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One of the things that I like most about the info products business is that you can find ways to produce ongoing revenue for yourself that requires VERY little work after the initial sales effort.

I have a number of checks that come in every month that I have to do almost nothing to generate revenue.

Let me give you my examples and then give you my suggestions on what actions YOU need to take to make it happen for YOU.

First, I’ve got Thanks to George Tran, I get a sizeable check each month that comes from these folks.

I get 50% of the revenue and have to do NONE of the customer support. It’s a beautiful thing. Don’t get me wrong, if this was a crappy program and all I was doing was getting to people sign up so I would make money, it wouldn’t work for me.

I was just a speaker at an event where a well known marketer put up a picture of his brand new expensive car. I should put up pictures of my 2003 Honda Element!

I just think it’s bad taste to brag about how much you make. People who do this make me sick. I’d feel really queazy if I did that kind of thing. Might it make me more sales? Perhaps. But the people I would attract would be the WRONG people for me.

I’d rather silently collect checks from a lot of different sources and not behave that way.

Let me explain how YOU should be doing something with WebMarketingMagic yourself and with a variety of other programs.

This particular piece of software has the six components I think YOU need to look for when getting involved with a deal like this:

1. It’s a Great Program
2. Good customer Service
3. Few people drop out once in
4. They handle all the service issues
5. You get ongoing residual revenue
6. It’s backed by a good company and won’t go under anytime soon

I have what’s called a Private Label with these guys. This means that I get to put a name I choose on a piece of software that already exists.

For you to go out and purchase a private label yourself from these folks it would cost you over 15k and you’d only be getting 40%.

When I got involved it was less and the split was 50-50. I’m glad I knew my buddy George at the time!

But you can’t worry about that. You can get started making 30% right now. You can go to WebMarketingMagic and sign up as an affiliate. All you have to do is go to the site and click on where it says:

RESELLERS (on the bottom of the page)

Is it self serving for me to say this? Yes. But, I’m now suggesting you use the criteria I listed above and do this with a BUNCH of other vendors out there.

Ask yourself who your market is and ‘collect’ the tools that they need and put your name on them. Even without a private label you can do this.

To prove my point, look at:

After you enter the name into the browser, watch carefully as you hit the enter/return button on your computer.

You need to look for products and/or services that will be helpful to the target market you serve. If you are only looking to make the most money you would act differently.

You would look for the affiliate programs that give YOU the most money. You wouldn’t CARE if the programs were any good for your customers. Hey, it’s all about YOU, right? Wrongo.

If you agree with my ‘get rich slow’ philosophy, you need to look for what your market needs and then find products and services that really help them. By slow I mean 12-36 months, by the way.

Another example I have is:

This is another example of where I’ve taken what my market needs or wants and found the best solution for them. I in turn get to take a SMALL commission. Rather than looking to make the most money, I’m looking to find out what YOU, my customers want and need.

Then I find products and services that match. I make sure that the companies I ‘get in bed with’ are ethical, honest and have a good chance to survive and thrive in the coming years.

So, start now. Think of what your customers need. If you’re not sure, ask them. Then look for products and services that you can INTRODUCE them to where you get a check. Preferably a check every month.

Don’t look to maximize revenue in the short term, look to build a business that maximIzes long term revenue. Find the right products for your market and they’ll always come back to you because they trust you.

My site: is an example of the catch-all site that lists virtually all of the vendors I recommend. I love having a place where whenever anyone clicks anywhere on the site, I make money.

I also like the fact that they are all vendors who provide high quality products and services.

When I mentioned I was illustrating what YOU need to do when you find a product or service you feel would work for your market.

Go to (lol) and reserve a domain name that works but is branded with your name. Let’s say your name is Tim Smith. If is taken, reserve

That will serve as your main site for referring others to products and services you like and believe in.

For products within the TImSmithSentMe site you should try and come up with clever names that people will remember that are related. If you were wanting to set up a domain registration service, then go to

You could set up: or something like that. You could keep with the theme and start everything with ‘TIMS’. For a radio program that you like you might come up with ‘TImsradioguru’ or something like that.

If you do this with enough products and services you could be getting 3, 4 or 20 checks a month with a minimum of effort. It may take a while, but you’ll be getting paid for doing virtually nothing once you get it started.

The seminar on seminars is coming up this Friday and Saturday in New York City.

We’ll be holding it in Manhattan.

Take a look at to see all the details.

One of my subscribers has agreed to subsidize your registration if you are interested in attending. This individual does NOT want to be known or rewarded and has done this once before.

They are willing to pay at least 50% of your registration if you qualify.

This is ONLY available to someone with TRUE financial need.

If you are in the NYC area, want to attend, and have a true financial need, send me an email to fredgleeck (at) mac (dot) com with the words: SEMINAR SCHOLARSHIP in all caps in your subject line.

Send a short paragraph as to why you should attend at a reduced fee.

You’ll be given a seminar fee reduction if you are selected.

If selected you will have to pay that amount via paypal within 4 hours of receiving your email response.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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