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This is my latest interview with Bob Bly. We did it last week when we were both in Florida doing presentations for a group called AWAI. I got the gig thanks to Bob and this is what we produced while down there.

If you know how good Bob is and just want to buy this program without even reading the outline (don’t worry, it’s worth it) here is the link:

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Even if you don’t buy the program, go through the outline, that alone will be helpful to you.

Part of it was done in front of a live audience and it was recorded in the lobby of a hotel. So, you’ll hear some “noise” from some of the hotel guests as they go by.

BUT, what a great program. Doing this interviews with Bob made ME realize how little I’m doing that I SHOULD be doing in this area.

Here’s how I see it:

One of the single most effective ways to fill your funnel with high quality leads is to generate press and PR that will result in new people getting on your list. This is exactly what Bob talked about on this program.

It’s the concept of DRPR. Direct response public relations.

Very different from the whole idea of generating press that is IMAGE oriented. This kind of press is oriented towards getting someone to either buy or give you their email address.

If you’re an author, speaker or consultant, this program would be very relevant to you and important to have.

Since this is a PRE-PUBLICATION offer, you get a few things:

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DO-IT-YOURSELF Public Relations (Fred interviews Bob Bly)

1-What is “Do it yourself public relations” — or DIY PR? [do your own PR, not hire agency]

2-What are your qualifications to write a book on DIY PR? [Westinghouse, koch, 25 years freelance, 2 books]

2a-Why are you not a professional publicist?

3-What do you mean “do it yourself”? [no pr firm or freelance publicist]

4-What is PR? [positioning through journalism; advertising billboard sign, promotion on elephant, elephant runs loose publicity]

5-What are the 5 key differences between PR and advertising?

A-Cost – free vs. expensive

B-Control [timing, content, size, appearance]

C-Audiences [prospects vs. editors]


E-Repeatability [ad repeatable, PR semi – one grand opening/anniversary every year/special event every month]

6-Why do it yourself vs. hire a PR firm, you say there are 7 reasons. What are they?

A-Cost [expensive vs. cheap; according to PRSA average retainer 5K a month, and 10-20K month for mid to large size]

B-Simplicity [not rocket science]

C-Labor [do you have time]

D-Local vs regional vs. national vs. international

E-Niche vs. broad based

F-Shrinking media world (ie publications in niche markets consolidating)

G-Need [continual vs. sporadic]

7-Does Public relations replace or supplement other marketing methods?

8-Give an example of integrating PR into a marketing campaign. [Robert Allen/no money down/demonstration]

9-When would you NOT do it yourself and hire a PR firm? [oprah, national media, global]

10-How can you find a PR agency?


1-What do you mean by “plucking the low hanging fruit”?

2-WHY should I start small? Why not think big, i.e., the Wall Street Journal, not the Appleton, Wyoming weekly Sentinel?

3-What’s the first step of the “pluck the low hanging fruit” strategy? [letters to the editor]

4-What makes for a good letter to the editor?

5-What’s the second step of the pluck the low hanging fruit strategy? [article for local paper about you or your business]

6-How do you get your local paper to do a feature
story on you?

7-What about chamber of commerce magazines or state business magazines doing a big story on you – how can you make that happen?

8-What’s the third step of the “pluck the low hanging fruit” strategy? [local talks]

9-How do you find local groups who would want you as a speaker?

10-How do you get them to invite you to speak to their group?

11-How can you capture attendee names and add them to your database?

12-How can you

13-What is the fourth and final step of the low hanging fruit process? [column]

14-Why is a column in your local paper or trade publication a good PR strategy?

15-How easy is it to get a column?

16-What results can you expect from a column?

17-You have a trick for getting 10 times the sales results from a column without spending a penny? Can you share it?

18-so how can a listener to this program put your “pick the low hanging fruit” strategy to work?

A-Take a personal inventory [what do you know who are you what do you have that is different special interesting]

B-identify the media outlets and build a complete list with contact information

C-Write a great letter to the editor at the appropriate time – when is that?

D-Send a query letter to propose an article or column. What is a query letter?

E-Follow up [bob donath story]


1-Report the news [weak, corporate, Joe promoted to vp]

2-Why is “report the news” a weak and ineffective PR strategy? [wiifm, who cares, dull, boring, ogivly you cannot sell something to someone by boring them]

3-Create the news [be creative come up with ideas or create events or information that is newsworthy; ie sharing the caring ikea vs. traditional “we are” PR ceo]


1-Free Content [recession proof business strategies; juicer]

1A – What is DR PR? How do you use it with a free content offer?

