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Documentaries, Multiple Passions and Vacations

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Ken Burns Documentaries/TV/Pop Culture

I always heard a lot of good things said about Ken Burns but I never saw any of his documentaries. I’m sorry I waited so long to do so!

I’m in the process of watching his 14+ hour piece on the Civil War. Really good stuff.

I must have been sleeping through 11th Grade U.S History because I didn’t remember anything more than the VERY basics about the war. Amazing how little your think or care about this stuff when you’re growing up.

Now I just wish that I had more time in my days and weeks to get through all of his stuff. True to my usual form, in the last few days I’ve gone on Ebay and bought his series on baseball and then found the WWII Dvds at Costco.

I hope to have them all watched by Christmas.

I’ve also written MANY times about my love of THE TEACHING COMPANY (

Very different than Ken Burns, they take the countries best professors and record their lectures. A great way to spend the time in your car.

Don’t buy anything unless you buy it on sale! Everything eventually goes on sale, so be patient.

Vacation With Fred

I will be ramping up the Vacation with Fred concept starting next year.

This will be very different than anything I’ve seen or heard about.

The idea will be to take some fun trips to interesting places and mix in a bit of business as well.

The locations will be both domestic and international. If you have an interest, make sure and keep reading these Insights to know the specific dates and locations.

The idea will be to go somewhere “exotic” for about a week. We’ll spend most of the time enjoying the place and a bit of time talking business. There will be certain times where NO business will be allowed to be discussed. After all, this is “VACATION” with Fred.

We will make sure we do ENOUGH each day to make it fully deductible. I’ll ask my accountant on that one.

I’ve met many of my now good friends at business functions. I see no problem with mixing pleasure into the mix.

Make sure that you register quickly for these events because they will fill up FAST. This is advanced notification for you to keep your eyes open.

How many people? As many as want to come. There will be cruises as well as other trips so everyone will get a chance to find something they like.

Can’t find time to take a vacation? Not good. Everyone needs some time to recharge their batteries. Can’t find the money? That’s where you need to learn how to market and sell info products!

I’ll keep you posted!

Multiple Interests/Passions

Have you ever asked yourself what you would have done if you wouldn’t have done what you’re doing now?

I’ve got a whole list of things I would have liked to have tried if I had more than one lifetime.

I’ve always thought I would have made a pretty decent sports broadcaster. In addition to that I’ve thought I could have done pretty well as an advertising exec.

I got an offer when I first got out of graduate school with United Artists to go to Bogota, Columbia and distribute films. How different would my life be now if I had taken that job? I’ll bet, quite a bit!

What is it that you still want to do? Write all of the ideas down.

You may still be able to try doing them.

In high school I had my heart set on playing golf for a living. Winning the Phlippine Amateur Golf Championship two years in a row made me THINK I had a chance. In truth, I had NO chance.

I’m still playing a bit and intend to go to a golf camp in the winter. That may end up being one of the MINI vacations with Fred. I’ll give you the details if and when I decide to go.

The point is that your life is not over until you’re dead!

When you come up with your list, why not try to do some of the things.

How does this tie into marketing information products?


I’ve always thought I could write a #1 hit single. Maybe I still can! There is no age restriction on one’s ability to write songs.

I picked up “Songwriting for Dummies” a while back but still haven’t had time to get through it.

I always find it easier to take a seminar/bootcamp if I really want to learn something like this. I set the date aside and then go for 3-7 days and get fully immersed in the material. It’s a great way to get it done!

When you go to something like this you usually end up finding out whether you really should/ could do what the bootcamp or seminar teaches you

Like me, you probably have lots of things that you would like to try. I trying them you’ll also find out whether the education/training that’s out there in the field of your choice is any good.

If it’s not, INFO PRODUCT! Even if it is, you may still want to produce your own (better/different) version of the event.

Remember, you can’t copywrite an idea, only the specific wording/presentation of the an idea.

Speaking of COPYWRITING, look at:

Recent Email That I Received (Verbatim, no changes made):

Wow, Fred: your loosing it. First you never recommend “squishy” stuff.Now you do.

You think folks can’t see thru that? It’s more than obvious your out to sell ANYTHIG POSIBLE – and you DON’T REALLY CARE WHAT! How pathetic.

Bob’s “topics” are nothing more than a pot full of warmed over regurgitated re-stirred stuff he’s gotten from other programs and books. But you want us to think they’re “hot”. Think again.

Whatever happened to your content focus, Freddy? It’s apparent your changing from quality to quanity …

You continue to employ arm-twisting hustle: “get them!”
YOU are issuing DIRECTIVES? REALLY? Who are you? What a LOAD of it.

I know you have a place for this recorded “heart=felt” convrsation. Kindly rol up my copy – and stuf it their.

Thank you.

(Please note the excellent spelling skills of this individual! I’m sure that he attended a FINE institution of higher learning and I should very much value his opinion!)

There seems to me to be a fair amount of anger here. Whenever I receive an email of this nature, I ALWAYS read them. I then try and determine if there is any kernel of truth or if it’s just a load of HOOEY!

