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If you’ve been thinking about coming to a Fred Info Bootcamp, the next one is right around the corner. I wanted to share with you WHY it makes sense for you to attend.

1. You’ll cut months or even years off your learning curve.

Many people try to get into the information marketing business with insufficient and often times, INCORRECT knowledge. They THINK they know what to do and how to do it when they don’t.

Attending a bootcamp will make it so that NOTHING is left to chance. You’ll learn the complete system, from A to Z. Not just a piece of it so you’ll have to come back in few months and pay me MORE money. Not true here.

2. You’ll be learning a system I use.

There are so many so-called gurus who spend their time teaching things to others they have never done themselves.

The system you learn at the bootcamp is exactly what I use myself with my on niche markets.

If it works for me, it will work for you.

3. You CREATE a PRODUCT at the event.

This is not just a learning seminar where you learn how to do things. At this event, you actually DO IT. This means you will leave with something completed.

You’ll also have a plan of action for what to do next. A plan that if you follow it will make your chances of success go way up.

4. Small group environment.

One of the reasons I started doing these events is that I was frustrated. People would come hear me speak at some event, and very few people would take ACTION.

The small group environment makes it so that I can get to know YOUR particular situation and market niche and provide you with specific answers and suggestions that are unique to you.

5. It’s work, but it’s FUN too.

At the event we get a lot done. There is a lot of work that people have to do before and DURING the event.

This does not preclude us from having a great time for the week we are together.

6. Gain a lifelong group of friends and colleagues.

I’d like to tell you that it’s ME that will give you all the help at this event. Unfortunately, that would be a lie.

You’ll learn plenty from me, but you’ll also learn a boatload from the other attendees and develop contacts that will be invaluable to you over time.

If you really want to start and build a successful information marketing business, this is THE event for you to attend.

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