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Today is the last day of the Fred Info Bootcamp.

Another great mix of people and talent.

Here is a list of who’s here:

1. A well-known Plastic Surgeon from the L.A. area. He has written a memoir and also has a training DVD showing other plastic surgeons how to do a specific type of face lift.

2. A restaurant marketing expert. He helps restaurant owners to make more money through better and more creative marketing.

3. An expert who helps inventors and potential inventors to “do the right thing.”

4. A neuromuscular therapist who can show anyone how to substantially reduce their back pain.

A VERY diverse group of folks. This clearly illustrates how virtually ANYONE can take their knowledge and expertise and package it, sell it and make money doing so.

I highly encourage you to attend one of these events. Take a look at:

The last one of the year starts December 4th.

See you there! We are already half full, so if you want to do it, sign up now.

What NOT to Do to Build Your List

So I see this email on how to build your list. It tells me I can get a copy of how to make it happen by going giving the person just shipping and handling fees.

I fill out the form for my credit card, hit submit and wait patiently by the mailbox.

About a week later, the CD arrives. I open it up, put it in the CD Player and hit play. I am then SUBJECTED to a 65 minute PITCH in which none of the promised information is delivered.

I’m excited! HA. I’m also confused. Am I the only person who got pissed off?

Are other people OK with this method of marketing? The promise one thing and deliver something completely different?

To add insult to injury they also forced me into a continuity program.

So I was going to get billed every month for $29 until I told them to cancel.

Mad as hell, I email these folks. They tell me that I can log into my account and cancel my subscription. I have to use my email address to log in.

One problem. They claim that the email address that I’m using isn’t valid. It’s the SAME email address that they are using to send me an unending number of useless autoresponders. All of which are vacuous and are trying to sell me something else.

So, now that I’m “in their program” I can’t get out. Wonderful.

Who did this to me?

A very well known internet/information marketer who many people consider a “genius.” If this is genius, I’ll take a pass, thanks.

A couple of points to make regarding what happened here.

First, don’t offer to give people free stuff that is 100% unadulterated CRAP. It won’t work. Peoplewill get annoyed and DEMAND their money back.

If they weren’t ask to pay they will hold you in CONTEMPT well into the next century!

Second, when people try to get OUT of your system, let them. It does no good to further annoy people when they try and get out of your funnel.

Third, make sure that when you set up an autoresponder series that you make the information something that someone will actually want to read.

Radio Show Update

Many thanks to the many people who voted for me to be the next “KXNT Radio Star”. Gotta love the name!

I made the first cut to 20 people and then to 10. The next cut was down to 5 people. I made that cut as well.

Each of the five will then have a chance to be on the air in the afternoon. From the afternoon co-host spot the top 3 will then get asked to co-host the morning show for 3 hours.

Why do you care?

Good question.

I now realize that I’ve been missing a boat. Not THE boat, but A boat.

I have a few, very specialized skills. One of them is speaking extemporaneously and the other is improv comedy skills.

Hosting a radio show taps into these two skills better than anything I can think of.

You have to be glib and quick on your feet AND you have to be marginally funny at the same time.

Radio was built for me.

So what if I don’t get this show? No problem.

I now know that my skill sets match that particular kind of “work”. If you can call it that. For me it sounds like a LOT of fun!

What YOU need to do is to assess your own skill sets. Be brutally honest. All of us have some things that we are great at and others where we are just OK.

Take a look at your own skill sets and then look for things where you can exercise those skill sets.

This is sometimes the tough thing to do. It’s difficult to find WHAT would MATCH what you do well. Here is what I do.

Take a list of things that you have always thought would suit you and your skills. List them. Then, as if a casual observer, list what skills it takes to be good in that field.

This will give you a START to figure out what things you may be good at doing.

Internet Marketing Meets Jerry Lewis

I’ve now seen it all. (Well maybe not). The latest “stunt” is that someone vowed to be on “TV” for a full 24 hours to promote their latest deal.

I suppose this would demonstrate how “in demand” this individual is. That people from all over the world want to see and speak with them. That they are risking their health to complete this stunt.


Frankly, I don’t care.

I guess for the next trick someone will balance a crystal ball on their head while playing ice hockey in the dark.

This will no doubt be televised and replays will be made available.


I’d rather watch Jerry Lewis.

Domain Names and SEO

Many years ago I reserved a BUNCH of domain names in the self storage field. I’ve been sitting on them trying to figure out what to do with them.

As a result of my association with Karyn Greenstreet, who is doing an upcoming event with me in early October (, I have decided to put some of those domain names to use.

I’ll be testing a number of these domain names to see if I can generate traffic and make some money from the advertising revenue.

Here’s an example. I own

I will put up some relevant content, get the site up to
#1 in Google (my hope) and then go to the people that own self storage facilities and get them to advertise on this site.

If you can get a url to the top of the search engines, you can frequently get others to pay for access to this traffic.

How much can you make? It all depends on the numbers.

If you can generate a LOT of traffic in a field where people already have a propensity to advertise, then you have a CHANCE to make some money.

What domains have you been holding and not doing anything with? Want to turn that into cash? What I describe above is a great way to make that happen.

How exactly?

As I get this done over the next couple of months I’ll report to you exactly how I do it.



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