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In THIS Issue (and it’s a LONG one):

* NEW PRODUCT Offering – Prepublication
* Doing Your Own Events
* Book Writing
* Book Editing
* Guru Dependency
* Emails: Frequency of Offers
* Licensing Options


Here is my latest Prepublication offer:

2 PROGRAM COMBO: My new self publishing program combined with my latest interview with Bob Bly covering traditional publishing.

You get 2 complete programs that will sell at retail for a minimum of $97 each. Your price? $97 for both and I pay for shipping.

These programs are in mp3 format and are NOT in traditional audio cd format.

This offer is for the next 72 hours or until the first 100 sets are sold. I’m picking up the cost of shipping.

You get the opportunity to get the publishing program I recorded with Bob last week AND a copy of the self publishing program I re-recorded two weeks ago.

Attached is the exact outline of the program I did with Bob. Take note of this outline. Bob is the BEST at giving an interviewer, like myself precisely what I need to do a great program. Feel free to copy and use the format he uses. It’s excellent.

My program is detailed at:

The result for you? An amazingly comprehensive program. It covers both ends of the publishing Biz.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of both traditional and self publishing this is a great value.

Click here to order:


This is the Outline for the product with Bob:

PRODUCT: Getting Your Book Published
Format: Fred interviews Bob about traditional
publishing; Bob interviews Fred about self
publishing and ebooks


1—Reasons why people want to write a book and get it published

e—professional development

2—State of book publishing industry today

a—today vs. 1981 when Bob started
b—number of books published – good or bad?

3—publishing options

a—mainstream publisher, large – McGraw Hill, Simon and Schuster
b—publisher, small – Rutledge, Ten Speed, Ventana, Racom
c—self published paper book –POD, short run printer
d—vanity press and publishing services – Trafford

–Why did you Bob choose to go with traditional publishing
–how do you determine whether a book is a bookstore book or a direct marketed book like an ebook

4—EIGHT STEPS To getting your book published – overview of process

A—Idea [Asimov story—I send you idea, you write it, split 50/50]
B—commercial feasiability/idea evaluation
C—Content outline
D—book proposal

–WHY write a book proposal? Why not just write the whole book?

E – Agent
–Why get an agent? Do you need one? Why not sell it directly?
F – Submission to publishers
G – offer, contract negotiation
H – write book and deliver

5—COMING up with a good book idea: 10 sources of inspiration

A—job experience [tech writing]
B—teach a course [how to promote]
C—take a course [dream jobs]
D—life experience [out on your own]
E—task or process [secrets]
F—hobby [comic book hero]
G—info packaging [info hotline]
H—find a need or gap and fill it [lead generation handbook]
I—write what interests you [Stephen king trivial challnenge]
J—target a niche [selling your services]

6—5 STEPS to evaluating commercial feasibility of book idea

A—long enough for a book or just an article? [recession proof]
D—Why would someone buy it for $14.95?
E—Why should the publisher hire YOU to write it?

7—Create content outline

–number of chapters
–chapter descriptions

8—Writing the book proposal:

–8 elements in the book proposal – mandatory sections

A—Title page
G—author’s bio
H—content outline

Supplementary material in book proposal (optional):

–reviews of your other books
–press clippings and media coverage of you
–media coverage of your topic
–article by you about topic
–two sample chapters – which chapters?

9—Literary agents

–why needed
–advantages agent has in selling book you don’t
–how to find them
–what they do
–how they get paid
–reading fees
–seller’s market mentality of agents

10—Selling the book to a publisher

–What agent does
–Monitoring status
–doing it yourself
–finding publishers [writers market]
–finding the right contact within the publishing house
–contacting the editor
–how publishers make decisions
–can you get publisher to change their mind if they say no?

11—Getting and negotiating an offer

–net and gross
-bookstore and mail order
–hardcover, trade paperback, mass market
C—serial rights
D—A/V and dramatic rights
E—book club sales
F—translation and foreign
G—manuscript acceptance
I—delivery and deadline date
J—authors warranty
O—author’s copies and discount

12- Writing the book

A—file folder method of research
–Hire an Internet researcher
B—electronic template method of writing
C—permissions and fair use
D—creating a writing schedule


A—pub date
B—edits and revisions
BB – peer review
C—copy editing
D—galleys and proofreading
E—page proofs
G==author’s questionnaire
H—book promotion


1—Why self publish instead of traditional publish?
2—how do you design the book interior and cover and what would that cost?
2A – hiring a ghostwriter? Where? How? Cost? What do you provide?
2B – editing process
3—what is ideal length for self published nonfiction book?
4—paperback vs. hardcover
5—traditional book vs. bundled in a power pack (book, CD, video, etc.)
6—how do books fit into your infopreneur plan/funnel
7—printing options, quantities, cost per unit
b—short run
c—overseas long run

8—where to find book printers
9—how to bid out the job
9A – warehousing and storage
9B – fulfillment
10—selling books through amazon and barnes and noble online
11—selling through bookstores
12—back of the room sales
13—direct marketing sales
14—other ways to sell self published books
15—what about ebooks? When do you publish as a print book vs. ebook
16—you have the SAME BOOKS as both print books and ebooks? Why?
17—best topics subjects for ebooks?
18—ideal length, design, format as PDF,
19—distribution and selling method


–BOB ASKS FRED: future of ebooks …self publishing

–FRED ASKS BOB: future of traditional publishing … will it continue as the status choice or lose prestige?



