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We are now half way through the FIRST Fred Info

I’ve been really impressed with the work that everyone
here has done. We’ve recorded all but two of the
products and most people are well on their way to
completing the copy for their sites.

I’ve also been lucky enough to get some great people
to call in every day to give us some great additional
knowledge and information.

Terry Dean on Friday and Bob Bly today, Monday.
Tomorrow it looks like Glenn Livingston will be
calling in. I’ve also got Richard Myers who runs a
site that sells GOLF related DVDs! Lots of them.

I ask each of these folks to talk about the topics that
they are experts in.

The people attending the bootcamp have so far
enjoyed this unannounced extra bonus to attending.

I think that if YOU do a small event where it makes
no sense to have an expert of speaker be physically
present to speak at the event it can ALWAYS be a good
idea to ask people to call in.

With a maximum of 6 people in my fredinfobootcamp’s
it makes it tough for these people I ask to make BIG
money selling anything to the group, so they are doing
it more as a FAVOR to me than anything else.

If YOU are trying to do the same, don’t expect well
known individuals to call into an event with a small
number of people. There is very little in it for them!

I’m VERY happy that the various people who have
agreed to call in to my event were willing to do so.
Even though my numbers are small, the people at
the event are HIGH quality and will, in all likelihood
become customers of these people if it makes
sense for them.

I want to personally and publicly THANK all the people
I’ve mentioned above for generously giving their time
and expertise to call in!


Comments from some SO FAR

We are three days, half way, into the InfoBootcamp. First,
preparing for the bootcamp got me to open an Adwords
account, put up a probe campaign to understand my market,
write a simple website for the probe campaign, open up a
webmarketing magic account, and a merchant account.
That was before arriving!

Since we have been here, we have all been focusing our
attention to complete our outlines for our audio product
and writing the sales copy for the sales site.

Pushing through to complete everything by the end of
the bootcamp will shorten the learning curve so that the
next product will take less time to do. I can see doing at
least one product a month instead of one product a quarter
which is what would have happened without this bootcamp.

Thanks, Fred, for letting me attend.

Gil Kreiter

(Also, take a look at my site:


The boot camp was not just an academic forum – each of the
participants actually built a real online business. I would have
spent countless hours getting to this point.

Now I can focus on my product and not on the mechanics of
setting up an online business. I was also fortunate to get great
marketing advise even before going live with my site.

Fred’s is a superb marketer; clearly his advice is based on
decades of real life experience. He shares his best practices
and clearly explains the reasoning behind his advise.

I recommend Fred to anybody who wants to jump-start an
online business, or increase traffic to an existing online business.

Feel free to e-mail me if you want more details from me.

Jagdish Mirani
Jagdish_mirani (at) Yahoo (dot) com

Domain Name Opportunism

After sending out an email to my list about people attending
my bootcamp, someone decided to get “clever.”

Since one of our attendees is concentrating on
the homeschooling market. They reserved a domain
name which has “HOMESCHOOLING” in the title.

They then IMMEDIATELY put it up for sale.

Nice try!

Only one problem.

There is NO identifiable type in traffic that I would
intelligently guess would go to that site.

The only value of a domain name on it’s face is
whether or not the name you select would be a
word or string of words that people would NATURALLY
type in when looking for something in your field.

Therefore the person who bought the domain name
will be sitting on it for the next 100 years if they like.

I will certainly NOT recommend that the individual
attending this event BUY it from them. There is no
reason to do it.

The other reason why you should buy certain domain
names (other than for type-in traffic) is if you want to
use a particular string of words to become your
moniker in an industry.

That is why I did recommend the purchase of:

Since Jagdish’s site is going to be all about secular
homeschooling, he did pay a few dollars to secure
this name. His site is going to be all about THAT

Therefore, the fact that the url will NOT get any
type-in traffic (until he starts doing some big time
publicity) isn’t relevant.

He wants to “brand” the space that he will champion
with this name or moniker. He will BILL himself as
the KING of Secular Homeschooling.

I want it all, I want it all, I want it NOW!

I just heard this commercial while sitting here before the
start of Day 4 of the bootcamp. I didn’t catch the product
but there was some hard driving rock music with the lyrics:

I want it all, I want it, I want it all NOW!

This is a pretty good marketing approach if you want to
get people to buy, but it’s not reality.

My motto would be:

I want MOST of it and I want it in DUE TIME!

There are all kinds of people online trying to pedal a load
of HORSH**T. They make you all kinds of absurd and
ridiculous promises.

I will NEVER make promises like that. Why? Because
they are LIES.

I CAN promise people who attend these bootcamps that
they WILL be able to make some good money, but it WILL
take some time and some work.

I am not giving them a big PILL to swallow that will magically
put money in their bank accounts. People who are looking
for that, need to look elsewhere.

Idea From the Bootcamp

One BIG idea from the bootcamp was how important it is
for you to make sure and have your info products available
at the sites that get LOTS of traffic.

If you sell anything at all you need to get signed up
on,, B& and anywhere else
you can sell your “stuff” that gets decent numbers.

I had a customer service video I was selling on Amazon that
sold 3 or 4 units a month at $99 a pop! That was for a
customer service keynote I had done back in 1993. I am no
longer selling that one because it is a little “crusty.” But the
next time I do a speech on that topic I’ll put it up again.

The reason why it sold so well is that the words:
CUSTOMER SERVICE was in the title. People use Amazon
to search for things like they do in a search engine.

Moral of this story?

Make sure and title your products with the keywords that
people would use to search.

Also, make sure you have any products you sell listed with
all of these big outlets that will allow you to sell on their sites.


(This is an email I receive two days ago. I am reprinting it
VERBATIM. I have left out the email address of the party
who sent it for their own protection. My comments follow the email.)


Sabrina I mean Fred,

How stupid do you think people are? You try and provide
fake references for Sabrina?? Does she exist?? Maybe
thats why this is done by email only. What legitimate
copywriter wouldnt want to talk to the client. Unless of
course its you hiding behind the site. Which with a little
bit of reserach we found out Fred. Its in afct YOU!!!!.

So not only are you a scammer but probably prefer Philipino
men to women….

Gotcha!! Dont try to screw people Freddie, to many ways to
do it the right way…. Maybe thats why you had that boy from
anoher country living with you and you were so devestated
when he couldnt return…

Hum… Wonder why……. Wise up Sabrina I mean Freddie..
Do you get dressed up in womens clothes too??



1. Sabrina Brick is a real, live human being. Her website is and

2. I am not a bad copywriter, but that’s not what I do.

3. Sabrina does her Super Fast Tweak service by email only
because she wants to help people in less than 2 hours and
can do it at great prices without having to spend time on the
phone. 100% sensible if you ask me.

4. When you have a big list you get some “crazies” who
contact you. Enjoy it. They are a source of constant
amusement to me!

5. Person does not know how to spell very well. it’s FILIPINO!
There are also a few other spelling and grammar mistakes,
but I make those myself, so no big deal there.

6. Only people that I went to high school with in the
Philippines have the “right” to call me Freddie. I was
Freddie back then and if they see me now, they can still
call me that.

7. On the issue of the “boy” who lived with me. Johann is
doing well in Peru. I’m visiting him in February. I was
very upset when he couldn’t bet back into the country
because I was helping him through school and he was
a GREAT help to me in my business. He is missed.

8. The issue of my dressing up in women’s clothes is a
personal matter. It was something I only did for a few
years in my 20s and I’m past it now!

9. The polite: XOXOXO sign off, made me feel better!



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