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I had a guy order a product from me last night. It’s one of my very specific market niche products that I carry. As you may or may not know, I have produced products in the self storage, catering, video production and a host of other industries.

For this example, suffice it to say it was in one of my smaller, more targeted niches. Back to the story . . . .

So I get the order and realize that he has ordered a PHYSICAL product. When I get orders for physical products I WINCE. It now bugs me to have to send anything out and PAY for the postage. It just bugs me.

In this particular niche I’m now jacking up the price of the physical product to $177 (he ordered at $147) and the downloadable version is $77.

And, as it turns out I didn’t have any of this particular audio program in stock. So, here is what I do. I call the guy and suggest that I will send him the downloadable version which I quickly upload to the web and have my trusty webmaster, Stanley, help me with.

While speaking to him on the phone I tell him about my Fred Info Bootcamp. He’s interested. When I hung up with him I immediately thought of three great domain names for him to use if he was selling his own info products. He’s not doing so yet.

After reserving the domain names I used Dave Hamilton’s templates to create a website using a WordPress platform. I had the site up in less than 10 minutes.

I then Googled this guy’s name and found a few pictures of him online. I downloaded one and cropped it. I added it to the website I had just put up.

Before I hung up with him I told him I would get him the downloadable program immediateyl and then send him the physical product within 48 hours. I also suggested that he had a great topic that others would be willing to pay for and he should take a look at my bootcamp site. When I finished what I did below, I sent him a link to the new site.

To keep this anonymous (and I have to because I don’t have his permission yet) I’ll tell you what each paragraph on the site contained.

1st Paragraph: I mentioned who the guy was and gave out some information to prove his legitimacy and compare him to others in his field.

2nd Paragaph: I challenge this individual directly. I say: “Will Mr. X continue to trade dollars for hours as a (profession) or will he listen to Fred and get involved with showing others how to do what HE does? If Mr. X chooses to follow Fred’s advice, he will become:

3rd paragraph (bullet points):

• More Wealthy – Over time, he (mr. x) will develop a residual income stream in addtion to the $$ he makes as a (profession)
• Spend Less Time in the X – More time with friends and family
• Have a Lot More Fun – It’s fun to teach others how to do things
• Have a Lot Fewer Hassles – Less Employee headaches

Final Paragraph: Only YOU (Mr. X) can make this decision. That’s why I told you to look at:

So I reserved a domain, set up a quick site and basically challenged this guy to attend a bootcamp. I wouldn’t do this with EVERYONE, but he was PERFECT for the bootcamp so I decided to do it.

Why? Because I wanted to show him how this would look and how effective it would be. I had HIM as the prospect. I want him to be thinking of how other visitors who wanted to do what he does would feel. I tried to put him in the picture.

Will it work? I’m not sure. First time trying it. I’ll give you my numbers when I’m done! BUT, what’s the downside? Less than $30 for the domain names and a few minutes of my time. If it works, it will be worth it BIG TIME!

I THINK it’s going to work and if it does, YOU should be doing the same. Close people on your services and/or products by actually putting up a website and put them IN the picture!

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