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The information in this insight is a PITCH for something. But, don’t throw this out without reading. Even if you end up NOT buying anything please follow WHY I did WHAT I did.

If you read this email carefully, YOU will find ways to make more money yourself. Feel free to copy (and hopefully give me credit) for the “system” I’m using here.

Frankly, it’s a tad UNtraditional. I haven’t seen it used in quite this way before. So go through it completely. I hope you order something. If you don’t, don’t worry. Learn from my process.

If you read this completely you’ll see an offer for something that is frankly set at a ridiculous price point. Why have I done this? Keep reading to find out!!!!!

Sorry it has taken this long to get this Insight to you. I’ve been really busy and just now found the time to write.

I just finished doing the Publishing Seminar in NYC. It was fantastic. Because I have not run some of the testimonials by the lawyers, I can’t put them up. The reason is that at least 3 people compared this event to some other well known “names” in the industry.

Fortunately, because of my INSISTENCE on each of my speakers delivering REAL VALUE, the comments were almost unbelievable.

Frankly, I was scared that some of them might be libelous. Thus my not including them here until I run them by the legal team for an opinion.

There are other people who do seminars in this field. From the results of the feedback that I got from this event, NO ONE else delivers as well as I do. I only take credit for assembling a GREAT team of people.

This was Bob Bly’s FINAL event as a speaker. Yes, I was lucky enough to host his “swan song.”

One main reason why people like my events: less hypey selling and more delivery of useable content.

Isn’t that a welcome change?

There are a plethora of speakers out there who have now been schooled in the 90 Minute Infomercial speaking technique. You go to an event and a guy or gal gets up and delivers what might APPEAR to be content but is really a disguised sales pitch.

Hard to believe, but true.

I don’t do or allow that at any of my events. I understand that people aren’t stupid. They want to see what knowledge a speaker has before making a buying decision. It’s exactly what I do myself when I attend events. I never buy from people who merely do a tease to get you to buy their product.

Two suggestions. If you’re a speaker at events, don’t do the infomercial technique. People are catching on to this and aren’t buying. Suggestion #2: if you attend events do NOT buy from people who use this technique. It only encourages more of the same.

Here’s the Special Offer (Read carefully please)

I did a test at the Publishing Seminar. Normally I would sell a license for any audio or video product for somewhere between 10 and 12 times the retail price. Therefore, the non-exclusive license to this event would traditionally cost around $2,000.

I decided to do something RADICAL. I still don’t know how it will work out for me financially, but here’s what I did.

There are a TON of bouncebacks laced all through this program. That means that if you buy a license and sell this audio program to someone else, they will hear about one of my websites, go there, spend money and make ME money. You will also make money from selling the program.

Since the cost to attend this event live was $197, I would normally sell this program at retail for around about the same. That would be for the mp3 audio version.

The thinking being that if someone couldn’t attend the event live and in person they could listen to it for about the same price. That would be FAIR.

So here is the offer. This offer is ONLY good until Friday at 5pm or until the first 100 units of each of these has been sold. NO kidding. This is it because I’m doing a test! I will look at the results and then see if it makes sense for me to do this again.

To clarify, here is what you get:

Option #1: Buy the audios to this program at just $50 for an MP3 that is PHYSICALLY delivered. This is NOT a downloadable product. You are going to get an actual CD rom that you can then download onto your computer and/or mp3 player (like an IPod). This price is 75% less than it should be.

Click Below to get JUST the audio program, physically sent to you in MP3 format:

Option #2: You buy the NON-EXCLUSIVE license to sell this program for yourself. The price is just $100. This is 94% less than what I would normally sell this license for. Under the terms of this “deal” you cannot make ANY changes to the program’s content. You also cannot cut it up and sell it in pieces. It must be sold in it’s entirety.

Click right Below to get the NON-EXCLUSIVE license to sell the program. See terms and conditions further down.

(Please understand that it will take about 3 weeks to get this to you. If you order, expect to receive your order on or before July 1st. Sorry, but some of my “helpers” are on vacation – but it’s worth the wait)

The suggested retail price for selling this program is $100, but law dictates that I can’t enforce this number. You can sell it for whatever price you want. Heck, you can give it away as a bonus if you so choose.

You ALSO receive the rights to sell this program in ANY form. You can have it transcribed and sell the transcript. You can put it online and sell it in downloadable form. But, you must include all of the speakers and content AND put the url: prominently on the packaging.

Again, it MUST be sold in it’s complete form. Anything else will be a violation of the licensing agreement and your license will be revoked and your money refunded.

One other minor condition. You must label the program with the url: as I said above.

Let’s analyze WHY I’m making this seemingly ridiculous offer.

1. To get some instant cash through the sale of both the program itself at $50 and the license at $100.

If I were to sell out all 100 set of each of these I would gross $15,000. My net would be less since in this case I’m paying the shipping and handling charges.

2. I am giving you a great program to sell. I bet that many people will sell a boatload of these. Since it is required that you put the url on the program (in a very
READABLE form) don’t you think people will come to next year’s program? I sure hope so, that’s one of the primary reasons I’m doing this.

3. There are some very serious bouncebacks interwoven throughout this program’s audio. I constantly (and for good reason) mention repeatedly. If YOU haven’t signed up for the $3.95 trial, go there now. I also mention:

My service for you the register domains at extremely discounted

4. This is a bit of a “fluffy” one, but my name gets out there. Lots of new people who get this program from you are introduced to me. Many of them will come to my events or buy my other programs.

I say fluffy because this can’t be measured. It will happen, but I have no way of tracking specific numbers.

You also get the rights to use the copy written for this event yourself. Feel free, (if you own the license) to “borrow” as much or as little as you like from my website:

There you have it! I’ll be sending you more great information very soon, but please use the “system” described above to help YOU sell more of your own products/services.

(Remember, both the product AND the license will be there by July 1st. Sorry for the delay, but at these prices, it’s worth the wait!)

All the Best for a Great Summer!


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