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Evolution of a Niche

As I’ve discussed before I would RARELY recommend that you dive into a niche without testing. That being said, there are always exceptions and times you should break the rules.

As I sit here typing I’ve got a large ice pack on my back and a doctor’s appointment later this afternoon. I had a lot of back pain when I was younger, but this is the first MAJOR episode I’ve had in over 15 years. Lucky me!

A week or so ago I shared with you how the last time I went to the doctor I asked for some pain medication ‘just in case’ I had some back pain. In the other ezine I sent you I explained how I may have attracted the pain to me by asking for the drugs not even having any pain at the time.

The pain has been pretty severe over the last 3 or 4 days and I’ve been taking some drugs. How convenient that I had them on hand! I’ll take drugs if I absolutely have to but it is by no means my preferred way of handling things.

I suspect I’m like a lot of people out there in this regard.

I also know that I’m not in a small group of people who have experienced back pain. When I put the term into (which is working again after it was taken down for a while) I get a number just north of 46k.

There is obviously significant interest in the topic!

As I’ve told you before, I’d suggest that in the majority of cases that you do a PROBE CAMPAIGN to determine if you have a viable niche.

As you get good at and gain experience in any field you can sometimes BEND and even BREAK the rules.

I’m going to put together an ebook on the topic of relieving back pain without drugs without doing a Probe.

Here’s Why:

1. I’m in a financial position that if It doesn’t work I won’t have a hard time paying the rent next month.

2. My gut tells me that this will work given my general knowledge of this field, the people and the topic.

3. I would sincerely like to help others find a solution to the problem that I myself have.

As you know, I’m not a mercenary information marketer. Others will preach that you should go into various niches regardless of whether you like them so long as you can make money.

That’s certainly ONE approach. It is DEFINITELY not mine!

My Dad had an expression he used to love to use: ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say.’ The concept being that we may all teach and preach to others to do something a given way. However, we will break the rules and do it differently ourselves on occassion. For me, THIS is such an occassion.

I hesitate in telling you this story because I don’t want you to do as I’m doing. Certainly not when you are starting out. At my seminars and events I always explain to people the need to fully understand and use a system before you start IMPROVING.

Once you know a system inside and out, AND you’re making money, feel free to improv. What amount of money do YOU need to be making before you start doing what I’m describing I’ll be doing?


Do NOT do what I’m describing until you get to that point. It’s a bad idea.

I will now spend a fairly good amount of time and trouble to create this ebook on solving back pain without the use of drugs. Something I have a large interest in figuring out myself.

This is one of the main ways that I decide on getting involved in a given niche. If it’s not something I’m interested in, it’s very hard for me to get or keep up my enthusiasm. Even if the money were good.

Call me crazy, call me a boyscout, call me anything you want, this is how I operate and what works for me. I just can’t do it for the MONEY ALONE.

I am a die-hard capitalist, but want to make my money and enjoy the ride. I suspect you may feel that way yourself. The system that I teach can do that for you.

At my events we spend a good deal of time figuring out what/which niches to pursue. I have used the line: the intersection of passion and profit. I have seen that my line/concept has now been ‘borrowed’ by a number of other teachers out there. The most sincere form of flattery, but as usual, none of the people out there gave me attribution. Typical! No biggie.

As YOU go through your daily life you will come across potential niche markets all the time. You just have to be open to seeing things. You’ll stub your toe on a rock and come up with the fastest and easiest way to fix a broken toe.

You’ll get out of a relationship and find a way to feel better three times faster than you used to.

You’ll discover a way to organize your CDs in a way that makes things a lot easier for you to find and play them.

As you go through your life, keep your eyes open. You will always find ways to make money in the information products business by sharing with people something that you’ve found out yourself.

It may be a timeless item. Something that you can sell 30 years from now and it will still be relevant. It may be something that has a SHORT shelf life and can only be sold for the next six months. You should consider creating an ebook for BOTH!

Content for Your Ezines

People also comment on how much content that I create for this ezine. They think that I have secret formula and a system that only I can use. Wrongo!

Since I really like marketing information, I am constantly looking at my daily life through that prism. As I prepare to finally repair a large crack on my windshield on my Honda Element (no fancy, expensive cars for me!), I ask myself: is this something that other people would like to know about? If so, how many? Are there other ebooks/products out there on this topic? Is there a potential for back-end sales from this product?

That’s how my mind works. Because work is play and vice versa. My life has become one long PROBE campaign. I’m constantly on the lookout for solutions to my own problems and asking myself and testing (most times) whether others would share a similar interest.

As YOU go through your daily life, keep a notebook handy. Write down problems that you have and the solutions that you find. Use your own life as an incubator for ideas. Then write about it.

My life (minus a few intimate details) is shared with you, my clients and customers. I don’t try and sugar coat things. I try to be as honest as possible.

My one regret is that I sometimes can’t share specific names of scheisters in this or other fields. My lawyers won’t let me. Yes, the truth is a defense against slander, but litigation costs money and time. I only WISH I could spill the beans!

To create content for your own ezines you need to get into the HABIT of writing things down as they happen to you. Keep a notebook or a digital recorder handy.

As you can see, my ezines are sporadic. Sometimes I send out 3 in a week. Other times I may go close to 2 weeks without sending one out.

I don’t like or think it makes sense to send out your ezines on a ‘regular’ basis. That’s not life. That’s not how you have conversations with your friends. You get together with your buddies when you have something to ‘dish.’ Does that happen on a regular schedule? Not in my life!

Here’s another important point. You may not think of youself as a writer. I was a CRAPPY writer when I first started writing. Awfull! I’ve learned. I’ve gotten better. You can too. Writing is a skill that can be learned. I didn’t used to think so, but now I KNOW so from personal experience.

Get the material for your writing from your life. Find niches from your life. Force yourself to write if you need to. Do all of this and you’ll build a base of loyal fans. Don’t worry how small your list is now, it will grow.

My list is now well over 100k. I always encourage people to share my ezine with others. This not only benefits me financially but it shows people (IMHO) how to do them right.

I actually read only two ezines every time I get them. One is a political ezine by Dick Morris. No matter what side of the political fence you’re on, he always has great insights.

The other one is by a competitor who I won’t name.

What amazes me is how much CRAP people send out. How in God’s name do you expect me to read your ezine when most of it is PURE CRAP or 100% sales pitch?

What percentage should you pitch? I try and makes sure that 80% of my ezine content is CONTENT and 20% Sales Pitch. If you were to look at a year’s worth of my ezines, I believe you’d find that ratio to be pretty accurate.

As you’ve no doubt seen, I will sometimes use a story with content to sell something. Nothing wrong with doing that. As long as the content is ‘worthy’ the pitch won’t be shunned.

In order to sell something from your ezine, you first need to get it opened! To do this you’ve got to have a compelling subject line AND an ezine that your readers KNOW will have some meat and substance.

In my case, all I have to do is put ‘Fred Gleeck Insights’ and people will open and usually read what i have to say. Why? Because over time my readers have come to the conclusion that I provide a lot of useable substance and not a lot of JUNK masquerading as content.

Talk to you soon (and thanks for reading!),

PS – take care of YOUR back!

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