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Facebook is one of the few social networking sites I spend any time on. I primarily use Facebook for personal “stuff.”

Facebook is where I “hang out” with my friends I grew up with in High School. It is not where I try to find or solicit business.

One of the things that REALLY pisses me off is when people ask to become friends, I accept them and they proceed to advertise their services in none too subtle ways.

This is dumb.

The FIRST thing I do is remove them as a friend. They are now blackballed. I had a couple of these folks try and request to be friends AGAIN after pulling this crap.

What am I, STUPID?? Do I think you’ve learned your lesson and won’t do it anymore? Hardly. If this is your main reason for getting on Facebook I think you’re dead.

Facebook is a great system to stay in touch with people and I can see the LONG term value from a business standpoint. Those who think they can get on and start turning recent contacts into dollars in their pockets are deluded. It takes TIME. AND trust.

Like with so many other things that information marketers do, time is an essential ingredient.

Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme should move OUT of the info product marketing space. It just doesn’t make any sense.

So, what to do?

Build relationships with people you honestly like. They will find out what you do. IF they know of someone who may want to use your services they will probably recommend you. Don’t push. The soft sell works MUCH better in this environment.

You also look very NEEDY and lacking in business when you do things this way. It will make people suspicious and make them LESS apt to do any business with you.

Returns and Blocking IPs

One of the best things about is that when you get an order from someone who returns a product, you can block their IP address, thus preventing people who order and returning products from doing so on a regular basis.

I used to have a more “liberal” policy about people who request returns. NO more. When someone returns a product, I have found there is a STRONG likelihood they will do so again.

I HATE returns. They are a pain in the neck. No matter how good your products are, some people will always ask for a refund. I think you should continue to offer strong guarantees, but I’m done with giving people multiple chances.

Once someone requests a refund they are BLOCKED. Permanently. Why even risk having them pull the same crap twice?

All of this assumes that you have great products that you are selling. If that’s the case, then you have every right to do what I”m describing here. It only makes sense.

No matter how good you make your information products, some people you just can’t make happy. Get them to go somewhere else.

European Trip

It’s been about a week since I came back from Europe. The trip was made primarily for medical reasons. I took my future wife to Germany to get a few discs  replaced by the top doctor in the world in this field.

While there, I did have the chance to do a few Lunches with Fred. They went well.

We landed in London. After a day or so we took the train (via the Chunnel) to Brussels. We then went on to Munich. After Munich we traveled to a tiny town called Bogen where the surgery was done.

After surgery we went through a town called Regensburg. Nice. We also stopped overnight in Frankfurt. Before the train the next day we walked around the city.

Next stop on the way back was Amsterdam. One of my favorite cities. We were there for a couple of nights then back to London via Brussels.

I would have MUCH preferred to do this trip in July. It was REALLY cold. Luckily we had some very warm clothing. We came prepared.

I continue to me amazed at how SUBstandard our medical system is here in the United States.

Like with many things about our country, we could learn a lot from others.

That being said, I’m not going to pull an Alec Baldwin and threaten to move. On balance we have things pretty darned good over here.

Everything in One BackPack

As we traveled through Europe dragging a couple of heavy pieces of luggage I kept thinking about a guy I knew in college.

We once had a discussion about things and he related how cool he thought it would be to be able to CARRY everything you owned on your back. In a backpack.

I got to thinking.

IF I ever went that route (and I’m seriously considering it at a future point in time), I was thinking about what I’d carry in MY backpack.

Here is my list:

MacBook Air Computer + Power Cord
Bose Headphones

My thinking is that I could get all of this into a medium sized back pack that would also have wheels for when I got sick of carrying it.

When I think about this it feels VERY liberating. Could you do it? What would be in your backpack? Something to think about.

Sully and US Air Crash in the Hudson

Talk about the definition of CLASS! Have you been watching some of the interviews with this guy?


He saves 155 people from certain death and is the most modest guy on the planet. Some of my Info marketing brethren should take note!

Why does everyone love this guy?

*Quiet and low key
*Gives others credit
*Doesn’t ASK for attention
*Brief answers to questions
*Cool under pressure

How can you not like this guy?

Questions I have NOT asked by the media:

What happened to everyone’s carry on luggage? All lost? gone forever? Recovered? What didn’t you take off the aircraft you wish you could have?

Coldplay on 60 Minutes

After the story about Flight 1549, 60 Minutes ran a story about the group Coldplay. If you don’t know who they are, go to and watch the piece.

As you’re watching, pay CLOSE attention to a brilliant insight by their lead singer. Just in case you don’t go watch the piece, here is the gist of what he said.

Whenever the group is playing a gig they always watch the exits at the back of the venue to see who gets up to leave during various songs. Those songs that get a lot of people up to take bathroom and food breaks get dumped from future shows.

His thinking is that songs that get the least bathroom trips by the audience are the best and should be kept in the show. They same is true on the flip side of that equation.

Simple, but BRILLIANT. Rather than play what THEY want to play, they play what their concert attendees WANT to hear.

Very good marketing!

Info product marketers and others should take note. It’s not about what you or I like or want, it’s about what our audience likes or wants.

See you next time!


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