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Driving and Learning

Information Marketing

I do a lot of driving back and forth between Vegas and Northern LA. While driving, I’ve found it very difficult to read. VERY bad results.

I end up listening to a lot of audio material. On the drive, which usually runs 4 1/2 hours, I end up splitting my time between news, music, learning material and SILENCE.

News: At the top of the hour, I usually switch to AM radio to hear the latest headlines.

Music: I like music, but don’t listen to it a lot on the drive back and forth. I tend to be be more learning oriented, but when I need a break, I’ll listen to some Clapton.

Learning Material: As I’ve spoken of before, I buy and listen to a lot from The Teaching Company. I also have a set of TAPES (that I converted to mp3) from Intelliquest that has a program called the World’s 100 Greatest Books.

I also listen to current business books using If I don’t have the time to read the actual book, this is a great option. It’s what I do.

Silence: I can’t be listening to something the entire time I’m driving. When nothing is “playing” is when I get some really good ideas.

For me it’s imperative to keep a pen and a piece of paper handy. If you don’t, the material will be LOST.

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