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Bombarded with Offers?

Are you getting bombarded with offers from people whose lists you are on?

If so, you’re not alone.

First a point of law. Recently I’ve had to send an email response to people who PUT ME ON THEIR LIST.

This is ILLEGAL.

You cannot just go around collecting names of people online or off and PUT them on your LIST. That is called SPAM. Plain and simple.

You must get PERMISSION from people before you add them to your list.

I suggest you use It’s what I use and it makes people double opt-in to your list before you can continue to email them.

Your action point?

Take my idea: Create a similar page for yourself where you direct people to who express an interest in you and your materials. Ask them to put themselves on your list. That way, it’s NOT spam!

Feel free to copy my page making sure that you give people some high quality bonuses for giving you their email address and ALLOWING YOU to contact them again and again!

Of those lists that I’m legitimately on, I get a variety of different KINDS of emails. From my good buddy Glenn Livingston they are always filled with valuable content.

If you don’t know who I’m referring to, take a look at:

Glenn sends out a lot of valuable free content? Why? He wants to demonstrate to you that he’s got good, high quality STUFF to sell you. But, he knows you are skeptical and wants to build a relationship with you over time. He does a very good job of it.

Then there are other people whose lists I’m on. Some of them BOMBARD me with offers. Many of them 3-4 times a week. I don’t know about you, but that gets OLD. Really old.

So, how do you make a living as an information marketer (author/speaker/consultant) without making a lot of offers.

You don’t have to make that choice. In this Insight I’m giving you a lot of solid content. I will also make you an offer to buy something from me.

NO ONE will begrudge you asking them to buy if you have FIRST delivered high quality, valuable, timely content to them.

I’ve often told you that you should shoot for 4:1 content to sales messages in your ezine. I used to think that you had to send out emails that had NO offers in them. I don’t believe that’s true anymore.

You could have an offer with EVERY email that you send. As long as it is surrounded by high quality, valuable and timely content, no one will get pissed off.

People get annoyed and disgusted if you start HAMMERING them with offers without romancing them first. Sorry to use the analogy, but PLEASE buy them dinner first before inviting them upstairs to see your etchings.

Before you send out any communication to your list, ask if you have given enough valuable content to deserve the privilidge of being able to ask them for the order. If you look at what you’ve written and you feel a bit shy to ask people to buy something then you know you don’t have enough.

NO ONE gets upset with being asked to buy if you’ve first done what you SHOULD do.

So, email away, but make sure you send me VALUABLE, USEABLE and TIMELY content with every email. AND, make sure that you’ve gotten me to opt-in and haven’t just added me to your list. If you do, be careful, I tend to get pretty annoyed at people like that.

You should too. Don’t tolerate or reinforce that kind of behavior.


Creating a Product Offering at a Speaking Event

I have an event coming up again in the middle of July. Although I have a lot of niches that I’ve created products for, I don’t have any created for this niche.

I had a person who last year agreed to produce something specifically for this niche, but he never came through. Such is life.

So, what to do?

You may remember the story I’ve told you about the Image Consultants I spoke to a while back. If you haven’t let me summarize in a very general sense that will help YOU to implement some of these strategies.

I had decided to create a customized product for this group.

Time had gotten away from me and it was 48 hours before the event and I had nothing to sell them that was SPECIFIC to them as a group.

Here’s what I decided to do.

I always create the ORDER FORM for an event that I’m speaking at before I create my content. It’s sort of like writing the back cover of your book before writing the book itself. This is a GREAT idea for those of you who have never written a book BTW.

When I sat down to create the order form I always ask myself what price points I should offer. This is the FIRST thing I ask.

After coming up with price points (based on the type of people attending and their propensity to spend money) I then try and
figure out what I can offer that people would be CRAZY not to buy at the price points I decide on.

Never offer people more than 3 options on your order sheet. If you can do 2, that’s even better.

So I came up with 3 for this group:

Option #1: Product Only: $97

Option #2: Product + Group Coaching

Option #3: Individual Coaching


I look around at what product I already have that would be of interest to the group. I select which of my existing programs would resonate with this group. I bundle them and usually offer them ONLY in MP3 form so it’s easy to deliver, either in person or by mail.


In this option I take everything in #1 PLUS I add two components:
A. Interviews with those who buy package #3 and
B. Recordings of the group coaching calls (I usually price this option at either $497 or $777)


Here I LIMIT the number of people that I accept to either 8 or 10. I usually price this option at either $997 or $1997 again depending on the group I’m speaking to.

I prepare an order sheet having NOT done ONE thing to customized my offer BEFORE my presentation. People are buying a FUTURE item that will be created.

Group #3 has a condition that in order to work with me one on one they must agree to be recorded. These recordings are then part of the offering to Group #2 and MAYBE #1 depending on the price point I select.

Feel free to follow my lead.

You’ll be able to go into ANY event and have something to sell that is CUSTOMIZED to that group. Say you end up with 5 people who take you up on the #3 offer. Then you do a 90 minute coaching call, record it and make it available to the others who bought #1 and #2.

Recent RE-recording of Seminar Program

Yesterday I had 5 people who I got to show up for my re-recording of one of my most popular programs: “Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops.”

