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Example Selling

I have been using this concept for years. I think that you may want to test it as well. In this ezine I am using two examples of the concept.

When you go to this is a perfect example. I ask you to go there to see exactly how I am doing something.

Here is what I have done and suggest you COPY for yourself with your own products/services/materials.

If you have a number of products that can be logically grouped together, then create a website for all of them. If you look at you can see that the products listed there are all ones that Bob and I have done together.

For your own stuff, group products of a similar nature together. If you don’t have a product yet, remember that the goal of successful information marketing is to have a LINE of products.

In my case, I’ve got numerous and varied LINES of products.

You’ll notice at the site (pull up a browser while you read this) that what I did was to put a brief synopsis of each of the programs and then have links to:

1. Buy the Product
2. Buy the License to the Product
3. Learn More about this Product

For people who know me and know the kind of work that I do, it is entirely possible that just the title alone and a short paragraph will be enough to get them to make a buying decision.

I added the “get more information” link for those who need more convincing.

When you click on any one of the links on that site it takes you to an extensive sales letter that gives you a thorough and complete explanation of what the product is and the benefits you will receive when you order it.

What I am doing here is something that I call: EXAMPLE SELLING. This is a term that I am coining for the process I’m describing and illustrating to you right here and now.

I am giving you very specific information about HOW to do something. In the process of educating you on that process you are exposed to items where you can actually BUY something from me.


I really DO want you to learn from my “template” of how to sell both your products AND the license to your products.

Since all of the links are active, while you are looking at (and hopefully studying my example) you may also become interested in the products themselves. I would bet that a fair number of people end up buying both the products and the licenses.

I encourage YOU to use the same technique to sell YOUR products. But, let me warn you, you have to be careful.

Although I haven’t tested this one, my gut tells me the following: If you make it LOOK LIKE you’re trying to educate the people on your list and ALL you are really trying to do is sell them something, you’re in trouble.

People don’t mind being “sold” if they are given some legitimate education first. People rarely mind being solicited as long as you have FIRST delivered solid content.

I am going to give you a list of things that help make EXAMPLE SELLING a great idea in the area of info products. When I get an idea like this one I also like to immediately register the domain name if it is available.

If you go to you can put in the name: and you will then be able to find out who owns the domains name. In this case you will see that it’s mine.

I just registered the name when I got this idea for this ezine.

(Notice my subtle EXAMPLE SELL of the site I own: I hope you use it to register your domains. I keep the prices low but I DO make a SMALL pittance every time you reserve a domain there.

Again, this works because I am showing you a very useful example. If I were coming up with some bogus reason to have you go to the site, you, as a potential customer would feel “taken.”

Good example selling only works when you can show your list/customers valuable and useful ideas that will help them succeed in their business.)

Since domain names are so cheap, reserve them whenever you get an idea that MIGHT turn into a product.

That’s exactly what I do.

Use EXAMPLE SELLING yourself to subtly sell people by giving them useful examples to illustrate the points you are trying to make.

In this age of mega-hype, this system will work extremely well. It has for me!

Not Allowing People to OPT-OUT!

Spam makes no sense for the information marketer. Why on God’s green earth would you want to keep people on a list if they don’t want to be there?

You always need to let people have an easy way to unsubscribe.

I recently had an experience with a guy named Jason XXX.

He has been sending me information for his products and services. I NEVER joined his list. He decided to ADD me to his list.

In each email he sends out he includes an address to unsubscribe. It reads:

I have sent emails to this address at least 3 or 4 times and also hit the spam key in my Gmail account as many times. NO luck. He continues to send me information I did NOT request.

If he reads this (which I HOPE he does) and can show me where I signed up for his list I will pay him $1000. I’m a pretty cheap bastard, as you all know, so I’m 1000% confident I did NOT sign up for his list.

Why the heck do people do this crap? It makes NO sense.

It is not only dumb, it is ILLEGAL.

Even worse is that there are lawyers who make their living by pursuing people who violate spam laws. The fines are now pretty hefty.

