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Whenever I do a presentation (of whatever length) regarding information marketing I always use this story.

I tell the group that you have to create products that people MUST have. I tell them it’s sort of like SELLING CRACK. I then ask for a show of hands asking: “How many crack dealers do we have in the audience today?”

Every once in a while someone will jokingly raise their hand. To which I will reply: “Wow, less than the normal amount today, this must be a clasy area.”

I go on to explain that for people who aren’t familiar with crack, it is VERY addictive. The crack dealers will usually give away some of their product (or virtually give it away with highly reduced prices) to get people hooked.

I explain that the intelligent information marketer, if they are savvy, try to do the same thing with their customers.

I always give the example of This is a piece of software that people, once they try it, MUST have.

It becomes an indispensable part of their business. They HAVE to HAVE it.

Just think if YOU could come up with something for your customers that they HAD to HAVE. What would that be worth? My guess: A LOT!

If you are a member of the niche that you serve, ask yourself what YOU find absolutely essential to doing business. Everyone needs a phone. Everyone needs a computer. In both of those examples there are MANY companies willing to sell you both.

Net result? Prices get driven way down and minimal profits are made.

BUT, what do people need that they don’t have?

Ask yourself. Ask your customers. Then find a way to deliver a solution. I realize this is easier said than done.

In the case of there was an EXISTING piece of software that I was able to license.

In the very near future, myself and a partner will have a membership site geared to information marketers. We will attempt (and I hope succeed) to make this site so indispensable to you as an info marketer that you will HAVE to stay a member.

Keep asking the question and eventually, you may come up with the answer. When you do, you’ve hit the bulls eye.


Landing Speaking Engagements with Products

I have recently gotten 3 invitations to speak next year in the past 10 days. The nice thing about it is that I did no OUTBOUND marketing to get these events.

I’d like to share with you how they happened in hopes that you can use the same system to get some speaking engagements yourself.

The first one came from a group I spoke for last year. I had a great time and actually had to “make my case” to the organizer that I should be a speaker. She had first called me to be an exhibitor.

I will never exhibit at an event unless I’m given the slot for free and I am able to do a presentation.

My presentation was very well received and I was invited back to speak for the same event this coming year.

The other two invitations to speak came from people who had heard of me through my products. Neither of these two invitations came DIRECTLY from the people who bought my products.


If you produce high content products it’s assumed that you’ll deliver the same quality/caliber of information when you’re invited to speak.

Make sure that your products give people a way to get in touch with you so that you can capitalize on the speaking options that come your way.

PDF and Downloadable Products

I LOVE downloadable products. Once created, they sit in your system waiting for someone to order.

Once they give you money, the system automatically delivers a link for people to “collect” the product. Yeah, occasionally there are problems with people downloading the item, but for the most part, it is hassle free.

Not true with physical products.

There are numerous potential problems with physical problems:

1. Post office can screw things up and not deliver
2. People can give you the wrong address
3. Product can get screwed up in the mail
4. Wrong product can be delivered to people
5. Other??!??

I still like physical products because it allows you to capture the physical address of your customers. They will change a lot less frequently than their email address.

But, with the number of things that CAN go wrong with physical products I’m getting more and more excited about a time when all of my physical products are digitized and available for download.

This is already very easy to do with PDF documents and reasonably sized audio files. As download speeds increase, this is only going to get easier to do.

What do you need to do?

Take any products that you have and start getting them digitized. Consider selling both the physical AND down- loadable version of any product. I like to charge a 50% premium for the physical product.

This will “encourage” people to go with the downloadable version.

I suggest you do the same.

The WINNERS in this game will be the individuals with the greatest amount of highly useful and useable content.

Will you be one of them?

All the Best for the NEW YEAR!


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