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My place in NYC is half a block away from B&H Photo. For those of you who are NOT familiar with this place, it’s the mecca of the world for all hardware in the audio and video field!

It’s kind of like Costco. When you go in your chances of coming out without having spent at least $200 is virtually NIL.

I went by there today and I have some “insights” to share with you:

1. Info product sellers should NOT be concerned about making everything perfect. Perfect is the enemy of the good. Get it done. Now. Redo it later. If it’s ever needed.

NOTES: There are lots of ways to produce both audio and video info products. You can do it off of the computer you currently have and spend NO additional money.

Or, you can spend thousands of dollars on gear that will be fun to have and talk about but isn’t necessary for your success in this business. Trust me, I own a LOT of gear that I haven’t even used!! TRUE. Scary, huh?

2. Anyone can BUY gear. Just because you have the latest audio or video recording device will not make you a successful info product marketer.

NOTES: I used to do a lot of work with people in the video production business. They were obsessed as a group about having the latest and greatest GEAR.

For those of us who sell information for a living, it makes no sense to ALWAYS be spending money on the newest, latest and greatest stuff.

When I go to B&H I usually visit both the pro-audio and pro-video departments. I do this to find out the latest things that are going on and to get any questions answered that I may have. They are GREAT for this.

As a result, I buy almost everything from them and also send LOTS of other info marketers their way.

Here are two bits of information I learned today. One from each of the departments.

There is a device to record phone calls from land lines. It’s Called a THAT-2. It’s by JK Audio. There are also others, but this is the one I use.

Google it if you want more info. It’s a device that let’s you capture and record audio conversations over the phone. Great for producing a product based on phone interviews.

They also have a device to do this with CELL phones. I was not aware of this one, but the guy tells me it’s been around for years. I have NO idea where I was when THIS memo went out, but I didn’t get it!

If you’re like me, you may only have a cell phone and NO land line these days. If so, this device is worth looking into. It’s a bit pricey and there are a number of different models, but the low end one starts at around $500.

Do you have to pay this kind of money to record phone calls? ABSOLUTELY NOT. You can just sign up for a free teleconference line that also records your calls for free in mp3 form and sends you a link to download them.

3. Before you buy something make sure you actually
NEED it.


When speaking to a very knowledgeable guy in the pro video dpartment, we discussed the issue of recording seminars. I told him that I wanted to get his opinion on what I would be best to use to record seminars, generally given indoors that go on for hours and sometimes days.

He pointed me to a new JVC camera that had 2 slots for memory chips. It cost around $3500. It was a beautiful camera. Compact, and did exactly what I wanted to do.

As he explained the features and benefits of the camera I told him I had a Cannon FS100 that did decent recording onto SDRAM chips. My camera does not record in HD and the quality is OK.

After we went back and forth for a while, he told me that for MY purposes, what I had was MORE THAN ENOUGH. I of course, loving the idea of buying something NEW, was ready to pull out my credit card and plop another $3500 on it. Bad move.

Let me explain. The FS 100 cost around $225. It is OK in good light and no one who bought an info product filmed on the camera would be bothered. It’s now been replaced by a newer version with similar features but for about the same price. I think it’s called the FS 200. Creative next generation name, huh?

For some of my FUTURE products that will need to be shot on a HIGH END, high quality, camera, the new one he showed me would be perfect.

Video cameras that are chip based can save you a TON of time. You don’t have to DIGITIZE your tape in REAL time. If you’re doing a lot of video, this will pay for itself pretty quickly. For every hour of video, you’ll need an hour to digitize. What’s your time worth???

When you record onto chips, that elminates the need for tapes and digitizing. You can also record directly onto a hard drive. If you’re doing work “out in the field” recording onto chips would be a godsend. AND, if you buy large enough capacity chips, you can shoot for HOURS! No tape changes. What a relief.

The point here is you don’t ALWAYS NEED the newest and the best gear.

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