I’m not certain, but the latest number I heard was OVER $500 per violation.

That’s the beauty of Whenever I send anything to my list it automatically includes all of the necessary information to comply with SPAM laws and not get people pissed off.

Why have someone on a list who does NOT want to be there?

It makes NO SENSE! Additionally, it could end up costing you a lot of money in fines.

Worried About Not Having Stuff to Put in your Ezine

I’ve written about this before. Some people are worried that they will run out of information to put in their correspondence with people on their list.

If so, they have BIG problems.

It will NOT happen to YOU if you follow the basic rules:

1. Be Curious – about everything
2. Stay up-to-date in your field
3. Read a lot
4. Watch TV
5. Be AWAKE – keep alert and alive
6. Write down Ideas when you get them
7. Make comments and have an opinion
8. Don’t be afraid to be honest – Ask Howard Stern

As you go through your daily life, both personally and professionally, make sure and take notes. Literally!

You may not use all of your ideas, but write them down. You can screen them later.

I have a little notebook that I carry when I’m out and about so that I can jot down an idea quickly and make sure I don’t lose it.

I bought one of those mp3 recorders that is also a pen but I still haven’t put it together. I don’t know which system I’ll like better, but I’ll let you know.

It’s not relevant what system YOU use as long as you have one. Trust me, you will not REMEMBER stuff when it happens. Write it down.

When I get home, I transfer the information from my little note pad into the computer in a text file. I sometimes won’t use ALL of the information in one email, but save some for the next one I do.

I will do this when some of the topics seem to work well together.

In this issue, for example, including this topic with one on spam seemed to make sense. I suggest you do likewise.

NSA Event Update

For those of you who have an interest in reading my report regarding the last NSA LAB that I attended, I am finishing it up and will send you the link to see it shortly.

Domains and Sub Domains

I recently got an email from someone telling me about how they thought it was a good idea to use subdomains rather than individual domain names (urls) for each of their products that they produce.

BAD idea.

In this day and age with unlimited hosting like that offered by my webmaster, Stanley, this makes no sense for a number of reasons.

First and foremost is SEO implications. Search engines are much less friendly to subdomains. I don’t encourage anyone to try and fully understand the search engines, however, you should do what you can to make your sites attractive.

The more real estate you have, the better. The more domains that you have, the greater your chances of getting FOUND by any/all of the search engines.

Secondly, the cost makes it sensible.

Stanley charges less than $50 a month for hosting. Not THE cheapest around, but with the level of service he provides, the BEST deal out there.

Reserving a domain at will cost you under $10 per domain.

Let’s use $50 a month for hosting and $10 per domain to make this example easy.

Let’s assume you follow my SYSTEM and you produce lots of products and maintain individual domain names for each one.

Assume you have 20 products. Your goal should be to have 100!

20 X $10 = $200 per year
$50/month X 12 = $600 per year
Total: $800/year
$800/12 = $66 per month

This is NOT a lot of money to be running an information products business with 20 separate domain names.

Regardless of whether you use domains or subdomains you will still need a copy of, so I have left that number out entirely for this example.

If you were running a brick and mortar business, your utility bill would be more than $70 a month!

Don’t be dumb about this.

Subdomains may SEEM like a good idea to the uninformed, but to those who understand SEO it is a BAD deal.

Let’s assume that you get one additional sale every month as a result of using individual domains. This would be well worth it and entirely likely because of the preferential positioning in the search engines.

What should you do? Don’t mess with using subdomains to save a few bucks. It does not make sense for serious information marketers.

Book Reviews

The Dip

I just finished reading Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip”. Well written and a good message. The basic concept is that to get really good at something requires that you go through THE DIP.

This is the time where you are doing something pretty poorly as you strive to get good at a task, sport or something else.

It’s worth reading.

The beauty about Seth’s books are the are:

1. Easy to Read
2. Short
3. Insightful
4. Simple yet Profound

I’ve found this true of all of his books. This one is very well worth reading if you aspire to be an EXPERT at anything you do.

