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I’d like to say I’m a planner. BUT, I’d be lying. I tend to get a LOT done at crunch time when it has to be done.

BUT, I have learned that I need to brush my teeth everyday. I do THAT. I do that because of the consequences of NOT doing it.

There are things you CAN get away with if you’re a crammer. I did it in college. I always had good intentions to study every day for an hour – three weeks BEFORE a test, but I never did it. I ended up CRAMMING like crazy for the two or three days before the exam. Most of the time it worked out.

If you don’t brush your teeth for a three week period you can’t go brush them for three hours straight and get positive results.

I just read some research where the same is true of sleep. They used to think that you could “recover” some of your sleep that you didn’t get during the week by sleeping in on weekends.

Apparently that isn’t true. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

So, how does this work as an info marketer? What lessons can be learned here? What do we need to do differently?

Google likes consistency. Think of them like your DAD or MOM. If Daddy Google was sitting next to you during the day when you should be blogging or putting up a YouTube video, what would they be saying?

It’s just like you (or at least I remember) can hear your father’s voice admonishing you to eat your pees. Or whatever vegetable you didn’t want to eat.

Daddy Google wants you to do your work consistently.

Every indication that I have from my SEO buddies is that one of the ways you get good rankings is to do a little bit of work every day. They don’t like crammers.

And frankly, you can’t fight Google. They will win. No question about it!

So, like brushing your teeth, if you want to still have teeth left when you’re older, you’ve got to do some things every day.

I have a friend who came to visit me a couple of months back. We had attempted to start a project about 4 years ago. He got sidetracked. He didn’t do what he really WANTED to do.

Two months ago, he told me that HAD HE STARTED as we had planned 4 years back, he would now be collecting a pretty decent check every month.

Daddy Google would have rewarded him/us with lots of great rankings for our “favorite” keywords. But Daddy Google doesn’t care. They GAVE those great rankings to someone who was willing to do the work.

Someone who was willing to consistently do what they needed to do to make things happen.

What will YOU do? Do YOU want to keep your teeth? In this case it’s not about your dental health but your financial health.

If so, you’ll need to try and make Daddy Google happy just like you did with your real parents. To please THIS parent, you’ve got to pick out the keywords that relate to your topic and start blogging and creating videos about them.

Do this and your success as an information marketer are substantially improved. Or if not, you can start eating some very bland and soft food. Without teeth you’ll have to use your gums a lot!

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