Doing Your Own Events

There are three basic ways to do events. First, you can do it yourself. Second you can speak at other peoples events. Lastly, you can ‘partner’ with one or more people to do an event.

I do a lot of my own events. I’m not a real great organizer but I love to have control over the process. That way I can be sure it will be done right. Or at least the way I think is right.

My preference is to do my own events, but they are a lot of work and it takes a lot of time to do them.

I’m starting to do events that are held at my house, keeping the groups small. When you have a larger number of people you usually need to go to a hotel or other venue that you have to pay for and that you may have hassles and aggravations with.

When you try and do events with ‘partners’ it can be difficult. I have had very good and very bad experiences with this kind of a deal.

I have had GREAT experiences with my friends Rick Frishman and Peter Woodhead (in the UK). They are both easy to work with and VERY reliable. This makes my life simple and fun.

On the other hand I’ve had less than positive experiences with others.

When you do events you usually have to block your calendar out about 3-4 months in advance as a minimum. Better would be 5-6 months.

When I block off those dates and then for some reason the event doesn’t happen, you not only lose the opportunity to make money on that date, you have no way to replace that revenue given the time sensitive nature of seminars and events.

Your action point?

Make sure and try and concentrate on either doing your own events or speaking at other peoples event that you like and trust.

Speaking of events and people that you like, please check out: www.Sage Int xxx. Sheri Hill runs the place and I like them a lot. They do great events and are high integrity folks.


Book Writing

I have a goal to write 4 books a year. The term writing is somewhat of a misnomer. I actually have the goal to COMPLETE 4 books a year. To make this goal a reality it means that I don’t actually write them all myself.

I DO come up with all of the ideas, I just don’t do the actual writing in many cases. This wasn’t the case when I first got started.

Going back to the old money-time continuum, when I had more time than money I wrote the book myself. Now that I have more money than time I will often pay someone to write a smaller or larger portion of fhe book.

If you have thought about writing a book and don’t have one yet, I encourage you to get going. There is nothing more satisfying than having a physical book. You will feel more confident and you will be perceived as much more credible by anyone you come in contact with.

All of my books are self-published. With all of the BS entailed with getting your book into a traditional publisher I have virtually given up. YES, they do have distribution channels established, but it sucks to try and get your book in with these folks.


Book Editing

The person who writes your books should NOT be the person who edits your book. If it isn’t obvious it’s because the person who writes the book can’t do a credible job in the editing process. They will rarely, if ever catch their OWN mistakes.

Where do you find an editor?

I always suggest that people look for English or Journalism students at their local universities. These folks are usually willing to work for a very reasonable rate.

I also like the idea of having someone nearby that I can actually see in person if I have to. You can also find people on but be careful, there are lots of flakes. Check their feedback and ask to see before and after samples of the work they have done.


Guru Dependency

There are a number of ‘gurus’ who are attempting to turn over their businesses to other lesser known individuals. In my opinion, this effort will fail. Maybe not immediately, but certainly in due time.

Why? Because people become attached not just to the message the guru brings, but the guru him or herself. It is in many instances a cult of personality. This isn’t a BAD thing if you’re the guru.

As you try and build yourself up into guru status, you need to think about how you’re building your business.

You have two choices.

One is to make your business completely independent of you and your personality. This MIGHT work, but will not be nearly as effective as building your business the other way.

The other way is to build your business based on you and the strength of your material and content AND your personality.

I like the second way better. I try and make my material someone dependent on ME as the presenter of the content. On the other hand, I think the content I provide people with is strong enough that it makes no difference if it’s me or someone else.

I like this approach. As you produce your own products and materials, make sure and put your unique imprint on the style that you use. BUT, make sure that your content is strong enough that it can stand on it’s own.

Doing things this way will give you options. If and when you ever want to sell your business, you’ll be able to do it more easily and get more money when you sell.

If you develop a strong following that is based on you and your personality you will most likely be asked to stay on as a consultant.

Most of the mega successful businesses have gurus with strong personalities that are willing to express opinions.

There is nothing worse that not having an opinion. I highly encourage you as you build your list to make sure and put YOURSELF into your writing and communication with your list.


Emails: Frequency of Offers

I send you emails on a very different schedule than most people whose lists you may belong to. I get a few ezines where they send to their list every Sunday evening. This method of emailing people is less effective than a more random approach.

Maybe I’ve been living in Vegas too long, or perhaps it’s because I have a background in behavioral psychology, but I like and believe in the concept of variable interval reinforcement.

Not to get too technical, this is a system in which reinforcement is delivered on a random basis based on time. So if I were to send you an email every Monday, I would be using a fixed interval reinforcement schedule.

