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How do YOU want to Live your Life?

Pretty much everyone wants one thing. To be happy. The problem is that all of us define happiness in different ways. Money is certainly ONE element of happiness, but there are many others as well.

The key is to find YOUR criteria and then work with them to achieve the highest level of happiness for yourself using your own criteria.

Other items on most peoples’ list will include: relationships, spirituality, geography, etc.

My example.

I moved from NYC to Las Vegas in January of 1999. I love NYC but hated the intensely cold winters and their onerous taxes on both the state and city level.

There is a lot I miss about NYC but I’ll give up being there on a full time basis to make sure that I can live somewhere relatively warm in the winter and be in a NO TAX state like Nevada.

Everyone wants to be in a good relationship. The problem there is that many of us SETTLE for less than we want or deserve. This is often times the result of wanting to love and be loved. We sometimes make some bad choices. Trust me, this one I know from personal experience to be true.

One of the big issues is that people don’t even know what dreams and ideas are their own. Many people cling to what they have been TAUGHT by others to THINK are their own when they are not.

They become doctors and lawyers not because they wanted to, but because their parents wanted them to. If you’re a doctor or lawyer this may NOT be true for you but I’ll bet you know a bunch of others in your profession who did it PRECISELY for this reason.

What do YOU want to do? How do YOU want to live?

Another personal example. I’m now in a BIG house. Big for ME that is. I lived in NYC for 20 years in just under 400 square feet. I was happy as can be. The size of my place never bothered me. Even with two dogs and an occasional ‘partner.’

After moving into this new BIG house I started asking myself if this is what I really wanted. I noticed that the only room I really LOVE is my MOVIE room. It’s got the big 8 foot screen and that’s where I spend most of my time. Either there or in my library which now has a new cushy couch which I can sit in for hours.

Now what?

In 2 years I’ll put the house on the market, sell it, put up to $250k tax free in my pocket with any profit and buy a 2 or 3 bedroom condo. Why? Because I found out that I don’t really want a big house.

Sometimes you have to try things to find out what you like and don’t like. A few years back I bought an RV. Sold it less than a year later for a HUGE loss.

Bad idea.

What did I do wrong there? I bought it rather than renting it first. Next time with a big purchase I’ll rent before buying to make sure it’s what I really want.

What about money? As you probably know, I keep my expenses pretty darned low. I love to be in a position to not have to worry about paying the bills every month. There is enough coming in that I really don’t have to worry these days.

Most people concentrate ALL of their efforts on making MORE money. I concentrate my efforts on that as well as reducing my expenses. Net result? I can do and live the life that I want. I take vacations virtually every month. I usually do them ‘on the cheap’ but that’s what I want.

That’s how I want to live.

I also think that the world is more apt to reward you if you are making your money for something other than buying another pair of Gucci shoes. I THINK that one of the reasons why Bill Gates ended up making so much money was that he knew he eventually wanted to give it away.

It feels good to give. It makes MOST people happier. How many pairs of shoes does one person need?

With me the answer is very few. BUT, I do end up buying GOOD shoes. This is true with luggage as well. I buy the best, but try and buy it on sale.

To me these days, less is more. I hit 50 on the 23rd of this month. Big milestone. Am I excited? Absolutely. Do I care about this number? Not really. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my Dad lived to over 90 and worked for 14 hours a day until his mid 80s. He LOVED what he was doing. He was a writer. He wrote history.

In order to live I think you have to have death figured out in your own mind. Whatever your beliefs, I think it’s only possible to LIVE if you’ve figured out what YOU believe happens when you die. Without that, you’re uncertain and in most cases, fearful. I’m good in this area but think that issues of this nature are personal and I don’t share them with everyone. That’s MY view.

Reading in General

Last July when I spoke to NSA at their national meeting. I was hanging out by the pool one day before I spoke. I met a couple there who had VASTLY different views on things.

In most cases, I believe in the ‘live and let live’ philosophy. However, I have to tell you, when someone says that they NEVER read fiction, this disturbs me. In order to live a full life I believe you MUST read good fiction. For me, it makes me a better info-marketer, a better speaker, a better consultant, a better everything.

As a business person I think DIFFERENTLY because of fiction.