I let my list know that I was going to allow people to sit in on the recording for $97 and had 5 people show up.

Not big money, but it was great to have a small audience.

I suggest that you NEVER record a program sitting in a studio with a mic. No matter who you are it will come out BORING.

This way, I generate a few dollars AND created a kick-butt program.

Here’s an offer in this ezine: If you want this program, PAYPAL me $47 to my gmail address: fredgleeck (at ) gmail (dot) com.

Make sure and tell me you want the program: Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops. I’ll send it out to you right away.

This is a prepublication price on a program that is selling for $127 or $97. I send you the physical CD in MP3 form for this offer.

I suggest that whenever YOU want to record or Re-record a program you test what I outlined here. It works very well for me and should work for you as well.

Fred Weekly Special Concept

I have less people signed up for The Fred Weekly Special than I thought I would get. I have 141,900 + people on my list now.

Fewer than 1,000 signed up to receive the weekly SPECIAL offer.

First off, why do this?

As programs get dated or go out of favor it makes sense to move your inventory, if you have some.

I’m even going to go through my storage unit and see which cassette tapes I still have that I can sell. I’ll first offer them to you, then I’ll try and sell them on Ebay.

Ebay? Yes, ebay! You’ll get people buying your stuff there that would never buy it anywhere else.

Again, feel free to COPY my system. It will work.

Go to:

Spoof Site Results

If you haven’t taken a look yet, go to:

This is my “tribute” to the HYPE marketers out there who exaggerate claims and basically try and sell you a load of horse crap!

(if you like the site and find it funny, make sure and tell all your friends to check it out!)

The really interesting data on this site is the number of unique visitors who are signing up to get on my list.

It’s a WHOPPING 40+%. These numbers are higher than anything I’ve ever done.


Try it yourself. Set up a site that’s funny that will have others “passing it around” to their friends. Then set up an email capture mechanism and start a dialogue with these folks. Make them your friends and then turn them into customers!

The Speaking “Industry”

As a member of the National Speakers Association for many years I would consider myself a member of the speaking “industry.”

I have met a lot of great folks who I call friends. I’ve also met a lot of folks who are pretty “corporate.”

They hate to take chances and behave (many of them) like they still work for a major corporation.

I don’t think my next statement is an opinion:

True change and innovation takes place only when individuals, organizations and associations are willing to take RISKS.

I remember a conversation I had a number of years back with someone who became a BIGshot in N.S.A.

I told them about something that I was thinking about doing at one of my events.

His response?

“Be careful, you better test that one first.”

This is the same individual who speaks and writes on the topic of innovations and leadership, among other things.


Most people refuse to take risks because they don’t want to “rock the boat.”

This is the epitome of being NON entrepreneurial. Another topic this individual frequently talks about.

The problem, of course is when you rock the boat, you sometimes get knocked around or even knocked OFF the boat.

I think the risks entailed with NOT rocking the boat are far bigger. Stagnation.

People are also concerned about how others will FEEL. This is a good thing in some ways but also prevents the HONEST exchange of ideas and criticism.

I never finished a critique of the last event I went to hosted by “MY” organization. Frankly, I was tired and disgusted by hierarchy not being willing to listen to sincere criticism.

In a conversation I had with a former president of N.S.A. I discussed how I felt. The individual I lunched with suggested I do NOT stop doing what I was doing.

The person agreed that honest feedback and even criticism was necessary for “them” to hear.

Since I have not been told I can reveal the name of the person I feel it would be inappropriate for me to name names.

As long as an organization continues to DELUDE itself with self-praise and self-adulation, no real, substantial change can take place.

I submit that N.S.A. is attempting to make some needed changes but unfortunately is still caught in the rut of trying to make sure that no one’s feelings are hurt by honest critique.

The problem is that organization’s that adopt this philosophy do not grow or change.

It’s a pity, but it’s true.


Linking Contest to REMAIN open til July 31st

I’ve extended the linking contest I’m running until July 31st. The person who WINS is the person that can get me the maximum number of valid, relevant links to my site: or

Whoever wins gets flown out to Vegas for a weekend of fun, friendship and learning.

My Business Plan (that should help YOU)

Every so often, I redo my business plan. I start out by getting one of those LARGE Post-it Notes. The ones that are 3 feet by 2 feet or there abouts.

I then start brainstorming any revenue or potential revenue sources I can think of. Things that I’m currently doing and things I’ve been thinking of doing.

I write them all down on a big Post-it.

Then I re-write it dividing the items into different categories. I will then even do it a third time to put things in priority order.

Here are some of my categories:

Events: (once or twice yearly) (once or twice yrly) (2 times yearly) (4-6 times yearly) (2 times yearly)

Speaking at Other People’s events

Speak for Organizations, Associations


www.Lunch with Fred


(Soon to be released membership software)

My Own
Select Partners

Group and Individual



You Tube

PR – All opportunities

When I lay it out like this it allows me to see what I’m doing and where I should be concentrating my efforts.

Take the time and do the same for yourself.

By the way, I just finished recording a program with Bob Bly on Marketing Your Coaching Services.

If you missed that promo, again, use PayPal and send $77 to fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com

All the Best,


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