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Info Product Central is OPEN for business

Bob Bly and I have just recently launched our new membership site for information marketers. I encourage you to go to:

There is a MASSIVE amount of great content sitting there for you to use AND there are all kinds of special deals based on your membership level.

Go check it out! You can even do a 10 Day Free Trial with NO obligation. Take a quick look and see!

Spruce Up Your Copy

Have a website where you want to improve your results?

It may be your copy. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have some high priced copywriter re-write the whole thing! All you have to do is have someone like Sabrina Brick do a “Super Fast Tweak” for you.

She’ll take the copy and TWEAK in a few hours to make it substantially better.

Find out more about her and this process at:

Getting MY Email Address – 2 Attempts

I just got notices to renew my subscriptions from two different magazines. One of them was TIME. I get it for $10 a year and they sent out a renewal form to re-up for 3 years at just $30 total.

The form they sent was a postcard.

On the postcard, it said something like: “Flll in your email address here to get special notices from us.” That’s not exactly what it said, but had I rememebered that I was going to write about it, I would have first made a copy before putting it in the mail. But that was pretty close.

Effective, huh? NOT.

The renewal for Entertainment Weekly was a different story. Luckily, I decided to keep that one.

It has a subhead that said: Free Advance Screening Program

When I give them my email address I’m eligible to receive passes to Entertainment Weekly new movie screenings.

So not only do I get to renew at 95% off the cover price, when I give them my email address I can get in to see movies for free. I’M IN!!

Ask yourself whether or not YOUR opt-in request of your customers does the same thing.

Does YOUR opt-in box give people something that THEY would consider a TRUE value? If not, change it.

It’s rare that big companies like this one do it right, but in this case, you have to give them kudos.

Not only is their offer compelling, it’s 100% relevant.

What I’m Reading Right Now

I’m reading a few books simultaneously right now. One of them is Doris Kearns Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals”. I hear everyone talking about how Obama read and liked the book and decided to pick it up.

So far, so good. She’s a very good writer. Evidently, I’m not the only one who thinks so, she won the frigging Pulitzer!

I’m also reading “Reality Check” by Guy Kawasaki. He was one of the original guys at Apple many years ago.

As far as fiction, I’m going to start “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” shortly when I’m on my Thanksgiving Break.

Every once in a while I get asked by other info marketers how I have the time to READ so much.

The answer: I have to!

I need to keep up to date on both the latest things
in this business AND in the world in general. That way I can give my clients/customers/friends the best INSIGHTS into what’s going on in this industry and the business world in general.

Just as I’m finishing up writing this email I picked up a copy of the new Malcolm Gladwell book, Outliers.

Wondering about who to help YOU put together your info products? Read the chapter 2 called:

“The 10,000 Hour Rule”

Then ask yourself whether or not some of these BOZOS claiming to be able to help you have even close to the credentials they SHOULD have to help ANYONE.


You may or may not know that I own the domain name: Don’t bother to go to the site, because there is nothing there.

I reserved the name because of my belief that to be truly successful as an information marketer, you’ve got to find a way to sell CRACK to your niche.

What do I mean?

A number of years back I ran into this really interesting guy at a seminar. He was dressed in costume, yet appeared to be pretty normal in every other way. He was both a talented marketer and very brilliant programmer.

His name? George Tran. The guy who did all the programming for That’s my private label name for the program that he named

I got to know George and his lovely partner (I don’t know what to call her these days but they’ve been together for a LONG time) Carol. I stayed at their house in Oregon. They came down to Vegas a time or two many years back.

George sold his interest in that program that now does a billion dolars in total transactions every year. That’s the number I’ve heard thrown around.

He moved on to another project and called me one day to ask me if i’d like to invest. It was a lot of money but my first go around with George went so well, I sent him a check. I didn’t quite even understand what the deal was. Didn’t matter. It was George!

Anyway, that deal went bust. These things happen.

I have now invested in his next “big thing” that I agree with him, will probably be bigger than WebMarketingMagic.

It’s not yet even ready to launch, BUT, I’d like for YOU to have a chance to understand what it is NOW and how it can help YOU.

It’s another incredible piece of software. AND, my bet is, I’ll be selling another line of CRACK to my customers, clients and friends.

Who knows, you may end up as one of my “crack” customers. I sure hope so!!

Crack, as you are no doubt aware, is a highly addictive drug. When people start using it, they NEED more of if. What if YOU could get YOUR customers “hooked” on something equally as powerful?

BUT, it’s legal. That’s what WebMarketingMagic became and I think this new piece of software will be even more addicting.

It doesn’t officially launch until Feb. 1, 2009, but I wanted YOU to get a sneak peak at the new latest and greatest thing for Info marketers.

MY name for this program is: Make sure to leave out the “L” in the second word.

I highly encourage you to go to:

to get an idea about the new latest and greatest concept in the info marketing business.

But I warn you, I’m SELLING CRACK! I predict that this platform, this incredible piece of software, will become HIGHLY addictive. Take a look and see if YOU can avoid getting hooked!

The site explains what it’s all about.

Go ahead, don’t be scared. Try it! You’ll like it! LOL


What I Watch on TV Every weekday I have two shows I rarely miss. One of them is the O’Reilly Factor. The other is TMZ. I know! What a quinella!

They are both very good at what they do. One is a political opinion show. The other is a very well done spoof of Hollywood Entertainment shows. If Monty Python took over ET, it would be TMZ.

Not everything I do or watch is highbrow. I enjoy watching TMZ just as much as I enjoy watching O’Reilly. I don’t always agree with either of them.

Although with TMZ, there’s really a lot to agree or disagree with. It just IS.

Love him or hate him, O’Reilly is fun to to watch as well. I really enjoy seeing him bust a gasket or going apes**t on a guest. It’s political theatre at it’s best.

As Information marketers you can learn a lot from these two shows. They are both the HIGHEST rated in their genres. They must be doing something right. Lots of people watch them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, O’Reilly always has an opinion. Like it or not, you know where he stands. I think YOU need to do the same with your writing and communication with your own list.

I’m no Biblical scholar but I think the “good book” even has a line about taking a stand. It suggests that one should not be “lukewarm” or something like that. I should be reading it more, huh? It’s on the list!

TMZ should remind you not to take yourself or your topic too seriously. They don’t! And they WIN the game.

There are some info marketers who AMAZE me with how seriously they take themselves.

Please don’t encourage these people. It’s revolting.

When you communicate with your list, do the same. Be authentic, be who YOU are, be real. It will go a long way to establishing a strong bond with those who “follow” you.

There you have it!

See you next time!


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