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In this Issue:

*Personal Stuff
*Drug Dealer Marketing
*Seminar Update
*Book Review
*Upcoming Teleseminars/Events

Personal Stuff

This last weekend I did my Info Products Bootcamp. It was a great event. I’m always amazed at the caliber of people who show up at my events. Among many other distinguished attendees was a guy named Adam Ginsberg. Adam has sold over $20 million dollars worth of stuff on E-bay. That’s in just 3 years. Amazing.

As we discussed the benefits of using Adam saw how useful the system would be for his business. The room we were using had wireless access and before you could say Shazam, he had signed up and gotten his own account.

When I asked him during the course of the event what made him different than anyone in the group that was there he said: “Basically nothing, except that I took ACTION.”

Man, is this true or what?

I got started marketing information products over 20 years ago. God I feel old! The made two MASSIVE mistakes I hope that none of you have to make. First, it took me a long time to start writing books. Granted, to start writing books you first need to write A book. When I first got started I took a look at all of the people out there that I admired and started looking for things that they all did that were in common. The successful information marketers, even back then all had books. Not just one, but many.

That’s what started me on this self crusade to write 4 books a year.

If you’ve been to one of my events, you can skip this next part because you’ve heard it before. At my events, I always ask people if they brush their teeth. The response is usually yes. In fact, most people brush their teeth twice a day. I do.

If you want to keep your teeth, you’ve got to brush your teeth. I know, and floss as well. We are all COMMMITTED to keeping our teeth and therefore do what’s necessary to keep our teeth healthy. (Side note: I remember dating a dentist years ago who told me all my teeth would fall out if I didn’t floss. I floss regularly since we went out).

If you’re committed to success as an information marketer then you need to WRITE. Just like you brush your teeth, you should write 2 pages in the morning and 2 pages in the evening. Let’s count on each page being 250 words. If you did this “religiously” over the course of a year you’d write 365,000 words. The average business book is 50,000 words in length. If you didn’t miss a day you’d write close to 7 books a year. Looking at these numbers I’m a SLACKER for writing just 4 books a year. At that pace I give myself almost half the year off. Think about it.

Want to be successful? There are certain things you need to do? Want to keep your teeth? Brush them. Want to be a successful information marketer? Write books. Why? It’s one of those things that EVERYONE who is highly successful as an information marketer has in common. Don’t want to exert to effort to do this? Fine. Your choice. Just don’t bitch about other people being successful and how you CAN’T. It’s a choice. YOUR choice.

Drug Dealer Marketing

I recently coined a term that I’m not staking a common law trademark to. It’s called Drug Dealer Marketing. This is a term that I’ve been using for a while that refers to a marketing system based on the way drug dealers market CRACK cocaine.

Now, before you think I’ve lost my noodle, let me explain. I don’t condone drug dealers or the use of crack, but the way that this “product” is sold is a lesson in marketing. The dealer knows that if he/she can get you to try using the product, you’ll get hooked.

We can do the same in marketing our information products.

We’ve almost put the finishing touches on our new piece of software called MemberScript. This is membership site software. If you sell information products you’ll want to have a membership site.

The discussion I’ve been having with my “partner” in this process is how to charge for the product. I told him that the way I do it with WebMarketingMagic is to use Drug Dealer Marketing. If you go to you’ll see there is a 30 trial available for under $5. Why? We know that if we get you to try the product, you’ll get hooked.

I’ll be using a similar system with the new software. Go take a look at

When discussing it with my partner I said: “If we have a good product at a great price with great service (all of which are true) the only challenge is getting people to TRY the product. That’s ALL we have to do. Get them to TRY it.”

If YOU have a great product and provide great service you need to find a way to get people to TRY your service.

Seminar Update

Not only do I promote and speak at a fair number of seminars, I’m a seminar junkie myself. I HATE spending my money and more importantly my time going to events that give me little or no value. I’m sure you know the ones I mean.

I no longer speak at many seminars where the promoters have been bamboozled into thinking that having everyone do a 60-90 minute infomercial is the way to go.

There are even some nationally known speaking “experts” who show people how to CON attendees into buying your products at events. Maybe a good short term philosophy, but you sure won’t build a loyal group of followers once they wake up and realize they’ve drunk the Kool Aid. No, I’d rather make money “the old fashioned way” and EARN it.

This means giving people a ton of useable content and then making an honest pitch for your products and services. That’s the way to do it right, in my opinion.

People are starting to get “hip” to this NO CONTENT type of event. People are too smart for this. The numbers on events like these are starting to drop. The word is starting to get out. People know a CON JOB when they see one. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of doing or being associated with events like this. Not if you want to be here for the long haul.

Will some of these folks make a lot of money? In the short run, YES. Will they have longevity? No.

Action Point: When you do your events, PACK them with useable content.

Book/Movie Review

I’m going to start doing either book or movie reviews in my emails. This is where you’ll find them.

If all you read is non-fiction, let me tell you to STOP. I don’t care if you’re a business person. You MUST read good fiction. Why? Because as an information marketer you need to connect with your audience with more than just business stories and references.

I wasn’t always a big reader. My Dad used to try and force me to read. Net result? By the end of high school all I had ever read was “Call of the Wild.” Little did I know how much fun it would be to try and catch up. I now love to read. My wife is an avid reader. It really annoys her that I read a lot faster than her. Thank you Evelyn Wood!

I’ve always been a nut for Time Travel stories. Did you like all the BACK TO THE FUTURE movies? Yeah? Me too! I’ve recently read two books that are excellent. I highly recommend both of them. Ones a “classic” and the other one is a recent release.

The classic is “Somewhere in Time” by Richard Matheson

It’s the book that they made into a film with Chistopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. I really enjoyed how you got to get a picture of what American society and the Del Coronado Hotel in California were like at the turn of the century. Good story. I started it last night and finished it at noon today.

The other one is “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger

This is a very well written piece about a guy who travels through time but can’t control it. It kept me up a number of nights because it’s so well written. Although a tad predictable, if you like time travel, you’ll love this one. It skips around from the past to the future but is easy to follow.

(If you know any good books that have to do with Time Travel, email me!)

Great Gifts

About a year ago, my good friend Paul Hartunian sent me an amazing gift. He couldn’t make it to an event and he sent a package of brownies to make up for his absence. If you want to blow people away with a great gift, take a look at Fairytale Brownies at A little pricey, but people will NEVER forget this gift.

My Upcoming Events:

Please make it to the following events. They will be WELL worth your time.

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