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An Info Marketer's Mission and Funnel System

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I Read So YOU Don’t Have to Read as Much

I read a LOT. I do this because I consider it part of my “job” for you, my readers. I try and read as many things as I can that would be relevant to others in the field of information marketing.

There is a MASSIVE amount of material out there to keep up with. One of my PRIMARY missions in my business is to keep you, my readers, informed in the areas that REALLY matter.

I’m always happy when people get back in touch with me and alert me to something that I’ve missed.

NOT reading or KNOWING certain things you SHOULD know can be embarrassing. My best example I wrote about a year or so back. I saw an old friend give a presentation at the last Book Expo. This is where I do my yearly event (

He is in the “book business” and had not even heard of Jeff Gomez’ book: “Print is Dead.” For someone in the field to have NOT read this book borders on criminal.

When I asked him IF he had read it he gave me a pretty blank look along with his “NO” response.

My GUESS is that he doesn’t read a lot. Bad idea. Not reading in areas outside your field is forgiveable. Not reading books that have a direct impact on YOU and YOUR business is almost malpractice.

Always email me if you feel there is a MUST READ book in the field of information marketing. I MAY have missed something, so please keep me on my toes!


Over the past 3 or 4 years I’ve lost a lot of friends. To be honest, it’s a stretch to call them friends. Business colleagues would be more accurate. Why have I lost these “friends”?

Because I call BULLCRAP on people. I do this regardless of their POWER in the information marketing business. If someone is lying or playing a game, I say so. I don’t care how powerful they are.

I’m no longer invited to speak at many events that I spoke at in the past. Why? Because they are scared that I may speak the TRUTH.

Frankly, I’ve been invited to speak at many events that I turned down. Mainly because I did NOT want to be associated with certain people and the games they play.

WHO you associate with says a LOT about YOU. WHO you invite to speak at your seminars says a LOT about YOU. Who you mention in your seminars says a lot about YOU. Who you point to as a great example of XYZ says a lot about YOU.

Want to ingraciate yourself to certain people and talk about them? Make sure that they are of a level of integrity that will not embarrass you.

Want a real life example?

I just got invited to be someone’s friend on Facebook who is a REALLY well known entity. I have questions about the ethical behavior of this person. I turned down their request. As I’ve said here before I even BLOCK some people from my Twitter feeds for the exact same reason.

Reputations are fragile and easily broken. What’s yours? Want to screw it up? Hang out with people who have bad reps.

BUT remember, your initial impression of anyone may not be the truth. Don’t rely on heresay, make sure that you’ve found out about who people REALLY are before you indict them. I’m made mistakes in the past and will probably do so again. Err on the side of safety.


Delivering Digital Products/Content using Web Marketing Magic

Every Info Marketer should start selling digital content – instantlydownloadable products.
The question is HOW! Now, here’s two effective ways in delivering digital products:

Tools/software needed:
1. Web Marketing Magic (

For delivering a SINGLE digital product like eBooks, MP3 or video:
1. Click on ‘Add a Product’ link under the Products tab.

2. Fill-out the necessary fields like product name and price, and hit the ‘Continue’ button.

3. Click on the Show (or +) link on the Optional Values box to show the Digital Product Options.

Note: Web Marketing Magic only allows you to upload a file less than 50MB. If you have multiple files, zip it (archive it for Mac) into a single file.

4. Click the checkbox in ‘Is Digital Product?’ and browse the file that you wanted to upload.

5. Once upload is complete, hit Save Changes button.

For delivering MULTIPLE digital products which is more than 50MB in file size:

1. Upload each digital file the same way above. You should named itaccordingly to avoid confusion. For example,Info-Marketing-Program_1of10, Info-Marketing-Program_2of10, and so forth.

2. Once you have uploaded all files, click on the ‘Bundle Offers’ linkunder the Products tab.

3. Type in the Offer Name (preferably the same name with the product name. In this case, it should be ‘Info Marketing Program (Downloadable).’ See the Offer Type to ‘Advanced’ and click the Create button.

4. Set the Price for the program and then add the digital products you uploaded by clicking on the corresponding ‘Add’ button.

5. Hit Save Changes button.

Note: You don’t have to create download instructions since Web Marketing Magic automatically generates the download page for you. Once a transaction is successfully completed they’ll be redirected to the download page and they’ll also receive a link to it in their email. Download link expires in 24 hours.

Facebook Postings/Writing in General

Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking site, you need be careful with what you write.

