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As someone who sells information you have to be concerned about finding and creating new and interesting content. I know I am. Finding or developing great content on the topics of interest to your niche or list is crucial to your long term success.

I’ve recently been finding some great new ideas to share with you at two places: and

When you go to Fora you can sort by a given topic area to find videos that relate to you and your market. As I’m writing this INSIGHT, I’m watching/listening to a program simultaneously.

Adult ADD creeping in again!

Fora has given themselves the mandate to find the most interesting videos and speakers on a variety of topics from philosophy, to technology to politics.

If you’re a content developer, you may want to grouse around on both Fora and on Charlie Rose’s site.

Charlie gets some of the top newsmakers of the day to come on his show and share their knowledge and ideas.

I learn a LOT from both of these sites. It makes me think and stimulates content. If you’re trying to find additional ways to generate great content, I highly recommend that you look at both sites.

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