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In This Issue:

* Two GREAT new Products
* Upcoming Events
* Your To-Do List
* Ezine Effectiveness
* Personal Site Update

Before I tell you about two new products I wanted to let you know how people responded when I mentioned that I felt a bit odd ‘constantly’ promoting new products.

It just so happens that I’ve been producing them like a maniac lately.

The majority of the responses indicated that you didn’t mind me telling you about these products as often as they come out provided I still give you value in the rest of the ezine.

There will be sometimes when I do a ‘solo’ mailer for a product or two and other times when I do a promotion along with a content oriented email.

This issue has both.

Here are the Two Great New Products

I just finished recording one of these and doing the other one tomorrow.

They are both great programs. One

The first is on Podcasting. I was able to get Joan D’amico one of the experts in this field to spill the beans on

The second is REALLY exciting. I was able to get Jeff Walker to fly in for an interview on his topic of expertise.

He is THE expert on ‘How to Launch Products.’ He was one of the people responsible for helping John Reese do over $100,000 in the first 12 minutes.

This particular product went on to sell over a million dollars total.

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Jeff about how to launch your own information product and MAXIMIZE your returns.

So, here’s the deal:

The one program on Podcasting is fairly short but PACKED with highly useable information. Every info marketer should be doing a podcast.

The second program will be longer.

Jeff gets in at 1:30 PM tomorrow and I told him to be prepared for me to GRILL him on everything he knows about launching products with revenue maximization in mind.

He is THE MAN on this topic.

The two of these programs are going to retail for
$47 and $97.

The blowout price for both in Prepublication is just $77.

I’m only making 100 sets available at this price and only for the next 3 days.

The audio interviews are in mp3 format and are NOT downloadable.They will come to you physically in the mail. I’ll pay for postage.

These two products will be really good, so get them now before we put them up at the ‘normal’ price.

I won’t be back into town until Monday and I won’t ship them until then.

Here’s the link to order:

I’m Co-Hosting an event that you can’t miss.

I’ve spoken repeatedly about the importance of writing great copy. When you try and sell anything, copy is the key to getting people to buy it.

Bob Bly and I will be doing an event in Las Vegas in February and if you are truly serious about selling information products, this is an event you MUST attend.

Take a look at:

The TO-DO List never gets Short for too Long

Years ago, I can remember thinking about how I had ‘so much to do.’ My list of things to do was often very long and seemed like more than I could every get done.

I dreamed about the day that I could get everything done on the list and be able to relax.

That day never came. Never will til I’m dead. What a discovery!

BUT, I have found a way to feel much better about things on my list. It feels really good when I get up in the morning and knock off a whole bunch of the items on the list before noon.

I did that today and it felt really good.

My revelation was that I will NEVER get through my list.

But as long as I write everything down and knock a few items off each day, I’m good.

Ezine Effectiveness

One of the two keys to developing a highly successful information products business is to develop and cultivate a large list.

My list is now upwards of 58,000 people and growing.

I’m always delighted when I get email from people who tell me that mine is the only email they actually read. I do my best.

I get a lot of different ezines and read few of them. Here is my reasoning on how to do it best.

To Build Your List – Offer something of real value. I have dramatically increased my list size by doing my deal for 5 books of mine in ebook form. I suggest you try and offer something EQUALLY appealing.

Let people get to know you! – Sincere self disclosure works. Don’t overdo it and give people overly intimate details, but DO let them know who you are and what’s going on in your life.

How much do they buy? People vote with their dollars. If people buy a lot of ‘stuff’ that you offer, you’re on the right track. People vote with their pocketbooks. If people are buying, then it’s a vote of confidence in you and your ezine.

What percentage of people Unsubscribe? If you don’t get at least a few unsubscribes each time you email, you are probably not doing a great job. You’ve got to have an opinion about things to be effective. If you don’t, you’re milk toast and people may not unsubscribe, but they certainly won’t buy.

Do they respond to other things you ask them to do? If people do what you ask them to do in significant numbers then you’re on the right track. It means that people trust you.

Track as much as you can: I use to track virtually everything I do. I suggest you do the same. This amazing program allows me to put links in emails and get virtually all the really important data and information to make other decisions.

How much pass-around does your list get? If your ezine is getting passed around to others, it’s a good sign. How do you make this happen? Give people solid content. Give people useable ideas and information. Give people exactly what you promise. Give it your all. Don’t hold back.

Do people send you unsolicited email comments and questions? If the answer is yes, you’re connecting. I TRY to answer each email that people send me. Albeit briefly. If I haven’t answered yours, I apologize.

How do you measure ezine effectiveness? Whenever I do my seminars I always tell people how important it is to build a big and powerful list. Your list should be worth between $.10 to $1.00 per person per month. Build a list. Build it as large as you can and as high a quality as you can.

My Personal Site

I got a number of emails from people regarding the personal site that I set up. Thanks for all the great feedback.

Here’s an update.

I told you about

Here’s how it seems to be working best. I have joined some dating sites and have been sending people to this site to screen them.

The result has been that I have been getting some really interesting people to get in touch with me.

More later, but if you’re ‘looking’ you may want to try this approach. It SEEMS to be working.



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