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Audio Products

The single most important piece of hardware when recording an audio program is your microphone. As you start to invest in your own equipment, keep this in mind.

I now some pretty high-end equipment. It wasn’t always the case and it certainly is not essential to making money as an information marketer.

When I first got started I was using Radio Shack mics and recording directly onto my home cassette deck. Cost? Virtually nothing.

One of the programs I produced was sold for almost fifteen years and produced well into the six figures in terms of sales. It was my first program on marketing and promoting your own seminars and workshops.

It was a decent recording, but it was not what most people would consider ‘professional.’ The reason why it worked was because people wanted to get the material and were relatively unconcerned about production value.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about what your audio programs sound like, but that shouldn’t be your PRIMARY concentration.

Instead, spend the bulk of your time figuring out how you can deliver information that others will find valuable to help them better themselves personally or in their careers.

The debate rages between information product marketers as to whether or not you should give people ‘the real deal’ when you do your programs. Some gurus espouse telling people only what do not HOW to do it.

If I got a program like this, I would feel completely ripped off.

Before I do a program, I try and put myself into the mind of my prospective customers. I’ll ask myself what would be essential to making something work. I make sure to include these elements in the program.

If you get a program that doesn’t do this, return it. Don’t encourage the S.O.B.’s to do it the wrong way.


I’ve started doing a lot more video programs. My customers are now EXPECTING video. This only makes sense when there is a visual component to the program.

Before you do a video, ask yourself if what you’re considering doing has a visual component that will enhance the learning process. If the answer is NO, then don’t use video.

There are many possible programs where video is not just preferred, but essential. One example is my recent video program ‘Improv for Speakers’.

In order to demonstrate certain games in the improv process it was essential to use video. You could not simply describe what we were doing. You had to see it.

Another side of the video equation are the programs which ‘record’ what you do on your computer screens. For you PC folks, the standard program is Camtasia. For us Mac people there is a program called SnapzPro.

These programs are perfect for showing or illustrating things that you do on your computer screen. I’m going to be doing a number of these coming up. There are some things that can only be shown this way.

I suggest you take a look at these programs when you need to illustrate something that you have to see on your computer screen to make sense. Using this program then allows you to take the file and convert it to a universal program like FLASH. Using this program will allow people with any kind of computer to see the program.

Niche Product Creation

There are a lot of ways to come up with niches in which to produce products. Let me give you some of my own examples to illustrate.

I got into the self storage niche as a result of being asked to make a speech many years ago to their national convention. After giving the speech I walked around the trade show floor. I didn’t see any decent products.

I then set about to create products that were VERY specific to that niche.

I ate lunch yesterday with a good friend of mine who is a speaker. He told me about a speech he was going to give in one of his three or four niche markets. He was asking for my help about selling products from the platform.

I asked him what he sold to the group the last time. He told me that he sold the same ‘generic’ products to each of the groups he spoke to. Bad idea.

If you have a niche market that you speak to often it will probably be worth it to develop niche specific products. I would only suggest you do this if you speak to the niche on a regular basis.

A while back when I spoke at one of the self storage conventions I offered them a set of products that included 8 audio programs, 5 videos, a book and a newsletter.

In 55 minutes I sold close to $63,000 worth of products to a group of about 400 or so self storage operators.

I’m convinced that one of the reasons was/is that my products were specifically targeted to them as a group.

My topic is marketing. I show my niches how to get more customers. I have a generic program on marketing and could have tried to sell it to this group. If I had made an offer of these generic products to this group I would probably have sold a fraction of what I did.

Your action point is to start taking your existing content and developing niche specific products in those niches where you have a significant presence.

In the example of my buddy Jim, I told him to take his existing products and develop an outline that was market specific. I could then interview him and help him to create videos that were targeted directly to his groups.

Time consuming? A bit. Worth it? Absolutely.

Business to Fund ‘Other’ Projects

Many people do their ‘main’ work in order to pay the rent. Other people do that same work in order to fund their other passions. For me I’m intensely interested in film and film related projects.

When I told my parents that I wanted to major in theatre they told me that was fine but I’d have to pay for it myself. I became a business major.

Over the next few years I’m going to be doing a number of film and video products that are NOT related to business in anyway.

If you need something similar as your motivation to get things done, do it! I do.

Johann Can Do it

About a month ago a friend of mine, Johann Castro moved out to Las Vegas. Johann was my dog walker when I spent time back in the NYC area.

I convinced Johann to come out and stay with me. I would help him out with school and he could take care of my dogs and help me a bit with my business.

He’s taken a serious interest in audio/video production. As a student, he is willing to do projects VERY inexpensively.

If you’re interested in doing an audio or video program I suggest you contact him to discuss things.

Feel free to email him at: jray_28 (at) hotmail (dot) com

New Product Next Week

I’m doing another audio program with my good friend Bob Bly next week.

Keep your eyes open for a special deal on that product next week.

That’s all for now! Have a happy holiday!

Best, Fred

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