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I’ve started to blog a lot more frequently. Since I don’t think you can ever blog too much as long as you have good content, I’m now doing it a minimum of once a day.

This is a very different time schedule from an Insight like you’re reading right now.

What’s the difference? What do I put in one and not the other?

Here is the best answer I can give you.

Anything that I hear, see or read about that makes me think of something in the field of information marketing will push me to write a blog post.

I try and make them single topic oriented and keep them light and pithy. This is MY style and yours may be entirely different.

For my ezine, this INSIGHT, I write about things that are a bit more timeless. One of the best ways to create content for BOTH of these items is to constantly keep a document open on your computer that you can add ideas to.

You don’t have to write down a complete outline when you get an idea, but DO jot down a few notes to remind you what it is that came to mind.

How often should YOU blog? First, you need to ask yourself WHY you are blogging.

There are usually two GOOD answers. One is to get better organic SEO rankings. The other is to set yourself up as the definitive expert in your field.

For better rankings, more is better. BUT, keep it consistent. If you’re doing a blog post a day and then skip a couple of weeks, this isn’t good.

Keep them between 300-750 words in length.

To look like the EXPERT, make sure that everything you write is well written and has your UNIQUE style embedded in the writing.

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