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Free Report for You

Looking to find more hours in your day to get things done?

If you run your business yourself or with one or two other people you need to go to:

You’ll be able to get a free report on how to make more money with very little additional time spent. A client and friend of mine put this together and it makes a lot of sense. Check it out.


Emails Asking People to Buy or Get off Your List

I had a question from someone about the idea of asking people on your list to either buy something or remove themselves from your list.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this one.

I sort of like the concept, but, on balance I’d say no to this strategy for myself. Here’s my thinking.

Email currently is FREE. Since that’s true (and won’t always be), I suggest you don’t pressure anyone to do anything. My list is over 120k now. I don’t ask people to buy or leave and frankly, I won’t.

Many people will buy eventually, but the timing isn’t quite right for them. I’d like YOU to buy something from me right now. Please go ahead. If you don’t, I’ll still keep you on my list with the hope that I can impress you enough in the near future to turn you into a buyer.


Fred Info Bootcamp Kicks into High Gear

I’m tweaking my business model. I’ve added an event that I’ll be doing regularly in Las Vegas.

Here’s the idea.

You come to Las Vegas for a week. You leave with a product completed, a website ready to go and an email blast already sent to my list to help promote your new product.

I love to teach but I get frustrated. Frustrated that people don’t actually use the information I give people.

With this event I’m hoping to change that.

You come to my place for a week. It’s limited to 6 people and everyone leaves with the product done, the copy written and a system to replicate the process again and again.

I will be pricing this event at around $5,000 a person when I launch but I want to do one event to work out the kinks. This event will be held January 17-24. If you are interested in being one of the guinea pigs for this new event, let me know.

Email me at fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com and put the words Vegas in all caps.

It will require you to put a non-refundable deposit of $1000 down right now.

More later!


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