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Do you know what a SPANX is?

Information Marketing

Everyone wants everything NOW. Not just you and me as Information marketing types. I’m talking about EVERYONE.

I was walking through the mall the other day and saw this product being shown for women called a SPANX. I was made aware of this product when I saw some contest on TV where guys were putting it on and taking it off as fast as they could.

A humorous segment.

I’m not a lingerie expert (although in the mid eighties I did co-own a company that delivered pantyhose directly to women in their offices in Midtown Manhattan), but here is the basic idea of this product.

Women (and some men I think) wear this item to make them INSTANTLY look 20 pounds lighter. It pushes everything in. Your additional weight (read: FAT) is now scrunched up so no one can see it.

PRESTO – You just lost 20 pounds. Or so it appears.

This same philosophy is what everyone seems to want in the information marketing business. They want INSTANT results with NO work.

Sure, I too buy the occasional lottery ticket. BUT, I still contribute regularly to my IRA. It would be NICE to win the lottery, but I’m not banking on it.

Many aspiring info marketers continue to buy lottery tickets. Not just once, but all the time.

They will buy the LATEST and GREATEST Spanx that is offered to them.

A new product that will get you INSTANT traffic. A new this or that where they won’t have to WORK and they get the results.

Whenever I read about these GREAT new products, I always look at the testimonials. Many of them are probably made up, but I’m sure they ALWAYS show the lottery winners.

The ONE or TWO people who actually made money with the products are held up as examples of what normally happens. This is absurd and ridiculous.

YET, people still buy products based on these promises.

WHY? Because everyone WANTS to win the lottery. The problem lies with the probabilities. If you take a look at the Forbes 400 list you will not see ONE LOTTERY WINNER.

The vast majority of them WORKED to get where they are. I admit that some of them inherited their wealth, but, unless you have really rich parents, keep reading.

So, what to do?

I get up every day and do a number of things that will help me get to my goals in my business. Every day.

If I don’t put in the work, I won’t get the results.

Exercise? Same thing.

The beauty about the lottery ticket is it only costs a dollar. Easy to “waste” a buck.

Not true with the lottery tickets that some people try and sell to aspiring information marketing types. Their lottery tickets are often VERY PRICEY.

It takes 4 years to get a college degree. If you want a 4 year plan for YOUR business, here it is:

  1. Write blog posts 3-5 times weekly for 4 YEARS.
  2. Go out and respond to blog posts and link back to your own site 3-5 times a week for 4 YEARS.
  3. Create one new product every month for 4 YEARS.
  4. Write and submit an article once a week for 4 YEARS.
  5. Do a you-tube video twice a week for 4 YEARS.
  6. Read a GOOD business book once a month for 4 YEARS.
  7. Set up and read google alerts in your field every week for 4 YEARS.

If you do all of the above it will be a LOT less work than you did in college. BUT, the rewards will be HUGE. And at the end of the 4 years, you’ll have a REAL business. Probably a saleable one at that!

And, you won’t have to put on a SPANX to cover up the results!

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One Response to “Do you know what a SPANX is?”

  1. Peter George on July 22nd, 2010 4:50 pm

    Fred, I couldn’t agree more. I provide a marketing system to my clients.
    Altough the vast majority put in the effort to make it work for them, the majority , when only a couple of weeks in, also question why it can’t be accomplished in a month. They understand why their products or service take time to be effective, but still want instant fixes for themselves. I guess that’s the age in which we live … or it’s just human nature.

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