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Everyone should have a blog. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with that you should use when blogging. I hope they help!

  1. Write about what your readers will actually CARE about.
  2. Continue to evolve, learn and study in your area of expertise.
  3. Don’t write about things others could care less about. SOME personal information is fine, but don’t go overboard. Most people don’t care.
  4. Write some LONG, IN-DEPTH posts about key topics of interest.
  5. Share SOME personal info, but not TOO much.
  6. Timely AND TIMELESS. Post both. Write about stuff that is relevant right now, but also post things that are timeless.
  7. Get other people to blog about YOUR blog.
  8. Get people to pick up your RSS feed.
  9. Conduct expert interviews with people others want to hear from.
  10. Don’t be too arrogant to answer emails.
  11. Include photos and videos when you can.
  12. Create an ONGOING discussion about a topic. Let it go on as long as there is interest.
  13. Use links sparingly, but use them when appropriate.
  14. Make it look decent. Not fancy, but decent and appropriate.
  15. Write quickly, then edit. Let it flow, then check it again.
  16. Rome wasn’t built in a day, realize it will take time to build a following.
  17. Don’t be ashamed to give others credit for something.
  18. Have a SINGLE focus. You can’t be all things to all people. Don’t try.
  19. Make Your writing clear and easy to understand. Don’t try to be too cute.
  20. Target what you write about to what makes YOU crazy/excited, etc.
  21. Talk about things that INTEREST people, not what you had for lunch.
  22. Write about things that others will want to LEARN and forward to others.
  23. Don’t overwrite. Don’t write to look like SMART. Write to communicate a message.
  24. People love lists. Except for that 10 Commandments thing.
  25. Ask for readers help in getting you noticed. Links, Digg, etc.
  26. Be controversial. Don’t get your self in legal hot water, but test the limits.
  27. Be PASSIONATE, but make sure it’s 100% REAL.
  28. Create your own words and language. Study GLEECKANOMICS!
  29. Approve comments unless they are REALLY crazy. It’s OK to have others disagree with you.
  30. Be aware that some people are reading you for the FIRST time on THAT post.
  31. Write about tools people can use . . . NOW!
  32. Get noticed by posting comments on other people’s blogs.
  33. Don’t advertise on the blog itself, UNLESS it is SUPER relevant to your content.
  34. Read a lot, all the time, and serve as the screener and “digester” for others like you.
  35. Post when you FEEL like it. This is about YOU and your motivation. Others will feel it when you DON’T “feel it.”
  36. Write about anything that gets your blood boiling or your heart soaring.
  37. Post when the spirit moves you, if that’s how you write BEST.

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