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This is going to sound HYPEY. But please, read the whole email!

Imagine for a second that you could have bought AOL stock when it first came out.

Or, imagine if you had a crystal ball and had bought Amazon stock the moment it became available to the general public.

As an Apple guy myself, I picture myself having gotten a hold of a bunch of shares of their stock when it first came out.

NOW, let me throw in an ADDITIONAL wrinkle. What if you could have bought a WHOLE bunch of shares of any of the above companies at NO CHARGE?

NOTHING. Zero cost. Nada.

Well, the same is true here. What I’m about to “pitch” you on costs NOTHING. I’m not asking you for a DIME. Not even a PENNY!!!

First off let me let you now that I could be wrong about this. Dead wrong. BUT . . . IF I’m RIGHT and you don’t listen to me I PROMISE you . . . YOU WILL BE KICKING YOURSELF FOR YEARS for ignoring this message.

So, now that I’ve gotten your attention, please keep reading.

I’ve mentioned to you a number of times about this new concept similar to GroupOn. You know, the company that TURNED DOWN close to $6 Billion dollars from Google. Yeah, that one!!

And again, let me remind you, I MAY BE WRONG on this one. A year from now, I MAY email you and say: “I blew it. I was wrong. Dead wrong.”

But again, if I’m not, then you will be REALLY Pissed Off if you don’t do what I’m about to tell you.

Again, this is YOUR choice. I just hope I don’t have to say: “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”

The concept is this. A company has been put together to let YOU and ME in on the ground floor a GroupOn-LIKE company.

Same kind of deal. Discounts. Who doesn’t love a discount?

BUT, instead of the founders of Group-On making all the money, YOU and I get to CASH in. IF, we are on board early enough.

This could mean some really big money.

And again, it could mean NOTHING. Not a dime.

But here’s the good part. You (like everyone, including me) RISK NOTHING.

I’m not asking you to put up $1,000 or some such nonsense. I’m not even asking you to put up $100 or even $10.

It’s FRIGGIN FREE! What the heck do WE have to lose? NOTHING.

IF it works out, many people will get RICH. STINKING RICH. At least I THINK SO. Again, I MAY BE WRONG!!

Earlier today I bought a lottery ticket. I do it every so often. Whenever the prize money goes over $50 Million.

I KNOW. My chances of winning are ridiculously low. BUT, what if it happens?

Not like some of the internet marketing guys making ridiculous promises!!

This is different. MUCH different. It’s like buying a lottery ticket for NOTHING. And, if it hits, you may make $10, $100, $1,000. Heck, I have NO idea how much you can actually make, but it MAY be REALLY big.

Who will benefit the most? People who get behind this concept EARLY. AND, the people who get sufficiently excited that they tell ALL of their FRIENDS.

You know me. I’m not an airy-fairy, pie in the sky type of guy.

I have NO IDEA if this idea is going to make you or me or ANYONE rich. I don’t even know if we’ll make a dime. BUT, what’s the downside? NOTHING.

Who cares, there is NO risk. None. For you, for me, for anyone!

Therefore, I am asking you to take the LEAP of FAITH with me.

Go to the site and sign up. At WORST, you’ll get emails every day at some point soon (like Group-On), where you’ll be given a service or product in your area with a minimum of 50% off.

How bad can it be?

Enough. I’m done.

I’m a very LEVEL HEADED guy, but for some reason, I THINK this MAY be BIG. VERY BIG.

Here’s the link:

For ZERO dollars to find out, why not “take the ride” with me.

Sign up now.

I would HATE to say I told you so 9-12 months from now!

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