What should read in this or ANY area? What you like! I NEVER have understood people who say: ‘Read this book, but you have to get through the first 100 pages before it gets good.’ Not me. Not my responsibility. The author is responsible for keeping me interested from the get-go. If not, I’m gone.

If you’re interested in reading, there’s another great book on the topic I read recently. It’s called:

‘The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life.’ It’s by Steve Leveen. I HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy. Great stuff. Should I haven an link here to make a few bucks. Probably so, but I don’t because they only give a tiny commission.


I’ve been on a reading binge lately. One of my favorites is: ‘The Long Tail’ by Chris Anderson. If you haven’t read it it’s a must for info marketers. Pick up a copy now. Good stuff.

It talks about a basic concept which is that as the means of production become cheaper and more prevalent and the means of delivering products follow suit, it is certain that more and more smaller markets will get served.

The author gives the example of ITunes. Although they carry 100,000 different tunes, the ones that only get downloaded a few times a month are STILL profitable. Why? Because it costs virtually nothing to produce them and almost nothing to deliver them to the end user.

Net result? More small and relatively obscure niches will pop up and be profitable as a result.

As an info-marketer, here’s YOUR take away. Build a line of products in your microniche. Own your niche even if it is relatively small and tiny. Once you produced products for the niche, even if you sell only a few a month, you can just keep moving once the system is in place to sell them.

If something gets hot and starts to sell like crazy, then make sure you produce more products in that niche AND find suitable related products that you can recommend on an affiliate basis and get paid.

Example: Yesterday while waiting to meet with a client I met a lady whose husband has been a basketball coach on the college level for a number of years. When she asked me what I did I explained. To make the explanation more understandable, I used HER as an example.

I said that I bet there would be ladies who would PAY to hear about how to ‘survive’ the life of a basketball coach’s wife. She knew a lot about the topic and could certainly help many who were in the same position. She could also get PAID for sharing this knowledge.

Whenever anyone asks YOU what you do try and explain things using THEM in the example. It will become a lot more relevant to them and they may actually listen and remember you.

Book Marketing Example

There is a New York Times bestselling book out there right now which follows exactly the techniques I recommend you ‘copy’ from a marketing perspective.

The book is The Millionaire Mind by Harv Ecker. I’m NOT recommending the book. I AM recommending the way that he has used the bounceback offers in the book.

Pick it up and skim through the book. He was able to get his publisher to agree to let him put LOTS of bounceback offers in there. I mean LOTS.

If you can get a major publisher to agree to what he ‘got away with’ you should forget self-publishing and go this route.

Go to the bookstore, pick it up, skim through it and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Use it as a template for how to do things.


Just saw ‘The Departed’. What a movie. Go see it now. Prediction: Oscar nomination AND a win (finally) for Martin Scorcese. They owe him at this point. An amazing cast in this film with DiCaprio, Nicholson, Damon, Sheen and Wahlberg all doing great jobs.

I’m getting excited about my site: It’s not up yet, but when it is I expect some big things to happen.

Fred’s Wish List

This is a new feature I’m going to be putting in my ezine from time to time when the mood strikes me. It was inspired by Ken Roberts, the commodity trading guru who I got to know and spend some time with a few years back.

Here’s what happened.

I was on Ken’s list. He had a section in each of his newsletters called his WISH LIST. Since I always read the newsletter, I would always read his wish list. There was some ‘crazy’ stuff on there, but I always read it. Crazy because each of us have our OWN special wishes.

In one newsletter Ken wished he could be in a feature film with a minimum 20 word speaking part. I called my good buddy Peter Beckwith who was able to make it happen.

Thanks, Peter!

In exchange, Ken invited me to attend one of his VERY HIGH priced bootcamps. We both got a LOT out each.

So, inspired by Ken, I’ve decided to include my wish list in some (or maybe all) of my future ezines. Here’s how it works. I list the things I’d really like to do. If you can help me make any of these wishes come true, I’ll give you something that YOU want.

Feel free to copy this idea. I’m doing it!

Here’s my WISH LIST:

Interview the actor, Greg Kinnear. Like him I grew up in another country. He’s a great actor and I loved his new film: Little Miss Sunshine.

I’d like to go up in a glider.

I’d like to speak with Darrell Jones, the bass player for the Rolling Stones. Back in the 80s, I took his ‘headshots’ when he was dating my female roommate in NYC at the time.

That’s it for now!



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