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Coaching Counts

As a University of Florida fan, this has been a good year. Let me take that back. This has been a GREAT year. I’m writing this BEFORE the championship game, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that we (I am an alumni of the school and thus have the right to say WE) will beat Ohio State.

I went to the Football Championship match in January and vividly remember the feel as I walked through the parking lot before the game.

The Ohio State fans were cocky. As the team expected to LOSE we were pretty kicked back and low key. After the game we weren’t brash or arrogant. Why be boastful after just kicking another teams butt? Particularly when THEY were expected to win!

For those of you who aren’t college football fans, our football coach at Florida is Urban Meyer and our basketball coach is Billy Donovan.

Both men, in my opinion, need to be signed IMMEDIATELY to LIFETIME contracts.

Why? Because each in their own sport are superior coaches. They know how to win. They know how to get the most from their players.

For us information marketers, coaching is essential. Either you’re doing coaching yourself or you’re thinking of hiring a coach or you already have one.

Here are some characteristics of a GREAT coach:

1. Knows how to take the talent that they have and create a great plan around that talent.
2. Isn’t concerned about who gets credit, just wants to get the job done.
3. Gets everyone to play as a unit and not as simply as individuals.
4. Knows how to maximize the INDIVIDUAL talents of each team member.
5. Is able to create a belief in the team that they CAN win.
6. Demonstrates and encourages players to play with the TEAM’S best interest at heart. Not their OWN.
7. Doesn’t allow any ONE player to become a prima donna and drag the team down.
8. Convincing players that on any one day/night that ANY of the players may have the ‘hot’ hand. If so give THEM the ball!
9. Demands that each player give it his ALL on the field. No excuses. Leave it all on the field.

If you’re already a coach, try and make sure that you’re behaving the same way with people YOU coach.

If you’re looking for a coach, make sure that they have many of the above mentioned characteristics.

Copy Authenticity

You know how when you read something and it doesn’t sound like a load of total horsh**t? Why is that? How can you do the same? How can you make your own writing 100% believable?

I’m NOT one of those people who thinks ANYONE can write well. To make that statement would be a LIE.

There are three types of people out there. People who CAN write. People who can LEARN how to write. AND people who can NOT write.

There’s a guy out there who says he can train anyone how to write copy that will make everyone buy. That’s a load of crap.

There are ALSO some people who think they can SING. Heck, just look at Sanjaya! Actually, I don’t think he’s deluded. He knows what’s going on. If you’re not an American Idol FAN (and if you’re not, don’t even TRY to call me on Tuesday or Wednesday night) then you have no idea what I’m talking about. Let me explain.

Sanjaya is one of the remaining 9 contestants on American Idol. He’s a nice enough kid, but he’s still there ONLY because a lot of Howard Stern Fans and the website: is KEEPING him in the game. Lovely!

There are some people who are DELUDED into thinking they can write copy. Many of the people around them keep convincing them they are right. But they are NOT. They may think they can write, but they can’t.

What to do?

If you don’t have the money to hire someone good, you can hire someone who is marginally good. This is where our good friends at Elance come in. A great place to get things done quick and cheap, but RARELY the place to get things done WELL.

And that’s the FACT, Jack!

The other option is to try and write it yourself. Always a good place to start. If you have a product or service to sell and have NO copy written it is certainly better to have SOMETHING as opposed to nothing.

So, give it a shot.

BUT, as soon as you can, pay someone to write your copy for you. OR, at least to TWEAK it. This is where my friend, Sabrina Brick came in.

We were having a conversation and she told me that what she likes to do the most is to help people get their sites to do just a LITTLE bit better. I trust her and highly recommend her to you.

Take a look at her NEW REVISED site:

Vacations With Fred

It was only a matter of time. I’ve owned this domain name for a while. I wanted to do it but couldn’t figure out exactly how to make this work.

Here’s what I’m going to do. Each year, one of my vacations will be designated as a VACATION WITH FRED.

Here’s how it will work.

I will tell you where I’m going and invite you to come along. You may think that I’ve come up with a LOUSY idea and you’d never waste your money doing anything of the sort. Great. Don’t come!

OR, you may think, GREAT IDEA, I’d LOVE to do that.Then why not let’s all do it together? It will be a week or less and I’ll give you plenty of advance notice. It may be here in the U.S. or in some exotic locale.

If you’ve never hung out with me, you know that I LOVE people. Translation: MOST people. For me, going on this vacation with some of my friends/clents will be a good time.

What’s in it for me? Since I’m arranging it, I’ll probably end up getting my trip for Free. For those of you who know me this will come as NO big surprise. You know that I’m a cheap bastard and hate to SPEND money but LOVE to make it.

However, you will not pay a DIME more for the trip. I’m setting these up with a travel agent so that I’ll get my trip ‘comped’ because I was able to get a bunch of my friends to show up.

Email system: Gmail

As much of a MAC love as I am, my .mac account is used almost exclusively for the IChat function. That IChat function is AMAZING on it’s own and worth every penny of the $99 a year I spend for it. If you don’t have a MAC, it’s worth getting for this alone.

The email program within that .mac account is awful. It does not do what a great email program should do. I’m sure that Steve Jobs and the gang know this, but it probably isn’t top on their priority list.

GMAIL is the way to go. Everything about Gmail is smart and sensible. If you don’t have an account, I IMPLORE you to get one. It has everything that you need and more. It’s also free. Something that I very much like.

To get an account you’ll have to have a friend who already has an account to invite you to get an account.

By 2012 we will be paying for sending out email. BUT, before you start to panic, DON’T! All this will mean is that everyone who receives email will generally open it. Spam will be basically non-existent. It will cost too much money and mostly people with legitimage offers will risk their cash.

My prognostication here means that I’m going to start preparing well in advance for this to occur. Rather than sending out this ezine, I’ll be asking people to PROACTIVELY visit my site to see my latest rants.

Over the next ‘X’ number of years I intend to TRAIN people that they need to visit my site to get my latest info. This will virtually eliminate the need for me to send out my ezine. People who are interested in me and what I have to say will go to my site, and read what I have to say.

My Predictions on Info Marketers

There’s a book out there by Peter Salerno called ‘Sham.’ It talks about how the Self-Help movement is NEITHER Self nor Help. It chronicles some well known gurus and how their organizations work. It is worth reading and I’ve recommended it in this ezine before.

Here’s my FUTURE prediction. Like the Enron’s and WorldCom’s, there is a movement afoot to closely scrutinize info marketers. Those with the highest profiles making the biggest claims have got to be concerned.

Sources that I have in the government tell me that as we speak there are a number of ongoing, covert investigations underway.


Those info marketers who give the rest of us a bad name by making exaggerated claims should look out. Big Brother is not only watching but prepared to POUNCE.

There WILL be a shakeout in this industry. The question is not IF but WHEN.

The only thing I want to do is make sure I’m not on ‘the list’ of people they target. How to do this? Make sure that you aren’t a lying S.O.B. in your business. There are a LOT of supposed gurus making claims and promises that may want to prepare themselves for seeing their families only on ‘visiting days.’

Don’t be one of them.

Don’t make claims you can’t support. Don’t make promises you can’t fulfill. Don’t tell people they can make a MILLION DOLLARS overnight. They can’t.

Do the right thing.

Do that and you can sleep soundly at night. For all the other folks, I’d keep an eye open and a good lawyer handy.

That’s all for now! Talk to you soon!


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