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Contrarian Approach for Business and What Dogs Can Teach You

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* Contrarian Approach
* What I learn from MY Dogs
* It’s not the Technology
* Special on CDs from Last Event

Hello again!

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Well, I’m off again to the Las Vegas area as of Next Tuesday. My good friend, Paul Hartunian, has agreed to make the cross country trek with me and the dogs. Lucky for me that I found out that all Starwood related hotels (Sheraton and Westin) are dog friendly these days due to their new CEOs love for hounds! So it won’t be ALL Motel 6’s and Red Roof Inns. We should make it to Vegas well before Thanksgiving.

Along the way we’ll be recording an audio program that at some point soon we’ll make available for people. More on that later.

Contrarian Approach

I’ve always been a contrarian. Whether it’s my politics, investing or marketing, I always tend to favor doing what others are NOT doing. This approach has served me well in all of areas.

In the car yesterday I heard a financial report that told me that the dollar had just hit a new LOW against the euro. My first reaction (having traded commodities very actively at one point) was to call my broker. To do what? To “short” the Euro. This means that I think it will drop. After all, it’s at an all time high.

I recently had the same thinking with oil. When it hit $50+ a barrel, I recommended that friends start “shorting” that commodity as well. I’m not a financial advisor, and I don’t want any of the above to be construed as advice on how or what to invest on. It does illustrate a way of looking and thinking about things.

Here’s another example. I live in Henderson, Nevada when I’m out west. Last year we had (according to some sources) the HIGHEST growth rate on residential property. The average home went up 52% in the last year. Amazing, huh? When I listened to this report, I also heard that Knoxville, Tennessee had the worst record with a decline of about 7%.

The way I think is this: I want to go to Knoxville and look for some property to buy.

Eveyone trys to jump on trends to make money. Usually by the time a trend forms and you hear about it you’re often too late. I take a different tact. When I hear about a trend I look for what has UNDER performed and look to invest there.

When people were doing ONLY email marketing I started to look back at traditional direct mail marketing. Why? Because no one was doing it that much in my field. Net result? Rates of response were skyrocketing.

If you actually GET this email it’s amazing. My list is now upwards of 20,000 people but my system tells me that fewer than 8,000 people actually get my emails. Must be spam filters and the like!

By the time that most of us hear about a trend it is very possible that the trend is peaking. Sure, the “stupid” money will bid most of the trends up a bit more, but the real money and opportunities are to be found when you BUCK the trend.

When everyone else is zigging, I ZAG! As you look around for opportunities in your field, look for ways you can capitalize on what everyone else ISN’T doing. That’s where some of the greatest profits can be found.

What My Dogs Teach Me

The thing I admire most about my dogs is they don’t THINK about things. They trust their instincts.

In most cases, we don’t trust our “guts” enough. At least that’s been my experience. When something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. That’s what works for me.

Here’s the problem. What may not feel right may be able to make you a good bit of money right now, so what do you do? In most cases, if you NEED the money you convince yourself that your gut is wrong. You justify taking the cash. In my experience: BAD MOVE

None of us are immune to this behavior. It just happened to me.

I was presented with the opportunity to do some speaking engagements with a group that just didn’t feel right to me. Since it was a group that would have provided me with some good revenue, I tried to convince myself intellectually that there was a good match. I felt this weird feeling in my gut about the individuals and the gut but I ignored them.

As it turns out, some things happened to make me 100% certain there wasn’t a good match.

Whose fault? My fault? Why? I didn’t listen to my gut. Would my dogs have made the same mistake? No. Then again, they don’t have to pay rent. But in my case, I’m a pretty frugal guy and didn’t NEED the money that could be made from speaking to this group. Difference? I’m not a dog. I use my HEAD. In many cases it’s WRONG. Dead wrong.

I wish I could be more like my dogs!

It’s NOT the Technology

I am constantly amazed by how people think that technology is what makes the difference when it comes to information products and information marketing. Some people thing that if they just have the latest software to make their emails or presentations look a certain way that will “be the answer.”

In my experience this is dead wrong.

Sure, it’s nice to have some cool technology to help present your message. BUT, that will never trump excellent content that you put together to deliver in various forms.

I’m reminded of how I spoke to a group a few months back. Immediately preceeding me was a guy who had all kinds of multimedia presentation tools and equipment when he did his presentation. All I had was ME and my three page handout. No powerpoint, no nothing. As I like to say, I’m my own visual aid. Feel free to “borrow” that line (but give me credit!).

When the event was over I sold twice as much as the guy I described and also got much better ratings. Sure, it’s nice to have a flashy way of presenting your content, but most people have seen all the flash and are now looking for the meat. If you have NO meat, all the flash in the world won’t help you.

I challenge ANYONE out there to produce a speaker or information marketer who gives more useable content per minute than I do. I haven’t seen one and I’ve seen a lot. I think Brian Tracy comes pretty close, but there aren’t too many others I can think of.

My suggestion is that you concentrate on creating: highly relevant, immediately useful, straightforward content and information that can be implemented by a 4th grader. Sure all of the bells and whistles can be nice, but in the final analysis, it’s the MEAT that matters.

Example of that in a movie? I just saw the movie Sideways. GREAT film. Giamatti should easily win a best actor nomination. This film works because of the script. It is extremely well written. In movies, this is the MEAT. Without a great script you have nothing. In information products, without great content, the fanciest powerpoint presentation on the planet won’t mean SQUAT!

New Offers

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