This assumes that receiving my emails is reinforcing to you. I sure as heck hope so.

Although variable interval is the strongest reinforcement schedule available, I use this approach more for another reason.

I don’t have ideas that come to me on a specific time frame.

Ideas come to me in spurts. Therefore, if you’ve been on my list for a while you may notice that I may send you two or three ezines in one week and then go ten days without sending you anything.

I also try and make sure that I send you at least three content messages for each sales message that I send. Recently, with all of my product development that I’ve been doing it has been a bit more frequently. You can get away with this if you still have plenty of content that you deliver.

I never try to disguise the fact that this ezine makes me money.

When you purchase from me, I’m making money. Thank you.

The issue is making sure that I have the OPPORTUNITY to try and sell you something. For this to happen, you have to OPEN an email before you can sell people anything. If you’re like me, there are certain ezines that you get that are always and only trying to sell you something.

Isn’t that right? Of course it is. And it bugs the crap out of me as I’m sure it does you.

If all you are trying to do each time you contact me is sell me something I’ll delete your emails without reading.

If, however, you give me some good content most of the time I’ll be certain to never delete your emails without reading. For me to be able to sell you anything, I first have to get you to open my emails. That being done, I then have to give you some great content before I try and sell you anything.


Recording New Products

I do a lot of audio products each month. Many of them are new products that I have never done before. I also spend a fair amount of time re-recording products that need to be updated.

On the new product side I am always looking to take material and concepts that I have learned and turn them into products. If I’m not doing

Depending on the topic, you need to update your material at least once every couple of years and in some cases even more frequently.

I remember that up until about 5 years ago I was still selling a program that had references to the Ronald Reagan administration. This was definitely crusty.

I try and record my ‘staple’ products at least once every 12-24 months. I suggest you do the same. Keep them current. This can only help you long term.

Make sure and add any new information that you find in the latest version of the product. That’s what I’ve done with the offer that is coming with this program. My portion of the self publishing combo is a program I sell a lot of that has recently been redone.



The National Speakers Association is a group that I have been critical of in the past. I’ve got to tell you that they are changing and starting to get it!

My beef was always that they were a bit too fluffy.They now understand that people are hungry for CONTENT. They want simple, easy to use, how to information. NSA is now doing everything they can to provide that to their members.

I had a conversation recently with Sam Silverstein (from St. Louis) who is now part of the association’s upper echelon. I was pleasantly surprised that he had a very good understanding of the things I thought weren’t working and was committed to making changes.

As a result, I’ve gotten involved with the group locally in Las Vegas and (believe it or not) they even gave me the honor of putting me in the President Elect capacity.

Organizations that are willing to listen to criticism, take it seriously, and make changes to accommodate their members are to be commended. NSA is now, in my opinion, in one of those.

I can now whole heartedly recommend that you see if there is a local chapter in your area that you can get involved with. Please let them know I sent you.

Go to: to find out more about the group in your local area.


Licensing Options

There are a number of different ways that you can license products. As you read this section, remember it can go both ways. Even if you are a well known bigshot in your field, it may make a lot of sense to license other people’s products.

I do it. So should you if it’s the right product.

Here are your options.

First, you can set people up as affiliates to sell your products. This is the ‘standard’ way that people sell things through others online. You give people a link, they put it on their site. When people order through them they are given a commission for that sale.

No money up front and usually at least a 50-50 split if it’s a product as opposed to a service. If they offer you less than a 50-50 deal ask them why. If the explanation makes sense to you, go ahead with it.

The second way to have others sell your products is through a resale license. This is where people basically buy into a higher commission rate. They pay anywhere from 3-5 times the retail price of the product and are now given a 70-30 split.

Take the example of a $100 product. You give me $400
and I’ll give you the rights to sell this product and make
$70 on every sale. I would get $30 and the customer pays for the shipping. The other important element here is that the licensee usually does the fulfillment.

Another wrinkle in this scenario is that both parties ‘own’ the name of the person who purchased. This means that both you and me can market other products and services to this individual.

Is this a good deal? It depends on your individual circumstance. It certainly MAY be. If you can sell at least 4 or 5 of them and you don’t want the hassle of fulfilling orders this may make a lot of sense for you.

The second kind of license is what I call the ‘standard’ license. This is where you pay between 10-12 times the retail price for the product (again assume $100) and you get a set of ‘masters’ of that product to duplicate and fulfill yourself.

In most cases, including mine, I allow my licensees to go directly to my duplication and fulfillment person, Bret Ridgeway ( and have him do the duplicating and fulfillment for you.

If you like, you can change the packaging of the product but you can NOT, under ANY circumstances change the product itself. Sure you can put your own cover on the program but the audio, video and written material MUST be sold as is

The final option in the licensing area is the MASTER license. This enables you to do everything in the standard license and also allows YOU to sell licenses to others. I would suggest you price your master licenses at 40-60 times retail.

That’s all for now Folks! See you next time!



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