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Email Addresses on Info Marketing Business and Coaching Example

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Email addresses, yes or no?
Coaching Example


To DEMAND or NOT DEMAND Email addresses

I just got an email from my friend and colleague Bob Bly, In it he tells me about the opinions from new media “guru” David Scott.

He opines that we as content providers should give our content away without requiring the user to give us their email address in exchange.

Frankly, I’ve never heard of this guy. You need a scorecard these days to keep up with all of the gurus and professed gurus.

Here are the arguments on both sides:

AFFIRMATIVE: You SHOULD allow people to access your content without having to give you an email address

NEGATIVE: You should NOT allow people access to your content without having to give you an email address.

Affirmative Argument:

More people will be exposed to your content and material. David Scott claims that number to be a factor of 50X as many. The more people exposed to your material, the better for you.

Negative Argument:

By not allowing people to get access to your material without an email address you make sure that the people who DO get your email are “serious”. The have to give you their email address and therefore MUST be serious. You may not get as MANY people, but they will be individuals who are more likely to buy.

Both arguments have merit. My feeling is that as long as email is free (don’t hold your breath but this WILL change one day – our US government is in desperate need of revenue), why NOT let people access your content without having to give you their email address?

OK, PROVIDED that you make sure that all of your content is chock full of great, highly useable content. If that’s the case, you’ll make more money by getting your material into more people’s hands and make more money with effective bounceback offers.

I don’t have any specific data to share but my gut tells me to let people do what my buddy Dave Hamilton, the webmarketingmagician (visiting Vegas for a few days) says to do.

Give people access to your material for FREE, but ALSO allow them to sign up to be updated as to when you have new material. In short, ALLOW them to sign up for your ezine but don’t DEMAND it.

Net result? Some will sign up, many will NOT. BUT, you’ll get a number of them on the back-end when they check out your other sites and products.

My Coaching System

I just had two things happen recently that can help you to understand how an effective coaching program should be done.

Example #1

I received an email from someone who said they were sending someone my way. They indicated that the individual was interested in getting some coaching in the area of information marketing.

I got the email from this person. They went on for pages describing to me who they are and what they do.

I didn’t read past the 3rd line. I never do with people who are not existing clients. Not being arrogant, I just don’t have the time.

Initial Email from him:

Good morning. I am contacting you based on an e-mail I received from XXX XXXXX a moment ago: He had mentioned that he discussed me with you and that you’ll like to speak with me. I look forward to it.

My number is zzz-zzz-zzzz. Kindly let me know which medium ofcommunication you prefer.

Mr. X

Email #1 from me:

I have a very specific path I use for coaching.

Please read the following sites completely to understand how my process works. After you’ve read them, you will know exactly how I work with people.

In brief, you may want to start with – this is where many people start; they paypal me some money and get going with a 90 minute

If they like what they hear and feel we may be a good match, they then attend a bootcamp of mine as detailed at:

After spending a week with me if we both determine there is a good match, we move to:

This details the specifics of how a one on
one coaching
relationship with me works.

After you read the sites, let me know how you want to proceed. I don’t speak with anyone on the phone until they have “engaged” me as detailed in the first site,




LONG EMAIL describing who he is and what he does. VERY lengthy, won’t print it all here.

MY Response:

Sorry, this is my system. There are no other options.

His Next Email:

Dear Fred,

Do you mean I have to come for the boot camp as well in order for you to work with me? I just feel you should at least understand where I am and what my true need is, so that our encounter can be mutually beneficial.

It is not about the money for me, it is just understanding the best option both for you and me.

My Response:

Mr. X,

First, you need to pay me $500 via paypal to talk. Then you must attend the bootcamp. Then if we BOTH agree, we will CONSIDER a coaching relationship. This my FINAL email on these issues with you. I will NOT be responding further unless I see the paypal money. I have a lot of PAYING clients I must attend to. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

His Response:

Dear Fred,

Thanks for your time. You are a good man. I will look at my schedule and send the paypal payment.


Mr. X

To Date:

I have receive NO money from this person.

Example #2

I had a conversation with someone a while back regarding how I would charge for my coaching services.

I have three ways I do coaching:

Flat Fee – You pay me $X per month and I give you advice. I used to do this a lot I haven’t done this in the past 4 years.

Reduced Monthly Fee + Reduced Percentage – You pay me less than my normal monthly fee and then give me somewhere around 10% of the gross receipts.

I do this less than 15% of the time.

My Standard Coaching Deal (as seen at:

I do this with about 80% of the people these days.

Straight Percentage (Full Spec)

I am currently doing this with two clients. I do it rarely because when someone doesn’t have any money in the game it’s easy to get burned as a coach/consultant.

When I had a follow up conversation with this individual he felt that I had somehow changed the rules of my game. Not true, I just forgot which deal I had offered him.

Lesson learned. I will now present the above options. And those options ONLY. FUlL STOP. This will avoid confusion.

Hope these two example helps!

As an information marketer, you’ll be asked about your coaching and consulting services all the time.


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