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Do you sign up (like I do) for an ezine that LOOKS interesting and then get bombarded with sales messages virtually EVERY day?

If so, you’re not alone. The best thing you can do to stop this kind of activity is to:

1. Don’t buy
2. Unsubscribe

Normal, rational marketers when they see their order rates drop and their unsubscribe rates skyrocket will question themselves and see what they are doing wrong.

Others will continue to act like fools.

I have an example.

I bought an ebook from someone about 2 months ago. The eoobk itself was adequate. It was worth the money I paid, but to be honest, not much more.

That’s when the trouble began!

I started to get emails from this guy just about every day. I actually emailed this person and asked them WHY they were doing this. I inquired as to whether or not it was working. He gave me some kind of a lame response that didn’t really answer the question.

When you have an ezine you have to ask yourself the question: Am I looking to make money from this thing LONG term or SHORT term?

If the answer is SHORT term then I guess you’re best off to blast the heck out of people with every offer you can get your hands on. Send them out often and collect the funds as quickly as possible knowing that the long term value of the list is limited.

The other tact is to view the process as a marathon, not a sprint. That’s what I do and it has worked WELL for me. I don’t think I’ve made MORE money that some of the HYPE marketers, but I do think that LONG term I’ll be better off.

I’ve built a relationship with my list. They trust me. Do I make offers to my list? Absolutely. Do I do it every day? Absolutely NOT. That would make no sense.

Just like with people, you have to view your list as someone you are building a RELATIONSHIP with, not attempting a successful ONE NIGHT STAND.

Let’s be clear. My goal is the make the largest amount of money (ethically) that I can from my customers. I don’t apologize for that fact. I’m a capitalist and that goal is perfectly OK in my view.

However, the real question is whether I MAXIMIZE the value of my list by attempting to SQUEEZE as much cash as I can out of them as quickly as possible. I think NOT!

People NEVER begrudge you asking them to give you cash if you first deliver value. Keep giving them hardcore useable “stuff” and they will buy from you later.


Here’s a personal example I think you’ll find useful for your own coaching/consulting business.

I got a call yesterday while driving (as I do OFTEN) from Vegas to LA. Since I did not know the number that came up on the phone, I let it go to voicemail. I do this because it is the best way to handle calls from people you don’t know. That way YOU are in control of the call.

After listening to a lengthy message it was clear that the person was VERY interested in using my coaching and/or consulting services.

I made a return call. Here is how it went:

Me: Hi Mary (not her name), this is Fred Gleeck. I just got your message.

Her: Thanks for calling. I was calling you about . . . . (then there followed a long laundry list of things she wanted my help with).

(After about 2 minutes of letting her talk, I interrupted)

Me: Mary, if I can interrupt for a quick sec, I’d like to tell you that because I’m fairly well known and sought after in the field of seminars and seminar marketing I can do something that may sound obnoxious. I don’t have to speak with people unless they have given me some money. (yes, I am THIS blunt.)

If you don’t mind, could you go to:

After you read the site, can you give me a call back.

I then got a call back in 4 MINUTES!!!

Me: Hi, this is Fred

Her: I read it and I paypaled you the money, what’s next?

Me: I can see that you’re serious, let’s get started. I need to ask you a few questions first . . . .

I give this to you as an example. What happened went down EXACTLY the way I described it above. Almost word for word as best I can remember it.

Let me analyze and show YOU how you can benefit:

1. Sending someone to a website to “sell” my coaching and consulting services is the ONLY way to go. Anyone who won’t give me some money up-front obviously is NOT truly serious about working with me (or YOU).

2. The site asks people to send me $500 NOW to get started. If you look at the site, it says they can apply that money to a future event. I suggest you follow my lead on this one.

3. You are not spending time (and money) on the phone with Lookey-Loos. The only people that are willing to go to a site like the one I list above and give you money are SERIOUS, not just CURIOUS!

Why spend time on the phone YACKING with people who never give you any cash? To me that makes NO sense whatsoever.

Instead, YOU need to have separate sites to sell any and EVERY service or product that you offer.

Some of the speaker friends I know balk at having “so many” sites! So many sites? Are you nuts? Having SO MANY sites allows me to:

A. Occupy more real estate on the internet and have a higher probability of being found and

B. Not waste time selling people on the phone but let your sites SELL FOR YOU.

I have separate sites for just about EVERY product, service, seminar or bootcamp that I have.

PLEASE follow my lead. It will save you a LOT of time and money.


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