Benjamin Franklin by Edmund S. Morgan

Since I’ve been on a history kick for a while now I read a book about Benjamin Franklin.

Quite a guy!

The book that I read was compiled from pulling the best parts out of a huge volume of things he himself wrote or that others wrote about him.

What I liked most, was his natural curiosity. He wanted to understand how everything worked.

Whether it’s this book or another one about him, Benjamin Franklin is someone I should have learned more about in high school, but I must have been sleeping through that class.

As an aside, I always try and mix it up and read one work of fiction for every non-fiction work that I read. It doesn’t always work out exactly even, but I try to keep a balance of the two.

Movie Reviews (Plus TV Show)

While traveling, I went to see two movies: American Gangster and Atonement.

Luckily, I liked both. I hate going to movies that suck.

That’s one of the main reasons I go to Rotten Tomatoes before I go see any movie. If the ratings are at least 60%, I go see if. If not, I take a pass.

When ratings get over 80% you can be sure your $10 (over that now in NYC) will be well spent.

American Gangster

Very violent and very good. If you read my comments about the next movie, you’ll understand.

This historical tale is extremely well written. I didn’t hear one word that didn’t ring true. It’s a tight script.

The story moves along very well and sucks you in.

As usual, Denzel Washington gives an Oscar caliber performance as the main character. When does this guy EVER do a BAD job? I can’t remember.

I would go see it, but try and sandwich it in between a couple of Disney films to soften the blow!


I was particularly intrigued about seeing this movie in Amsterdam because I had read one of this author’s other works which is called: AMSTERDAM.

It’s gotten very good reviews and I agree, it’s a very good movie.

It’s set back in the late 30s to mid 40s. It’s basic theme is about the importance of telling the truth and what can happen if you don’t.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, but I will tell you about something that happened at the theatre that I thought was particularly interesting.

The movie has a pretty strong sexual theme and some fairly graphic sexual content. I noticed a large number of high school girls who had all seem to come and see the movie as a group.

I know that because I asked them and was told as much.

After the movie I approached the teacher and told him that in the US, he probably would have been taken away in handcuffs the following day in class after “allowing” his students to see a movie of this nature.

He seemed sort of shocked. I explained that although kids are allowed to see MASSIVE amounts of violence on TV and in the movies in the US, movies with heavy sexual content are “verboten” for kids of that age.

It’s OK for kids to watch people being dismembered and shot through the head, but showing them engaged in natural sexuality could be a path to criminal prosecution for someone in his position.

He looked at me in amazement. I looked back at him with similar bewilderment. I had no answer for what appeared to be a most ridiculous policy here in our country.

Surprised by what happened at Columbine? Not me. In a society that GLORIFIES violence and makes sex something not be talked about, I’m not in the least surprised.

The Sopranos

Talk about violent but GOOD! I’m going through the entire series via DVD. Whether it’s this program or “24” with Kiefer Southerland, I hate to wait til the next episode.

I end up buying every series I’m interested in and going through them as fast as I can.

I’ve been watching 2-3 episodes of The Sopranos for a couple of weeks now. I’m into the beginning of season

Similar to books, I will then mix it up when I’m done. I’ve got the complete set of Sex in the City to go through.

After Tony, I think I’ll need a little comic relief.

Fred Info Bootcamp Slot available!

If you want to come to an AMAZING event, you need to read this next bit.

I have had a couple of people drop out of my bootcamps for January. They are held in Las Vegas and the dates are: January 17-24 and January 31-Feb 7th.

There are now a couple of spaces available for each set of dates.

To take a look at what this event is all about, look at:

The price will be going up after I do these first two events. So this is a great “deal” right now.

Don’t worry about the prices there, the old prices will be applicable which is $2497 per person.

If you are interested in attending, send me an email. Best email for this is fredseminars (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’ll let you know if the space is still available.

All the Best and Happy EVERYTHING!


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