Given my content:squishy ratio in the products that I produce (943:1, but that’s just a guess!) this doesn’t really bother me.

Here is MY email RESPONSE to this one:

You seem to have some pretty strong opinions. If that’s how you feel why not unsubscribe? You certainly wouldn’t want to continue to get this kind of value-less information. I’ll do it for you, how’s that? Best of luck to you!

Stanley: Please unsubscribe this individual. He seems to not want to receive my information anymore.

This email is pretty mild. I’ve seen much worse. If you’re going to be in the information/internet marketing field you’ll have to be willing to accept that you will get these responses to what you do.

After all, it’s an environment where few people have the gonads to say this stuff to you face to face.

(Maybe that’s good, I have no idea how big this guy is!)

After sending out the email above it turns out that this guy sent this from a bogus email address that he then cancelled after he sent the email.

What a coward!

*I’ll bet he’s still on the list under an ALIAS! Woooo! I’ll bet he’s spying on me RIGHT NOW. woooo! I’ll also bet he’ll be really annoyed about tomorrow’s email touting yet another Bob Bly program.

Dogs issues

Mark Levin, the conservative radio talk show just came out with a book about dogs. As a dog lover, I was interested.

I’ve been listening to all of the interviews he’s been doing and will buy his book later today or tomorrow.

The name of the book is “Rescuing Sprite.”

It tells the story of his adopting a dog from a shelter through the “end” of his days. If you’re a dog person, you need to get a copy.

Even without reading it I’m sure it’s good.

Bins and How I Use Them

My buddy Scott Straub turned me on to the basics of this concept. Virtually everything we have to store is either paper or NON paper.

Paper gets filed in file folders. That’s pretty straight-forward. The question is always HOW to store the things that won’t go into a file folder.

This is the answer.

The reason why I think it’s so important to get organized is that you can be much more creative when you’re organized.

Some may disagree with me, but I know that for ME I am infinitely more creative because I’m not surrounded by a holy mess of crap.

Instead, I’m now BINIFIED.

Everything that I own that’s not paper will eventually be put into a bin. Different sized bins, but a bin.

Make sure that you stick to no more than 3 or 4 different sized bins. Once you separate everything and put it all in bins, you then label the bins.

Make sure and just use a number. Don’t label the bins with what’s in them. If you do it this way (thank you Scott) you will be able to change and use the bins for anything you want.

Then I write down the number of the bin and record exactly what’s in each bin. I put each set of bins into a text file. If you ever need to find an item you then do a search by keyword for whatever you’re looking for.


I’m doing this with all three places I have. I’m pretty much done in two places. I’m still working on the LA place and my storage unit in Vegas.

Doing this allows you to know exactly what you have where.

People with their Names in Small Letters??

One thing really confuses me. People who order my products and don’t capitalize their names. What’s up with that?

Basic rules of English dictate that you should capitalize a person’s name. But your own? You should certainly have enough.

NSA Update

I recently spoke to the local chapter of the NSA in Milwaukee, WI.

I will be ATTENDING a product development lab in New Orleans later this month.

It strikes me ODD that a product development lab would be held and I didn’t even get a call. This is fascinating to me.

Once again, in this area, NSA is proving itself to be (like I say in my book) a triumph of contacts over competence. I’m guessing someone doesn’t “like” me.

It clearly does not have anything to do with who would be MOST qualified to speak on this topic.

If I was running one of these learning labs it would not matter to me whether a person was someone I liked or didn’t. All that would matter is whether that person had the background, the savvy and the intelligence to speak on that topic.

In this particular case, I am clearly ONE of the most if not THE most qualified to speak on this topic.

Not even a call?

This is ODD to say the least. Clearly someone must not LIKE me. Does this bother me? No. It amuses me and disturbs me.

Amuses me because it’s like we are back in kindergarden.

Disturbs me because those who are attending are not getting to hear from someone who can truly help them in this area of Information Products. Instead they will hear from people who have produced less than 1,000 audio and video programs for themselves and their clients.

They will not hear from someone who has been doing it successfully for 24 years. They will NOT hear from someone who has done over 2,000 interviews to create audio products. Ridiculous!

If you feel the same way, why not drop Bruce Wilkinson an email at:

Please express your feelings to him regarding this matter. Don’t tell him I sent you. I’m sure he’ll find out on his own. Perhaps he is reading this right now!

Rabble rouser? Me? NOOOOOO!!!!

Don’t worry though. I’ll be there to ATTEND the event and report on what was said and done. AND, don’t worry, I will give you the TRUE STORY on what happened and what YOU need to know.

The last lab I attended had some information that was given out that was blatantly WRONG and INCORRECT.

I only hope that isn’t the case here.

I’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly! Wait for my review of this even in early December.

Yet Another Bob Bly Program

Like I told you last time, my friend, Bob Bly is on a tear to produce more products.

The latest one is will be described in tomorrow’s email!


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