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In THIS Issue:

* Not Just Anyone Can Do an Interview
* Cranking out GOOD Products
* Working Trade Shows
* Ads in Trade Publications
* ‘Personal’ Ad Site
* Re-recording Old Products
* Content – Massive Amounts of Content
* Getting EXPERT help
* Selling a ‘Multiplier’
* Greasing the Wheels

Not Just Anyone Can Do An Interview

Interviewing is both an art and a science. If you agree with my philosophy of info product marketing you’ll want to be producing plenty of audio programs.

The three ways to do them are: sit in a room and speak into a mike yourself; have someone interview you and lastly you can record a live event.

The last two are the only ones to consider. Doing a program on your own will generally be boring and uninteresting.

The easiest one to do is to have someone interview you.

The problem is that many people who do interviews are weak. Some of them, very weak.

A well known speaker asked me to listen to one of his audio programs. The person who interviewed him was terrible. I think that the speaker didn’t want to be over- shadowed by a strong personality and thus chose a rather mousey individual. Bad idea.

I rarely hear an interview where I am impressed by the interviewer.

If you’re going to use this format, find someone who is good at doing it. I define good as someone who is both interesting to listen to and will ask the questions that a ‘naive’ listener would ask.

There are some BAD interviewers out there. Be careful.


Cranking out GOOD Products

As you have no doubt noticed, I create and sell a large number of products. The vast majority of these products are audio. The primary reason is because it is relatively easy to create them.

Over the last 6 months I have ‘digitized’ over 3200 hours of audio material. I challenge anyone to find an info marketer who has that amount of audio product that they have produced over their time in the business.

Volume does not equal quality. But, if you have both volume AND quality you have a winning combination.

To get the quality side going, you need to create a detailed and comprehensive outline. The more detailed and extensive the outline, the better your chances.

On the volume size you have to have an intense interest in a variety of topics. You can’t INVENT interest. When people listen to (or watch) your product they will be able see or hear if your enthusiasm is real.

Don’t deal with niches that don’t excite you. People will be able to SMELL It.


Working Trade Shows

I love going to trade shows. This last weekend I went to the Home and Garden show here in Las Vegas to get some ideas for my new house.

It’s nice. You can go to one place and meet with all of the vendors you want to do business with in one place.

As an info marketer you’re going to want to do trade shows in the market niches you’re involved with. It is one of the most effective ways to get to your potential clients.

There are two ways you can ‘DO’ a trade show. One way is to have a booth, the other way is to simply walk the floor.

The only true way to know whether it’s worth getting booth space is to try it once. Before you do it, call some of the people who reserved booth space the last time and ask them if it was worth it for them and whether or not they would do it again.

If you don’t get booth space you can always attend the show and come armed with plenty of business cards and other promotional material.

If you do any trade shows, please remember this. No one cares about the NAME of your business. The only thing people care about is how you can help them.

This being the case, take a look the next time you’re at a trade show. Look at their displays. The Headline on each of their displays is usually the name of their company.

Bad idea.

If you ever have to ask an exhibitor (which I have to 90+% of the time) ‘What do you guys do?’ you have a problem.

No one should have to ask this question of an exhibitor if they have done their displays correctly. It should be obvious from their headline.

When I have done trade shows in the various niche markets that I’m involved in (Catering, Video Producers, Self Storage operators, etc.) I’ve always use this line at the top of my trade show display:

‘How to Competition Proof Your Video Production Business’

Insert the name of the industry. I sell people in these
different niches information products on how to get
and keep more customers.

If I were to do a trade show geared to speakers I might use the line: ‘How to Double or Triple Your Income as a Speaker in the Next 18 Months – Guaranteed or Your Money back’

This would get people to stop and ask you HOW you can do what it is you are claiming in your headline.

Remember, at these trade shows there are usually TONS of vendors. You need to stick out from the crowd.


Ads in Trade Publications

I do some advertising in trade publications of a number of my niche markets.

I only think this is a good idea if you can make your ads self-liquidating. This means that you can almost immediately recoup the investment you have made in your ads.

Here’s an example.

In the video production industry I ran some ads where we were selling a $10 audio program. It got me a whole lot of opt-ins to my funnel, but it also paid for itself in orders.

If you assume that an ad costs you $1,000 and you get 100 orders for a $10 product you have broken even on the front end.

Some of those people will buy your other products and services and there are others who didn’t buy your $10 product, but did sign up to be on your list.

So, if you can pay yourself up-front for the ad with orders all of the other benefits are gravy.

Remember this if you decide to do any advertising in any publication whatsoever.


‘Personal Ad Site’

We all have two basic parts to our lives. The business and the personal.

Given my background marketing information online I have decided to use my knowledge on the personal front as well.