2-Surveys [DBM, average time it takes fired executive to get new job, one month per 10K;, survey, top five herbs that aphrodisiac valentines day; Calyx + Corolla survey, CEOS like getting flowers, so send and get a raise]

2A – How can I do surveys with limited resources? I can’t hire a market research firm? []

3-Events [ikea sharing the caring]

4-Book [tips on tipping, Irene frankel oprah did not work why]

5-Clever idea, creativity [Brooklyn bridge, Carson; domino pizza meter]

6-Brand support [progressive insurance, keys please on labor day, free boat towing]

7-Piggyback on other news [cuervo, satellite falls into ocean, case of cuervo, zero cost]

8-Go where the cameras already are [Dominos; april 15 NYC post office]

9-CAN YOU give us a few more examples of creative “create the news” PR? For instance, what about the [FRED ask about each by name one at a time]

A-Stunts and challenges [Even the New York Times makes mistakes; PR strumpette wrestling match]

B-Strike Back [baseball strike]

C-Evergreens [winterize your home in fall, in Spring garden tips]

D-TV, movie, or pop culture tie in [Seinfeld nothing, send in bag or envelope with nothing and get free bag of chips]

E-Unusual ideas – selling xmas trees online [ice cream Sundays, xmas trees online daily news]

F-Demonstration [nathan’s hot dogs, young men hired stethoscope to eat]

G-Humor [IKEA do not remove tags, bring tag fromold furniture get discount]

H-Dramatize the brand [empire kosher chicken, inspection, IRS audit, free chicken]

I-Trade in campaign [Worst smelling socks, British Knight, new sneakers]

J-seasonal or holiday tie in [herb survey valentine’s day

K-Stage a contest [jjose cuervo, find the promotional bottle]


1–Press release [definition, format, use, example gigapet microchip gardens]

2–Media kit – [folder, press release, press backgrounder]

3–Media list-Bacons Publicity Checklist, Gebby’s all in one PR directory

4–Tip sheet [radio and TV interviews]

5–Query letter [magazines]

6–Pitch letter [editors position client as a resource]

7-Reprints [coverage, koch engineering]

8-Do I need permission for reprints? [masthead]

9-Folders [standard staples, glossy, imprint logo, no other info, die cut for card]


1-Don’t press releases have to come from a PR firm?

2-What’s the best way to send a press release – email, attached file, fax, snail mail?

3-Should you follow up with the editor after you mail the press release?

4-If so, what should you say? What should you expect the editor’s response to be?

5-Should I thank an editor or reporter who prints something I wrote or writes about me and my business?

6-Can I send the same press release to more than one publication in the same field?

7-Same question for pitch letters?

8-Same question for query letters and articles?

9-Should a press release be double spaced? Single spaced? One page? Many pages? One side of the page? Bothsides?

10-What about mailing a gimmick with the press release?


1-How many radio and TV shows have you done in your career?

2-What is the best broadcast medium for PR and why? [talk radio; don’t have to leave your office, have to fill hours with talk vs. top 40]

3-How do you find lists of radio shows and TV shows to approach?

4-How do you approach these shows as a potential guest? [pitch letter, press release, tip sheet]

5-What is a tip sheet, why do you need one, whatshould be in it? [12 questions]

6-What are the risks and hidden dangers of TV appearances?

7-How do you get on Oprah or Dr. Phil or GMA Good Morning America? [direct approach, PR firm]

8-What are the chances for error or embarrassment on TV? [camera adds 10 lbs, Bernard Meltzer Ralph, bill bresnan did not know answer; CNBC could not take cheat sheet on camera]

9-Where is the low hanging fruit in TV PR? [Channel 12 business, let them know who you are and your availiability. CIG 12]

10-Does TV need a news tie in? [helps, DM CIG 12 anthrax]

11-How else can I get TV and radio show producers to book me? [Yearbook of Experts, Authorities, and spokespersons,]


1-Why should I write articles to publicize myself?

2-Where do you find the publications to send your release to?

3-Who should you write to? [managing editor]

4-How do you approach them? [query letter]

5-What goes into a winning query letter?

6- What format is best?

7–What about multiple simultaneous submissions?

8-What if they don’t respond?

9-How can I get an edge in getting editors to work with me?

10-How much will the magazine pay me for the article? [Bergen record story business editor]

11-What other options are there for PR through articles? [get them to write about you]

12-How do you get them to write about you? [pitch letter, press release]

13-What is the key to giving a great interview to a reporter?


1-What are the best media outlets online? Web sites? Magazines? [ezines]

2-Why do you focus your online PR on ezines?

3-How do you get featured in an ezine? Send your press release? [Short articles – create library of articles, evergreens, some timely]

4-How do I find ezines to run my articles?

5-How do I submit articles? [email editor, friend of friend, 6 degrees of separation]

6-How will I know if they run? [URL link]

7-What else is good for Internet PR? [blogs]

8-How do I create buzz in the blogosphere? [post to other blogs, start your own blog]

9-What software can I use to set up my blog?

10-What is a blogroll and why is it important?

11-What topic should my blog be about?

12-What blogging techniques work to create buzz?


1-Should every entrepreneur, self employed professional, small business, and corporation be doing PR?

2-Any final thoughts on what works best in PR? [editor and prospect centered, not company centered – what’s interesting – an unusual angle – great tips and information – human interest – important news I can use or need to know ie DBM]

3-Anything else? [keep it simple not rocket science]

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