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I had the pleasure and priviledge of sitting with my friend Bob Bly again last Friday to record yet another program.

This is one that you MUST get. I’m serious. This is really good stuff and is applicable to you no matter what field you’re in or what you do.

It’s a program about GENERATING MORE LEADS. Do you not want to generate more leads? If your answer then you do not need this program. If you answered yes, buy it immediately.

Here’s the outline;

BUILDING YOUR LEAD MACHINE–How to generate all the sales leads and new business you need

1–What is a sales lead?

2–What is a lead machine?

3–What kind of response can a lead machine generate?

4–What percentage of leads generated by a lead machine convert to sales?

5–Who uses leads? For what type of offers, products, and services?

6–Why do we need leads?

7–Do Internet marketers use leads? If so, how?

8–Let’s review the vehicles for lead generation and how to use each

B–Double postcards

C–Self mailers

D–Sales letters

E–Direct mail packages

–Where do I get mailing lists?

–What if I mail to a list once? How soon can I mail again and what do I sent – the same mailing, a new mailing?

F–When would you use a sales letter vs. a DM package vs. a postcard?

G–Classified ads

H–small display ads

I–full page ads

J–Free standing inserts

K–Package inserts

L–Yellow Pages ads

M–Any secrets for making Yellow Pages ads work?


O–Trade shows

P–Press releases. Can you give an example of how a press release can generate leads?

Q – TV and radio commercials.

R–TV and radio interviews (PR)

S—-Google AdWords and other pay per click advertising

T – Banner ads; ezine ads

U–email and ezines

V – SEO search engine optimization [key words, overture, content, blog]

W – Referral marketing

X – Word of mouth advertising

Y – Signage, billboards, fliers, door hangers

Z – Articles and resource boxes; columns

–What is your TRICK for making articles produce even more leads? [DM News]

A1 – Networking

A2 – Speeches and seminars

–How can you get 50% or better name capture at events where you speak?

–What if you do not have a powerpoint?

9–Bait piece

–What is it?

–How does it work? [credibility, beholden, specs, response]

–What’s in it?


–Price? Or is it free?

9A – What formats work best for bait pieces?


–special report

–resource guide

–white paper

–tip sheet

–audio cassette or CD

–video or DVD



–teleconference or webinar


–article reprint (Huey, bly reports)

10–How do you balance lead quantity vs. quality?

11–What can you do to increase quality?

12–What can you do to increase quantity?

13–What is involved in planning a lead generation campaign?

A–what response rates can I expect?

B–What conversion rates can I expect?

14–How do you qualify a lead [money, authority, desire of benefit, fit, urgency]

How do you know if they:

A–have money

B–have authority

C–have desire of benefit

–what is the easiest benefit to sell?

D–are a good fit

E–have urgency

15. How does lead generation result in sales?

A–generate and fulfill inquiry

B–follow up to secure appointment

C–sales meeting

D–quote job and close

16- How can I keep track of leads manually? With computer? [Act, goldmine, contact management]

17 – What metrics do I want to track?

For each promotion:

A–response rate

B–cost per lead

C–conversion rate

D–cost per sale

E–ROI vs. break even

18—-What are your seven steps to closing the sale

– FIRST, get prospects to invest time and effort in the relationship.

– SECOND, use incremental closing.

– THIRD, act as if you already have the job

– FOURTH, avoid pressure tactics in face to face closings, but use takeaway tactics and limited resource availability over the phone

– FIFTH, remove the risk

– SIXTH: ask for the order [contract, deposit – work does not begin without it and time cannot be held and schedule deadline cannot be met’

– SEVENTH act fast – strike while the iron is hot

19. What other offers work in lead generation aside from a bait piece?

–free estimate

–free needs assessment or analysis [timeplex network topology]

–free seminar

–free webinar or teleseminar

–free demo

–free executive briefing


20. What mechanisms should I provide for leads to respond to my promotions?

–Web contact form






—How many response options should I offer?

21. How has the Internet changed lead generation? Has it made salespeople and sales leads obsolete?

22. What’s the single most important thing you can do to increase lead generation results?

Since this is the prepublication offer for this product, here is how I’m going to work things.

The ‘standard’ price will be somewhere between $97 and $147.

If you order by Thursday at 5pm PST, you will get the program for just $77. I will pay the shipping cost. Yes, even if you live outside the US.

You will also get a recording of my most recent info products event (4+ hours) in NYC as a bonus. BUT, only if you order by Thursday.

Please note that only the first 100 people who order will get this deal and that both audio program are in mp3 format.

Here’s the link to buy it now. This will go fast so don’t overthink this one. At this price, if you get just ONE great idea to help you generate more leads it will pay for itself virtually overnight.

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