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I know if you’re a PC person you are sick and tired of me telling you how great Apple is. Here is what I’ll say. If you’re in the information marketing business and you’re not very tech savvy, the Mac is the way to go.

Producing audios and videos is a snap using the simple ILife tools that come with the computer. BUT, that’s not nearly the best thing about it.

For an additional $99 when you buy the computer you get to sign up for weekly lessons to show you how to use the various pieces of software you’ll need to produce your products.

For $99 you can do an hour of one-on-one training on a HUGE variety of topics. BUT, there’s more! NO, they do NOT have Ginsu knives.

After you’ve paid for your one-to-one membership you can also come in EVERY day (if they have space) to work on a “personal” project.

Not only do you get a very easy to use computer, but you can get trained on every piece of software that info marketers need.

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