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Latest “Incident”

I just got my latest reprimand from a guy who inquired about my consulting services. He found some typos and errors in my work. WOW! Surprise, surprise!

If you haven’t heard me say this before: DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!

The attempt that traditional authors and information marketers make is in concentrating on the WRONG things.

What would you rather have? A book or information product that was perfect in every way or one that makes you money?

Obvious answer.

BUT, maybe you say I’m setting up a STRAW MAN argument.

That’s I’ve set up something that’s easy to knock down but under closer examination doesn’t hold up in terms of veracity. Not true hear.

Let’s examine further.

IF i were to take the time to check all of my books for spelling and grammatical errors and edit (God forbid) all of my audio programs and meticulously edit all of my videos, I’d be STARVING.

I’ve just recorded my 8th video with a guy who is soon to become the Wolfgang Puck of Raw Foods. His name is Dan McDonald. Remember that name. He will be a HUGE deal one day in the not too distant future.

I was having a discussion with Dan and Krista (his partner) the other day. They asked about whether I would edit a certain part of the video where there was a little screw up. My answer: HECK NO! Actually the first word was different.

I told them that after we sell 1,000 units of that particular video we’d go back and reshoot that one. Between now and then let’s just stick to our knitting and crank out products to sell.

People who GET IT understand this. I’m talking about both sides of the equation. Buyers of your videos, audios and other info products get it because you get them great products, with a few flaws and deliver on CONTENT.

The problem is that people who hire fancy pants publicists and go the traditional publishing route get caught in the corporate mentality. This way of thinking is dramatically different. And, in my opinion it is WRONG. Wrong from the standpoint of MAXIMIZING revenue.

The “suits” that advise people are obsessed with making things perfect before they start marketing. This is ONE of the reasons why they are in DEEP trouble right now.

Let me be clear. I will probably go after getting a book or two done with a traditional publisher but I still think that 90% of their marketing and thinking is MISguided. It has things assbackwards.


Get ‘er done. Larry the Cable Guy has it right. He is my new favorite philosopher. The more content that you crank out, the more intellectual property you’ll have to sell. The more you have to sell, the more you’ll make. The more you make the more you can spend (or GIVE).

So, Mr. Traditional Book Publishing Dude with a fancy pants publicist, GOOD LUCK! Come back to me when you’ve made very little money but have everything JUST RIGHT. i’d love to hear the story.

More to come in a few days!

PS – In San Francisco area this weekend. If you live in the Bay Area and want to do a lunch with Fred, let me know!!

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