I recently saw someone who posted something on

their FB site. At the end of the post it said: Agree? I did not. In fact, I VEHEMENTLY did not. In actuality I felt like the LOGIC in the post was flawed.

It’s always OK to have a different opinion than someone. BUT, if you want to “argue” in the marketplace of ideas, your reasoning must be sound. I may disagree with your ideas, but I always admire and respect a LOGICAL argument.

When you post your thoughts in a public forum like Facebook, be careful. BE particularly careful if you openly solicit responses, like putting the word “Agree?” at the end of a post.

If all you want is for people to know how YOU think, then don’t ask for them to respond. If you do, then be prepared for a “variety” of responses. Many of their perspectives will be different than your own.

Logic was probably one of my two or three favorite classes in college. I only WISH it were mandatory for people to take in High School.

When someone makes an argument that 2+2=5, how do you respond to that? If they insist, you know you have no chance at a sound and reasonable discussion. Keep moving.

Write to ONE person

Do you sometimes have problems writing? Whenever I feel the least bit blocked, I try and write the letter to one of my good friends. I treat it like it were a personal letter written to that one guy/gal.

Net result: It will be much easier to write and much easier to READ.

This ezine goes out to about 165k people. That’s the list size. I always try and write it like I was writing to just ONE of those people on my list.

Funnel System Example

I just finished doing a two day info product event at my house in Vegas. We had a small group. I allow up to 12 or 15 people max at my house in Vegas for events like this one. In NYC it is limited to 6.

I had a REALLY great group. All of the people who did come were motivated, they participated and they were all TRULY interested in making things happen.

That being the case, I’m going to be doing a lot more of these smaller events.

MOST of the two day events I’ll be doing on weekends, but I’m also going be doing some one day events during the week.

I suggest YOU may want to consider using my model.

I had some ask me about why I did the whole LUNCH WITH FRED deal. My answer was:

A) I love to teach

B) I have to eat anyway and might as well get paid

C) I LEARN a lot from the people who attend and

D) Many of the people who come to that event then attend a more expensive event.

So all I’m doing is expanding the number of lower priced events that I have.

YOU may want to follow this same model. It seems to be working WELL.

I now deliver my info products message in many lengths and format:

1) Lunch with Fred – more interactive and very little of me preaching/teaching

PRICE: $100

2) When I speak at someone else’s seminar – I usually have from 30-90 minutes. This is usually me lecturing with the occasional question from the audience.

PRICE: Whatever they paid to attend the event

3) A one day info products event – small group where it is fairly interactive.

PRICE: $297

4) 2 Day Info product event – more in-depth than the 1 day, more time for questions and more interactive.

PRICE: $497

5) 1 Week Info Product Bootcamp – gives you all the theory and helps someone create their product, write the copy and put up a website. This is the COMPLETE package for an info marketer.

PRICE: $2997 (will go up at some time)

So, why this system? Why should you consider adopting it? Because you want to be HAPPY, right? lol

Because you want to get people to TRY what you do. Let them enter your funnel at a price point THEY feel comfortable with.

OVER deliver and you’ll have people trading themselves up your funnel. It happens with me all the time. It will happen with YOU as well.

BUT, remember this, I’m using the example above with live events. Why? Because I ‘m best at doing things in this format. If you’re a better writer than you are a speaker, then do the same routine but do it in a DIFFERENT FORM. Written. NOT verbal or lecture.

After you read this ezine, start acting on this information, start putting it together for yourself. Make sure and keep me posted on your progress. I LOVE to hear when people implement the ideas that I share.

Upcoming Events:

Fred Info Bootcamp
Las Vegas, March 26th – April 2nd
Spend a week with me to get to REALLY understand HOW to create, market and sell Info Products. Maximum of 6 people. ONLY 2 SPACES LEFT! Must be either two men or two women due to rooms.

Seminar on Seminars – Las Vegas April 18 – 19
Learn everything you’d like to know about putting on your own seminars and events. At my house in Vegas, maximum of 12-15 people. Haven’t done one for a while. Will only do these twice a year max!

Lunch with Fred – NYC – April 27, 2009
Lunch with Fred – Venice, Italy – May 12, 2009
Lunch with Fred – Buenos Aires – June 22, 2009

Publishing Seminar – May 26-27
LOTS of great speakers at a very reasonable price – Manhattan location TBD Just before the Book Expo in NYC; ALL about publishing and SELF PUBLISHING!

See you next time!!

©Fred Gleeck 2009

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