOUR business. The rates are surprisingly affordable!

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