While I was getting divorced I kept thinking of how I could use my marketing skills to find the ‘right’ match for me.

The idea was that I would set up a site and then drive qualified traffic to that site. I’m just about finished with that site and I’m now testing it. I’ll report the results shortly.


Recording ‘Old’ Products

On a regular basis I also go back and RE-record my ‘old’ stuff. I use the term old not to mean that the material is no longer good. I use the term to show you that some material needs to be updated on a regular basis.

Any of your products that are good and popular need to be updated regularly.

I had a program that I sold through 2000, the had references to the Ronald Reagan administration. Holy crap! This needed to be redone!


Content – Massive Amounts of Content

My goal, if it isn’t obvious to those of you who have been reading this ezine for a while is to create a massive amount of high quality content in every form.

I am reasonably certain that I am the MOST prolific producer of my own proprietary content in this field.

The majority of the products that I produce are audio but I also crank out 4 physical books each year and a fairly decent number of video programs as well.

I produced very little ‘generic’ product. Almost everything I produce is targeted to one of my niche markets. These niches are expanding because a number of my clients have niches where I am now helping them produce products.

Pick your niche, make sure that it’s profitable and then develop a massive amount of product in that area.


Getting Expert Help/Advice

Not only do I coach people, I also get coaching from others. As I mentioned in a recent email, I’ll be doing a program with Perry Marshall. Perry is the country’s foremost expert on using pay-per-click advertising.

It’s almost always cheaper to pay experts to help you do just about anything than trying to figure it out yourself. The problem is always identifying the RIGHT people to help you in the various fields.

I just did a presentation last night to the Philadelphia chapter of the National Speakers Association. A number of newbies reported to me that they have been taken advantage of by a number of supposed gurus. Be careful.

It’s always a good idea to be coached, but make sure and select the right coach.

Over the last 18 months a large number of people have popped up claiming they can coach you to create info products. I only WISH I could name names but my lawyer tells me NOT to.

Given the number of people who actually know what they are doing in this field is small, I would ask you to call me first before spending money. I will give you my opinion of the individual you are considering.

Make sure to ask them:

1. How many niche markets do you market products to yourself?

(My answer: I have 9 of my own niches and I coach others who have other niches as well where I help them to create and market products.)

2. How long have you been doing this?

(My answer: I’ve been doing this for just over 20 years). Length of time you have been doing something is NO guarantee that you know what you’re doing, but it is something to consider.

3. How many people have you helped?

My answer: I have helped close to 1,000 people to create their info products.)

4. Can I speak to some of your existing clients?

(My answer: Absolutely, but you must first take a test to see if we should even initiate a coaching relationship.)

5. Can you give me some ideas of your own success with your own products?

(My answer: Sure. I have nine separate market niches where I sell products. Sales of these products over the last 20 years have made it possible for me to live on that revenue alone.

Make sure that you ask these questions and email me if you want my response on a given individual. I’m not the ONLY person who does this well, but there are very few of us.


Selling a Multiplier

Many of my products can both be purchased at retail and can be licensed. Selling licenses ends up paying you twice.

Not only do you get an up-front fee, but you also get people coming back to you from all of the bouncebacks that you imbed in the programs you do.

I refer to this as ‘selling a multiplier.’

Many info marketers don’t understand or use this concept. They are losing a lot of money.

In order to make this work, you need to have back-end products. Those are the products that you sell people after they buy the initial product that you offered them.

Everything you sell should be selling everything else (where appropriate).

Don’t make the mistake of creating a product that is one extended sales pitch. Do this and you’ll be assured that no one will buy anything from you again.

My average customer spends about $445 with me. Don’t make the mistake of disappointing someone on the front end because you’ll lose their business on the back end.

It’s OK to sell something else within a program but make sure you deliver STRONG Value in the product itself.


Greasing the Wheels

My new house is being constructed. A few days ago I went by to see the guys who are doing the framing. I brought a dozen bagels and some mini muffins and gave them to the crew.

According to the lady who sold me the house, this is rarely done. I wonder why not. It cost me about $10 to get them this food and now they love me forever.

My thinking is this. Why not spend a few dollars on the outside chance that they will do a little better job?

In my mind it’s a great investment. Spend $10 even on the outside chance that they will be a little bit more careful as they put my house together.

I intend to do this with each group of subcontractors who come through. I HOPE the word will get out and that the chances of their being any problems with the house when done will be slim to none.

I do this kind of thing a lot when I do seminars at hotels. I immediately find out who will be working my room and start tipping the folks generously. I tip them in advance to know that I WILL tip. This means that when I need something during the event, it usually will get done.

It always helps to grease the wheels.

As cheap as I am I also know when to spend money. This kind of spending makes a lot of sense.

All The Best,

Fred Gleeck

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