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Autoresponders and Ezines

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I’ve been getting some questions from some of my coaching clients about how to use Autoresponders and Ezines. I think YOU may be having some of the same questions/concerns.

To clarify, autoresponders are a series of messages that you put together in advance of someone buying a product or service. The are automatically and sequentially delivered to people who buy something from you or opt in to a list.

Ezines are sent out to the same group but contain (or SHOULD contain) timely information related to your topic or field.

Example: Let’s say that you’ve set up a series of autoresponder messages to be delivered to someone every 7 days after they purchase your product.

Without you doing a thing, those autoresponder messages, “pre-loaded” into WebMarketingMagic will be sent to your buyers of that product. I suggest you spend some serious time to write these. If you do a GOOD job, people will tend to buy more from you.

If you need help in putting these together, go to someone like Sabrina Brick.

Let’s assume that you put together 25 autoresponders. That will mean that for approximately the next 6 months the person who bought your product will be getting an email from you just about every week.

Let’s say that 22 days after this person bought something from you, you discover something really important that you want to share with your “group.” You would then send out an EZINE message to the entire group on that DAY (or as soon as you wrote it).

In this example, the person who brought the product from you would receive two emails from you on two successive days: DAY 21 and DAY 22. Day 21 will be the third of your autoresponder messages that have been set up IN ADVANCE. Day 22 will be an EZINE message that you send because of some NEW and TIMELY information you feel they must have/know.

Autoresponders should be TIMELESS. Ezine messages should be TIMELY. BY DEFINITION!

How often should you change your autoresponders for a given product or service? At LEAST as frequently as you REDO the product. Most of my products I put a 3 year window on. After that point, products tend to get a bit CRUSTY. They probably need to be redone in other fields even MORE often. Fields that are constantly changing.

How often should you be sending out your ezines? As an information marketer, I would send them as often as you have SOLID and USEFUL information to share that is important and vital to your customers’ business.

There are times when I send out ezines every 2 or 3 days and other times when I go a couple of weeks. I would say that you should never send out ezines LESS frequently than twice a month. That should be your MINIMUM target number.

Some people send out ezines every day. IF there is valuable and useful information being sent, then FIRE AWAY. If all you’re sending is bunch of SALES HYPE, STOP IT! This will only HURT you with your list.

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