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Content IS King

Information Marketing

Content always beats fluff and glitz. Unless your audience is full of Paris Hiltons!

I’ve been billed (and bill myself as the KING of Content) for a good while now.

I just had a conversation with some of the folks who will be syndicating my radio show. Since I’m new to this game, I asked them how I could help them to SELL the show.

Their answer: DO A GREAT SHOW!

They went on to elaborate, but the essence of what they had to say was, do a great who packed with useable content, don’t over promote yourself and make it fun to listen to.

Sounds like the advice I give everyone who comes to ME to help them produce info products.

A radio show is just another information product delivered in a slightly different way/format.

Your action point? Make sure what you do, what you sell, what you promote is packed with great content. DONE!

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