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Generating Online Traffic

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Win a FREE TRIP to LAS VEGAS for a weekend GREAT CONTEST! (Please read CAREFULLY – All expense trip to Las Vegas)

I’d like to fly YOU out to Las Vegas to hang out with me for a weekend!

I’ll fly you out on American Airlines and put you up at my house. We’ll hang out together and discuss your business as well as see some movies.

My time is valuable. i have a very limited amount of time even for my “regular” friends and family. BUT, this is super important to me, so I wanted to give you a GREAT PRIZE.

To WIN the contest:

The winner of the contest is the person who gets me the greatest number of inbound links on Google.

My webmaster, Stanley, tells me that there is function in Google that will allow us to determine definitively who the winner is. He is the sole judge and his decision if final.

I will also be awarding a number of additional prizes.

After the winner, the top 5 highest link providers will get some kick-butt gifts. They will be worth in excess of $1,000! So don’t think you can’t win! You can.

So, start getting inbound links to any of the following:

By getting me a bunch of relevant inbound links you will help my rankings in the search engines. This is one of my big goals for the rest of the year.

You can take a look and select which one of these links you like the best. I want you to feel 100% good about the links you create to my site.

The contest will last until the end on June 30th. Whoever has the most in-bound links will be the winner.

I will announce the winner just before 4th of July.


Generating Online Traffic

I asked Stanley to send me some of the most recent figures and stats that I like to look at pertaining to my website. He did.

There are a number of keywords in which I’m up close to the VERY TOP in Google. This is good. After reviewing the number of visitors we got to a particular website, the numbers were very low.

This is bad.

Here is the dilemma. You want to get targeted traffic. Problem is that the more targeted the traffic, the smaller the number of people who visit. Classic case of quantity vs. quality.

So, what to do?

You want to TRY and get both. Big numbers AND high quality traffic. This is the ideal scenario.

Before you start doing any of the things necessary to get you to the top of the search engines, remember you have to makes sure that you are site is converting as well as it possibly can.

Sorta dumb to send people to a site when no one buys or takes the action you want them to take!

Your Action Point?

You can spend all the time you want to trying to get better search engines rankings, but it’s all for naught if you can’t get people to do what you want when they get to the site.

Work FIRST on getting your site to convert. THEN and ONLY then should you be trying to get better rankings.

Over the next few months I’ll have lot of additional information for you on SEO stuff. Stay tuned.

Buy LOW sell HIGH

As an information marketer you not only want to make money, you want to grow that money.

Here’s a story for you. I walked into my local Fidelity Investment office here in Henderson, NV a few months back.

I approached the desk and asked the person who was working to tell me which mutual fund had performed the WORST in the last 12 months. I got a very strange look.

Then I plopped down a bunch of money to put into that fund. Exactly 6 weeks later it was up 12%. I sold out and moved the money into something else.

It’s sort of like the housing market right now. If you have cash, it’s probably a good time to be buying houses.

Why? They are on SALE!

The problem is that you can NEVER guess the exact bottom of the market. In laymen’s terms, you can never tell when something is on FINAL SALE and the price wont’ go down any further.

I think that we are at or near the bottom of the real estate price crash. I could be wrong, but more importantly, how does this relate to information marketing?

I’ll tell you how.

Pricing has become a serious issue in the info products business. People are offering more and more stuff for free or almost free.

Net result?

People are not willing to pay a lot of money to someone they have never done business with before.

I suggest that every info marketer go back to the drawing board and come up with some GOOD, CHEAP products to sell.

I am doing exactly that myself right now.

All the Best,


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